17 Oct 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge October 2014 : I-POP Makeup Challenge

 Long time no see everyone! xD
I was solo busy with my collage life T_T)a
Lot's of tasks to do and today I am sick. . . . T_T)
But my passion to join the challenge from Indonesian Beauty Blogger ft. SARANGE this month is still on. =)) So I tried my best to create my very own Korean Signature Makeup Style despite the hectic days and tasks and my sufferings(?). TwT)/

So below is the banner! :3
There will be 2 winners who will receive 2 packages of Sarange makeups which valued IDR 1.000.000,- ^w^)b

Since I've never tried SARANGE's products and they are actually looks interesting xD I decided to join this month's MUC. :D Please wish me luck! :D

So, I've followed their twitter :D twitter.com/sarange_id

Liked their Facebook page :D facebook.com/sarangeindonesia
 And followed their instagram :D instagram.com/sarange_id

So far I know, Korean Pop (K-Pop) look has many variants. But mainly they have straight eyebrows, winged eyeliner, gradient lips and mostly the don't play too much extreme colors. This time challengers (?) must make a/3 look(s) based on our personality correlated with K-Pop makeup look.

So here are my 3 looks :

13 Oct 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] HAIRandME Blue Yoghurt Hair Spa

As you might already know, I really love to style and color my hair. Because of that, giving more extra attention and treatment for my hair is a must to prevent hair damages. Lately, I don't really use hair spa and I was contacted by HAIRandMe owner to review this product and choose one of HAIRandMe Daily Hair Spa variants. I choose the blue one because simply just because I like the blue one! xD Blue hair spa? Looks so cute :D

Actually and unfortunately(?), each colors (variants) has their own specialities for our hairs! Let's get to know a bit about them first before choosing. ^_^) Tips : Don't choose based on the color, but choose based on your hair needs! xD
(from left to right)

This hair spa claims to be.......

Chocolate : The chocolate's unique scent can be used as aromatherapy that will make you more relax. The chocolate's inside will help to control your hair's moisture level until the roots. This will prevent hair damage, keep your hair smooth, lustrous and shiny.
Avocado : This variant suit you who have problems with rough and dry hair. Avocado helps to smoothen your hair and makes it look silkier. This helps to reduce hair fall and the avocado nutrition will penetrates to hair roots.
Strawberry : Strawberry's scent is all age's favorite! This will make your hair looks healthier and shinier. The strawberry extracts inside has enchanting aroma. <3
Candleberry : Good for dull hair and this one will help your hair color even blacker and shinier than before. Its nutrition will absorbed until hair roots and moisturize hair. Don't worry about the aroma, they have designed it to have a good scent. :D
Blue Yoghurt : Yoghurt is very good to be included for hair and skin treatments. This will strengthen hair until the root and prevent dandruff, also to diminish hair ends split. 

Well, I actually don't have any problems with dandruff, but more to hair fall so I think I should've choose the Avocado one. T_T)
Lol. xD But despite the dandruff thingy, I actually find this hair spa really good and interesting. Why? Let's g to the detail. :)

 The jar is made of un-fragile plastic so don't worry if you accidently fell it. :p
And the idea using batik is very brilliant!
The consistency itself is not too watery nor too thick. The thickness is just enough and it smells really nice after being rinsed. When I rinsed my hair after using this product, I can directly feels the super SMOOTHNESS on my first usage. My hair become shinier and easier to comb too. ^^

4 Oct 2014


Good day readers! This month's first post will gonna be a good news for my 2 lovely 1st giveaway winners! :D
Before announcing the winners, I want to apologize if I just can announce the winners now. My collage habits made my days getting busier and busier these days and I had to check all of the entries first to make sure disqualifying participants who cheat. ._.) Sorry! :o
Once again, don't unfollow because you don't win the giveaway or because you just want the prizes because I want pure readers on my blog >.<)/
And for those who doesn't win, please don't be sad because I'm planning on another giveaway! *yeay* ^_^)

Thank you so much for everyone who joined, you guys all are awesome! I saw all the entries and feels flattered (?) xD

Ok! No more talks, so here are the winnersssss... :D


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