7 Nov 2014

[EVENT] Bangkok Beauty Laser Hair Removal Salon Grand Opening

Yeay! Another Beauty event report! :D

WAIT! If you live in Surabaya or planning to go to Surabaya, looking for hair removal salon which has plus value which you might not find in other hair removal salon, you would love to know more about Bangkok Beauty. You won't regret it and let's find out more! :D

Photo credit to : ce Mindy
Left to right : ce Cynthian, ce Lina, ce Sabrina (above), ce Kathy (with black hat), ce Yennyca, ce Mindy (above), Nessya (below), ce Sasha, Widya and me at the very back. xD

Anw.....Just had the time to write this article because I was super busy arranging an event at Tunjungan Plaza which takes almost all of my energy and times. T_T)/

Thank you ce Mindy who asked us to join this wonderful event by Bangkok Beauty!
This event was held on Saturday, October 25th 2014 in Bangkok Beauty Surabaya. It was located in Klampis Jaya 33 D. At first I couldn't find it. ._.)a But if you know Klampis Jaya and you saw some small stores, you should see Bangkok Beauty board on the side of the road and you'll just need to turn into the smaller street. Look to the right and ta-dah! Bangkok Beauty is in front of you. xD
credit : http://pinkandundecided.blogspot.com/
Good thing my dad came to Surabaya so I could join the event! ^_^) But unexpectedly my mouth was swollen because of an illness and I was confused about the dresscode since I don't have anything orange so I wore my neon pink which is the closest to orange dress. TwT) However, those are paid because of Bangkok Beauty's super duper friendly service, clear explanation and interesting service they provide, super nice bloggers greetings from the snacks until the goodie bags (in the end of the article).

First of all. I'll tell you the plus value of Bangkok Beauty I mentioned before. Why Bangkok Beauty? What makes them different?

  • Bangkok Beauty uses machines which come from Thailand and are called SHR (Super Hair Removal). So obviously because they came from Thailand, it must be different from what we find in many other hair removal / waxing salon in Indonesia!
Looks like in the pic above. And when you turn it on, there are many customize options to do the hair removal treatment.
Short video of Wynne explaining the machine :

  • It is painless
  • It is permanent with 6-8 times of treatments (depending on different people's condition)
  • The effect lasts for 5-10 years!!
  • This can brighten the area treated

*Before doing any treatments you have to fill some questions first so they can evaluate your skin type first.

Ce Sabrina was filling the quiz.. :D

^~^ It is better to do the treatment after your period time (more effective), not when you are in period time. Wynne said your hairs will automatically falls by themseleves after several treatments. Wow! Imagine it like a magic. xD Your hair falls without razors, waxing, irritation, skin darkening and so on!*

Bangkok Beauty provides many kinds of treatments. They are :
For woman : Underarms, hands, legs, bikini and brazilian
For me : Upper lips, face, chest and back

Get smooth and silky skin with pain free technology...
SHR (Super Hair Removal) is a new revolutionary technology for hair removal which combines Diode Laser Technology with IPL (Intense Pulsating Light) for the best result. SHR technology works faster and effective for hair removal, also is able to smoothen and lighten skin areas. It is also very safe for all skin types.

Now let's see the outlet!

From the outside..

The front desk

Thank you Wynne for the tasty small snacks and the goodie bag! :D

The room inside.. It's clean and tidy! :D

Upstairs.......Heaven of the nail lovers xD
fimo nail art xD

Now, going back to its treatments......
What I found from their facebook page while writing this post :

Photo: Before & After : Underarms Hair Removal @ Bangkok Beauty. Make your life easier with a newly hair removal technology - Fast, Effective and Painfree. Time to say "goodbye" to your unwanted hair !!
Call now for free consultation: 031 592 4660
Look! Who doesn't want a significant change for their underarms like above. xD

My honest opinion about Beauty Bangkok so far....
First of all, L and the owner, Wynne are super friendly and helpful. They explained things clearly and serves many nice small snacks for us. They gave us a goodie bag like this :
Very nice packaging <3

Brilliant tag line! Hello Laser, Bye Bye Razor! :D

About the blue spray....

Wynne explained to us that it is a spray called Ka Me Deodorant Spray.
It is a body deodorant spray which is 100% natural and gives 24 hours protection for your skin after underarm (mostly) hair removal. It is good for all skin types and it is stain free, chemical free, residual free animal test free and alcohol free. So it is very safe and non-irritating. <3 Available in Bangkok Beauty for IDR 85.000,-

Since I didn't try the treatment I couldn't say much about the actual 'feel'. ._. lol. But when I saw ce Mindy's legs they look so pretty. x)
credit to ce Mindy
 >> first of all they draw pattern and shaved the hairs first
credit to ce Mindy
>> Then they spread the cooling gel first
credit to ce Mindy
And they start using the tool! I mean the machine. xD
They took care of customers carefully so they gave NaCl spray and ointment to avoid any irritation or stinging feels on customers skin.
<< Anw thank you ce Mindy for letting me taking your pics with credits! :D>>
We were not allowed to take pictures inside but we were allowed to take videos so you might want to check ce Cynthian's youtube channel since she's a Vlogger! :D You can check her video HERE.

Also, they gave a doorprize 1 full set free treatment and the doorprize goes to ce Lina! xD Congratz ce Lina... :D

There are so many interesting promos are going for you!
You can get :
  • 10% discount by showing your student ID card
  • Due to November, 25th 2014 you will get IDR 200.000 FREE VOUCHER for every package purchase
  • 30% discount for underarm and bikini lines package purchase
  • Going there with a friend? Another 10% extra discount x)
  • 10% discount by mentioning BANGKOK JESSICA
ps: These are the grand opening promos so you better hurry and you can go there or contact them directly to get the full information about the promos' term and conditions. ^~^)b

Thank you Bangkok Beauty for having us! It was a great moment and knowledge!

Klampis Jaya 33 D, Surabaya, East Java-Indonesia
031 - 592 4660
e-mail : bangkokbeauty168@gmail.com

Bonus of narcissms :33
(left : I haven't make friend with her. Sorry ><, right : L- ce Mindy's cousin. I can't believe she has a kid already. >< She looks young and energetic xD young soul!)

Credit : ce Mindy (with ce Mindy)

Hehehehe ^_^;;;;;; My dress looks like orangey a bit right? ^_^;;

ce Kathy, me and ce Cynthian
Other beauty bloggers <3 It's my first time meeting ce Sabrina, ce Kathy, ce Yennyca and ce Lina :D Also the Vlogger ce Cynthian! She actually goes to the same university as mine. xD

ce Sasha and ce Yennyca look like twins xD

That's all for this post! I hope I'll get more times to blog because there are so many things to blog while there are so many things to do too. T____T)/
Hope this post is useful! Thank you and God bless.! ^^


  1. I'd love not to have to shave again but Im still quite nervous about it and the long term effects.

  2. I've done this treatment before! it's very effective ;) glad you guys had the chance to try it out as well.

    giglove- gilliannong.com

    ps : followed via gfc ;)

  3. Painless laser.. sounds interesting.. The event looks cool and u look pretty <3

  4. Great review and it sounds like an interesting event! Too bad it's not in Msia heh

  5. iiiiihhh itu lucu lucu banget nail art nya jeeeee :D hehehehe

    immekristiani.blogspot,com (?) :p wwkwkwk

  6. There is a noticeable difference before and after treatment, you took lovely pictures.

  7. Wow, this is one giant machine.
    I never heard about shaving before using a laser at the salon, but I guess this must reduce the "burning" smell

  8. so laser is truly painless? been cheated by some ipl and vpl places before, telling me it's painless but ended up feeling like they're snapping at me with an elastic band repeatedly throughout the entire treatment.

  9. such a nice review..
    with all the treatment which is girl needs..
    but i got interest with fimo nail arts. sounds good <3

  10. What a great experience! Sound interesting to try! I had some lasers that were a little bit painful :S


  11. never heard shaving using laser before, the nail art is my focus lol. giglove


  12. That is really nice to hear that is painless while doing hair removal. =) Best solution ever

  13. I have tried laser because I guess I am too scared. But it does not sound that bad at all. Maybe I will give it a shot :) GIG

  14. ooo i want to try laser one day. maybe when ive saved up enough first lol

  15. Laser is almost painless but still it freaked me out.I yet to go for facial hair removal and I've been so chicken lately ^_^

  16. Will love hearing your thoughts on how this process effect you in the long term! giglove

  17. Wow! I've never tried a procedure like this - Thanks for sharing your experience with this treatment! <3 GIGLove

  18. I've never had any hair removal treatment because I'm scared it will hurt, but the first place I would start would be my underarms.

  19. I don't know why! But I've been very scared of Laser Treatments! I've heard that they have side effects..

    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  20. Sounds like an awesome event. Also I think great packaging also helps as well haha :P x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  21. I've tried laser hair removal in the bikini area and it hurts a lot! I don't think I'd ever brave it again...

  22. Kayaknya menarik nih Jes. Aku sendiri msh stuck ama waxing sih.. Hehehe.. :)

  23. waaaa, ada di sby >,< i hope can join next day ^^ gigLove
    @freddy_friday blog

  24. i am always looking for some free stuffs over the internet. there are also some companies which gives free samples.
    best laser hair removal NYC

  25. Wow! Imagine it like a magic. xD Your hair falls without razors, waxing, irritation, skin darkening and so on!Laser Hair Removal Devices Review

  26. Beautiful hair is considered as the most crowning glory of a woman's overall beauty. Hence, every woman, and man too, wants to have an attractive, healthy and shiny hair. pop over to this website


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