13 Oct 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] HAIRandME Blue Yoghurt Hair Spa

As you might already know, I really love to style and color my hair. Because of that, giving more extra attention and treatment for my hair is a must to prevent hair damages. Lately, I don't really use hair spa and I was contacted by HAIRandMe owner to review this product and choose one of HAIRandMe Daily Hair Spa variants. I choose the blue one because simply just because I like the blue one! xD Blue hair spa? Looks so cute :D

Actually and unfortunately(?), each colors (variants) has their own specialities for our hairs! Let's get to know a bit about them first before choosing. ^_^) Tips : Don't choose based on the color, but choose based on your hair needs! xD
(from left to right)

This hair spa claims to be.......

Chocolate : The chocolate's unique scent can be used as aromatherapy that will make you more relax. The chocolate's inside will help to control your hair's moisture level until the roots. This will prevent hair damage, keep your hair smooth, lustrous and shiny.
Avocado : This variant suit you who have problems with rough and dry hair. Avocado helps to smoothen your hair and makes it look silkier. This helps to reduce hair fall and the avocado nutrition will penetrates to hair roots.
Strawberry : Strawberry's scent is all age's favorite! This will make your hair looks healthier and shinier. The strawberry extracts inside has enchanting aroma. <3
Candleberry : Good for dull hair and this one will help your hair color even blacker and shinier than before. Its nutrition will absorbed until hair roots and moisturize hair. Don't worry about the aroma, they have designed it to have a good scent. :D
Blue Yoghurt : Yoghurt is very good to be included for hair and skin treatments. This will strengthen hair until the root and prevent dandruff, also to diminish hair ends split. 

Well, I actually don't have any problems with dandruff, but more to hair fall so I think I should've choose the Avocado one. T_T)
Lol. xD But despite the dandruff thingy, I actually find this hair spa really good and interesting. Why? Let's g to the detail. :)

 The jar is made of un-fragile plastic so don't worry if you accidently fell it. :p
And the idea using batik is very brilliant!
The consistency itself is not too watery nor too thick. The thickness is just enough and it smells really nice after being rinsed. When I rinsed my hair after using this product, I can directly feels the super SMOOTHNESS on my first usage. My hair become shinier and easier to comb too. ^^

How to use :
  1. Wash your hair
  2. Apply HAIRandMe evenly to hair scalp
  3. Gently massage and give it time to absorb for about 5-20 minutes
  4. Rinse thoroughly and feel the smoothness
  5. Use HAIRandMe every 1-3 days

How to keep :
  1. Close HAIRandMe after being used
  2. Keep in room/bathroom temperature

Pros :
  • Nice packaging design, creatively using Batik <3
  • Smells nice ^_^)b
  • Hair falls beautifully and makes it not rebellious
  • Smoothen my hair for the first usage
  • Can be used daily so the ingredients must be light ingredients. Maybe sensitive hair scalps can also use this hair spa :D

Neutral :
  • The cap could not attached perfectly so it might not travel friendly. (I don't know why my jar is a bit curvy(?) so the cap couldn't attached perfectly and there will always a small gap ._. Maybe it was just my jar being damaged or expanded.)
You can see above, before using the product my hair was kinda like...clumsy and rebellious and look dry, also dull and not so shiny. And the opposites happen after I used the product <3

They produce their hair spa in jars everyday so they ensure the freshness when it is delivered to you. ^^ Anyway, they sold 76 jars for the first 5 days of their opening! :D People must love this product a lot. xD You can get yours too for only IDR 55.000 to try this product!:) And they also sometimes held a promo so don't miss it! Thank you HAIRandME for this great product! ^_^

e-mail : cs.hairandme@gmail.com
WA : 081805890854
LINE : cs.hairandme
BBM : 7FAB9E76
Semarang :)


  1. bagus ya kayaknya ce ^^ packagingnya jg lucu ya ada batik2 gitu XD

    ♡ MY BLOG ♡

  2. Great review. But im actually digging the lovely jars, they are so cute.
    giglove http://www.icynosure.in/

  3. All of the products are really promising and I love packing. :)

  4. OMG!! The packing is soo cute. I will buy it if i can just for the packing. Unfortunately we hardly get such cute stuffs here :( .. Nice review.. giglove

  5. absolutely adore the packaging! the results are amazing. i want all of these! *.*

  6. wow, the packaging is so adorable! but sadly this brand isn't available in my country, if not i'll surely pick them up!


  7. Really creative since it's use batik^^
    I'll definetely give it a try, jess.


  8. ternyata ada saingannya nih sekarang produk rub and rinse.. XD
    muncul lagi yang baru.. sepertinya bagus..
    patut dicoba nih ..

  9. What a cute set of packages, so adorable! I love how this works, your hair looks fabulous! <3 GIGLove

  10. These products sound fantastic! You had me with the packaging picture ... so cute!


  11. These hair spa product sound good enough to eat! Love the packaging too!

  12. I love the packaging.. its soo cute!! I haven't heard of this brand at all.. would love to give it a try however!

    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  13. The results is great!! Love the packaging is soo cute!! =)

  14. super cute packaging <3 it looks like a food too, i will mistaken this hair spa product as a dessert,,ahaha..the results is quite great, i must try this someday :-D

  15. ohhhh i love to try this outt!!!

  16. oh i love to try this out..the packaging look so pretty!

  17. I saw another blogger reviewed the pink one. Sound this product is really satisfying? giglove

  18. The packaging is super cute! And the product seems great too. All in all an amazing product. GIG love :)

  19. this looks pretty, not available here though, love the packaging, great review

  20. I love hair spa and treatments! My hair is always frizzy and I think I need to try one real soon

  21. this looks like a great product for hair ... but sad that its not available in my country ... reading international bloggers posts always makes me sigh

  22. I ought to try the strawberry one.

  23. such lovely packaging! i was sold when i saw how cute the jars were! lol GIG

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  24. I'm loving the packaging!! I would have to go with the green one. Wish this was available here.

  25. hmm, your hair condition seems to have improved! and you're really pretty btw :p
    GIG love
    Gillian | Gilliannong.com

    PS : followed you via GFC :)


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