4 Sep 2014

UPDATED [SALON REVIEW] Bleaching and Coloring in Shinjuku Hair Make PTC Surabaya

Hello my super lovely readerssss!
It's been a long time for me since I left the blog because my orientation week on university. T_T)
So sad for being MIA for several weeks but now here I am! :D

I'm super busy doing my university's big project making a billion rupiahs project, which is far away from easy and free time. @_@
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Okay, move to the point.
I've never thought I would bleach my hair since everyone says it is expensive, damages hair and so on. And now, because of the orientation week of my university which says that every newbies must have black hair, so I dyed my hair black. T_T)
The hairstylist said that the color of the dye would not make it because I just darkened my hair. Poor me and I decided to bleach my hair to get bright color. For me who usually dyed my hair at home, it is a waste if I don't choose bright or at last blonde color when I dye my hair at salon. xD

The salon I choose was Shinjuku Hair Make Salon in PTC Surabaya. The place looks professional and quite big. But one lady staff on the front desk does not seems so nice, actually.. when I said I want to blog about their salon. .__.

This is how the salon looks like.

 This ajumma has even more brighter color than mine. xD
They have happy hours promotion because they're newly opened in PTC

They used L'oreal Majirel Hair Dye. And these are some of their color choices. They also have some shocking colors like for ombre, but I didn't took the photos of them. Sorry! I was in a hurry and the front desk girl doesn't seem so friendly so I just........ yeah. ._.

This is the color I choose, Gold number 8.3. The small bundled hair above the big bundled hair means color hair with bleaching first. Below the small one is unbleached hair.

 This is to show you my hair color transformation (dramatical) lol. I used Miratone Hair Dye in Black (2-BL) and then bleached my hair first (not until fully white) then covered it with the L'Oreal Majirel Golden color (8.3). Black to blonde :D

See? Some parts cannot be colored evenly and fully blonde but yeah, I'm quite satisfied since I love new things though. :p Even though the color is so uneven. -_-

 I paid for IDR 750.000 for bleaching and coloring, because they have buy 1 get 1 system with member card cost 60.000 per year. I'm not sure to use this again T_T) But if I don't buy the member card it will cost twice. T_T) And my friend, Dicky who colored his hair got a discount 20% off from IDR 250.000.   However, the member card making takes so long. :( I dyed my hair for almost 3 weeks ago but until now I haven't receive the card. ._.)/ well, let's just wait. :D

Because of this, my 6, (yes, SIX xD) friends I know do their hairs on Shinjuku! They have to give me more discounts. xD Dicky, Felicia, Sintha, Fabiola, Amanda and Benita! xD
My friends said that my hair was cool, so bright, like orange and many things. Most people shocked and told me I am an outsider. xD
I felt weird and different and wondered if this was really my hair but I enjoyed it! xD
People said that I am the only one in my university which the hair looks like this and to find my even in a crowd was a piece of cake. xD I don't know if my hair looks that bright lol. .w.)

My hair did not break, split nor getting rough and rebellious. But I think it is because my other treatments works super duper great on me whom always style my hair almost every single day. ;w;)/ <3

So this is me with my new golden hair. xD

Okay, that's all for this post and I hope this helps you to decide! xD
Thank you for reading and God bless you! <3

UPDATE 10/18/2014
I went to Shinjuku PTC again to look if my member card is already done or not. They said they'll call me or text me when it is done. But until 2 monthssssssss I didn't receive any words. When I arrived there after collage time with my 2 friends, AGAIN we are not served with smile but with so unfriendly faces. They don't apologize or anything. Well, I don't hope for it anyway. At last, please be nice because it is a standard for every one right???? ALL of the ladies behind the front desk were so unfriendly and look us with arrogant look. After one of the ladies look for my card (which takes quite long), my friends all said that they don't want to go to Shinjuku anymore. They came as a customer but just because their unfriendliness my friends directly deliver their disappointness to me. :s I agree and I think it's not only me now who thinks they're not friendly at all.


  1. Kalo di salon emg ada harga lebih yg hrs dibayar ya jes x__x klo ga happy hours jatuh nya 1,5jt dong? *gulp*

    Nice hair color jes ^^ cc ya pgn coba gt sekali2 tp nanti repot retouchnya >.<

  2. kalo udah di bleach jadi kering ga jess rambutnya? udah 2x nge hairdye sendiri warnanya gaada yg keluar T_T jadi pengen di bleach takutnya kering

  3. bagus sih warnanya jes tp aku lebi suka kamu dgn rambut hitam/coklat gt >.<

  4. nice hair color :D
    i always dye my hair at home tho ~ XD

    visit my blog

  5. warnanya bagus ya dirambut mu + warna kulit mu putih.. perfect match banget mirip artis2 korea .. :D
    nice review jess <3

  6. Wow... The saloon is so big!!! And your hair color is so nice!!! But I can't dye such bright color since I am working nowadays. Uni time is always the best time to try. =) giglove

  7. Cool salon ambiance! I love your new hair color! It brightens up your face. <3GIGlove

  8. Love that the saloon has a high-rise ceiling! Not many of them have that! And that hair colour looks awesome on you !!

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  9. Congratulations on bleaching your hair! It looks really great on you! I for one am a fan of lightening the hair, so I'm very happy with your new color :D

  10. Nice salon with cheap price. Your hair is too bright..


  11. A new look with the Golden hair and glad you like it..... thanks for sharing Giglove

  12. Love your hair colour!! It's so pretty!!! And it suits you too =)

  13. looks good! have to carry on with frequent treatment yeah! another friend of mine also bleached his hair and he uses hair mask daily.

  14. Ih, aku selalu pengen banget punya rambut blonde. But yeah, tan skin will not suit it! :(

  15. The color looks superb on you. Loved the review :) GIG

  16. wowow now u look more korean or japanese eh??? Love ur hair colour it make u look fair too!

  17. You look great in the hair ! Love it to bitss.. I shall try something like this too.. :)

    Keep in touch ya. :)

  18. Oh wow!!! That new hair color is def you! You look gorgeous!

  19. Warnanya terlalu kuning ya bleachingnya. Di bleach jadi ash brown gitu jess hihi. Tapi ini tetep cantik kok :)


  20. I love your hair color so much, I am thinking to have my hair done, too! I have a question though. Will bleaching harm your hair?


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  25. Shocked when I found this on Google Search. Awalnya rencana mau ke sana, tp lihat reviewnya kok hmm.. Jd mikir 2x nihh T__T

    Nice post! Soo helpfullll


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