21 Jan 2015

[OOTD] After School Nana for Juvis Photoshoot Concept Inspired

Good day people!
Another OOTD post. xD
Today, my post concept is inspired by my role model, After School Nana for Juvis.
*ps before reading thru : No hate. I'm not saying I'm equal to that Nana goddess thou, just want to share about how I am interested in Juvis' concept of marketing posters/banners and modelling*

Well. I know she's a Top Supermodel in Korea, also a very famous visual of her girlband, After School which has perfect body and everything.. :'D
From head to toe, for me she has everything I ever wanted! As a lady._.)b
Thou, my mom would nag at me if I did plastic surgery too. xD

I can't make that sexy face. 

If you wonder what is Juvis, it is like a diet program in Korea. They used to work with G.Na as their model earlier and now it's Nana! xD
If you want to see more of her perfectness you can look up in google "Nana Juvis". ^^

*sorry. awkward editing skill :)))))

The rest will gonna be me and the outfit. xD

Why do I choose Nana for Juvis concept which inspires me?

19 Jan 2015

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Etude House Tear Drop Liner #1 #3 #4

I bet most of you have already heard a lot about this product.
And here I am, just got the time to review this super nice product. T.T)/

I wanted to review all shades but unfortunately I heard that number 2 had been discontinued. T_T WHYYYY... Metallic silver was a hit right? ._.)a I don't get it Etude T_T)

LOL.. Then let's just move right onto the review, shall we? ^^

16 Jan 2015

[K-Drama Review] Pinocchio

As usual, I love how SBS provides HD picture Korean drama which most of them are worth to watch. Worth our time and energy to watch!

If you're into a drama which provides something different, quiet make you think too with some cases but also with some seasonings of romance, I recommend you to watch this!

The uniqueness I found in this drama is that the main role, Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) is a girl who suffers a strange and rare syndrome, Pinocchio Syndrome. It means people who suffers the syndrome will be hiccuping if that person tell lies or feels what occurs around that person is against his/her conscience.

The other lead role, Ki Ha Myung (Lee Jong Suk) is someone who was founded by Choi In Ha's grandfather and raised by him, treating him actually as he had found his lost eldest son by the sea--Eventhough ridiculously, Ki Ha Myung is way younger than Choi In Ha's father, Choi Dal Peng. Those all leaving Ki Ha Myung being Choi In Ha's uncle, even they are at the same age.
As time goes by, Ha Myung and In Ha fell in love. But of course, they can't directly date because of In Ha's grandfather has adopted Ha Myung as his eldest son. How do they overwhelm it together?

Also, before Ha Myung was lost and adopted by In Ha's grandfather, he used to live happily with his mom, one brother and his dad which is a superb fireman, Ki Sang Ho. When a fire explosion happened, all the dead firemans corpses were found, but not their father's. The news started to overflow and frame his father as a coward who run and let his mans died. But it was untrue and in the end, only his skeleton was found. 
But what to do? Citizen had believed the news and blame Ha Myung's family very very bad, until his mom decided to suicide. Their family were all ruined and his brother lived in grudge by killing people who falsely witnessed his father being irresponsible and guilty. 

Than what's the big deal with all of them which makes this drama interesting?

So actually all of the accidents were all plotted by some powerful people which looks innocent and hard for us to expect them as the culprit in the end. How do they investigate and solve the mysteries? 

Also ...

8 Jan 2015

[FOTD + OOTD] Fresh New Year Look Inspired by Jessica Jung SNSD - My Oh My MV ; Blue Theme K-Pop Dance Outfit

Hello readers!
Been long time since I blog much and I miss blogging so much. x) But soon I'm going to start my collage life again. T_T)

Okay then. Maybe you have seen the FOTD many times (because I have upload it on facebook and instagram ^^;) but not the OOTD right? :D

I want to share a post about OOTD too sometimes to make this blog less boring. xD

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6 Jan 2015

[REVIEW and SWATCH] L'Oreal Hair Spa Nourishing Creambath for Dry and Damaged Hair

 Many of my readers and friends asked me what hair product / hair care did I use.
My friends touched my hair and asked me how do I get shiny and un-damaged hair even I always died my hair like 12 times and almost every day styling it. The golden color of my current hair sometimes make my hair look a bit dry they said--almost everyone with even more blonde hair color looks dry-- but when they touch it actually it feels so soft. I don't have any breakage too, but my friends who did not do anything to their hair (like coloring and styling) got many hair damages such as breakage. Then the only way for you to deal with breakage is....? Cut your hair shorter. :( Aww.. What a waste!
Also a rebellious hair is sucks and makes us have a bad hair day right? Using hat to deal with it sometimes not effective and makes our hair pores clogged, hot and sometimes itchy.

So what's the solution that will might work for everyone?
 Let me introduce you to this great product if you have not known about it!

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5 Jan 2015

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator

FINALLY!! I can blog after months. :'(
I was in charge being the sub-secretary of a quite big event in Surabaya and it took almost all my times and energies. Also many personal things came up like my sister's grandfather's death and many things. And the saddest is because all of my business I can't even meet my dad on his birthday earlier in November. :(
Also I lost ALL of my important datas, PHOTOS to blog T_T Because my laptop and phone were having problems. :'( So I will update the post with more pictures later when I come back to Surabaya. Promise. x( As I am traveling now and bring the Kaminomoto with me <3 But without the beautiful box.:(

Well... No more long stories! :p Pfft I'm sorry. Here comes a great product I've tried for several months lately! And what is Kaminomoto? Let's find out more!

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