17 Oct 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge October 2014 : I-POP Makeup Challenge

 Long time no see everyone! xD
I was solo busy with my collage life T_T)a
Lot's of tasks to do and today I am sick. . . . T_T)
But my passion to join the challenge from Indonesian Beauty Blogger ft. SARANGE this month is still on. =)) So I tried my best to create my very own Korean Signature Makeup Style despite the hectic days and tasks and my sufferings(?). TwT)/

So below is the banner! :3
There will be 2 winners who will receive 2 packages of Sarange makeups which valued IDR 1.000.000,- ^w^)b

Since I've never tried SARANGE's products and they are actually looks interesting xD I decided to join this month's MUC. :D Please wish me luck! :D

So, I've followed their twitter :D twitter.com/sarange_id

Liked their Facebook page :D facebook.com/sarangeindonesia
 And followed their instagram :D instagram.com/sarange_id

So far I know, Korean Pop (K-Pop) look has many variants. But mainly they have straight eyebrows, winged eyeliner, gradient lips and mostly the don't play too much extreme colors. This time challengers (?) must make a/3 look(s) based on our personality correlated with K-Pop makeup look.

So here are my 3 looks :

*I'm sorry for the weird names but really. I'm no good at looking for names and please don't laugh at my awkward ideas. lol xD* 

1. The Dolly Hip-Hop (playful)
Inspired by SNSD I Got A Boy Concept
This look is made to deliver sweet make up that suits into swag style. I tried to collaborate contradictions of styles, dolly and swag and I got this style. :D
I took this theme because I sometimes might have 'swag' style because I love hip hop dancing, but I'm still attached to sweet things and looks, like sweet pastel colors, sweet jewelries etc.

With black gel and liquid eyeliner, I draw a medium thick line with an extended wing at the end of the eye and also draw some small strokes over the under eye area to make the makeup look more dolly. I applied some gradation of matte and super shimmery pink and lavender eyeshadows and highlighted my watering with shimmery soft pink pencil liner.

Don't forget to gift soft touch of pink blusher and highlighter! I actually also use a bit bronzer around my cheek bone but it doesn't show up here, which is a good thing I think, since Korean makeups mostly look very natural without bronzer.

For the lips, I don't use too gradated color since the eyes themselves already popped out and being the focus of this look. So I just swiped a soft touch of a hot pink lipstick and tapped concealer on it to make it looks softer. :)

Doll..doll..doll... :D

Swag swag swag.... :D

Products used :
Coastal Scent 88 Palette
Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint #PK001

2. Office's Chic (shoptifiscated)
Inspired by Etude House Bling In The Sea Commercial Concept

Here, I tried to make a Korean makeup look with the concept going to office the going to the party. :D *is it possible? ugh, maybe....if I'm not fatigue. xD Oh wait! I'm don't work in office yet. xD*
I love to dress formally and wear blazer/coat even when I only go to mall. :'D But yeah, that's my style and who can blame being myself? xD So I can just go to collage formally then go to mall/another fun events with the same outfit and makeup. :)

So as usual, Korean mostly has natural and long 'straight' eyebrows that matches their hair color. Actually I don't have blonde eyebrow crayon/pencil/mascara simply because I never found it in my place here. -_-) Maybe SARANGE could produced one in the future to help people who got the same scarcity-list as mine? ;;) xD
So I used matte very light brown eyeshadow on my eyebrows which had been coated with eyeshadow primer. ^^

This time, I made bolder eyeliners with different eyeliner style than before. The upper lid's eyeliner I used was black, and the lower one was brown liquid eyeliner. I used peach blushers (doesn't show up :'( ) and orange lipstick and lip tint but it turns out pinkish here. ._.) well... Not so bad thou. :3

Not like the other looks, I used false lashes and smokey kit eyeshadow here, but I don't use any shimmery eyeliner to highlight my waterline.

Oh! And actually I braided my hair and wore pearl necklace and bracelet to complete the look but...gahhh they were ruined. (w0_0)w

Products used :
Coastal Scent 88 Palette
ELF Baked Blush #Peachy Cheeky
Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint #OR201
Clinique Power Lash Mascara #Black Onyx
MakeOver Eyeshadow #Black Goddiva
False Lashes #66 by instagram.com/beatusbeautyshop

3. The Selfie Gal (Happy girl)
Inspired by Korean Ulzzangs and Kpop Idols on Self Cameras

This look is the most natural look of all but natural look sometimes being a bit tricky to make! xD
Why do I choose this concept? I love to take selfie--narcism alert--after putting on Korean-look makeup that looks natural on my phone camera. :D

I used champagne glittery eyeliner to highlighted my waterline. I also used brown and champagne and apricot shimmery eyeshadows, blended with a bit dark maroon matte eyeshadow.  I drew double winged eyeliner.

For the blush I used soft pink blusher. For the lips I used pink-reddish lip tint to show Korean's signature gradient lips. :D

That's all for my entries! Please wish me luck once again >w<)b
Are you interested to join too? ^.^)b 
Good luck for us ! :D


  1. paling suka sama look no. 2
    eye makeup nya bagus ^^


  2. Office's Chic nya paling cakep ce (♥ε♥)

  3. I love the 2nd look jess, good luck I will support you ^^

    GIGLove, Indira.

  4. nice looks! the lip colours suit you very much. i wish it was the same for me

  5. nice! all very clean and chic looks. but i prefer the last one best! :)


  6. Beautiful makeup look! I really love how u did ur eyes :)


  7. Love your effort and try for the challenge !! You looked so cute <3

  8. Ur make up looks great!! Hope you win the contest! =) *Fighting*

  9. i love your looks and make up..
    so beautiful for the result..
    good luck for the competition..

  10. I love the office look the most. You did a nice job with the eyes. :) Good luck!

  11. I loved all the looks that you have come up with for the challenge. All the best dear! GIG love :)

  12. good luck for the contest .... i also loving taking part :) you looked cute

    Shumaila Jaffer
    Beauty Redefined

  13. Great makeup initiative. Amazing efforts.

  14. Love your look - It's fun to see all the products & pictures. Thanks for sharing. <3 GIGLove

  15. u look like korean reli.....so cute good luck dear!

  16. Oh I so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I hope you get better soon.

  17. Love your make up!! Do detailed tutorial please :P

  18. I love your entire look and it is wise to collaborate two things that you like - swag and pretty!

  19. I've never heard about this product, but it is always useful and cool to read about it

  20. Your makeup looks beautiful! You did a great job!!

  21. I love the looks you came up with. They're all something I'd totally sport myself!

  22. very nice post. I love the second look the most :)
    great blog, very inspiring
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)

    - www.angelaah91.blogspot.nl


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