8 Jan 2015

[FOTD + OOTD] Fresh New Year Look Inspired by Jessica Jung SNSD - My Oh My MV ; Blue Theme K-Pop Dance Outfit

Hello readers!
Been long time since I blog much and I miss blogging so much. x) But soon I'm going to start my collage life again. T_T)

Okay then. Maybe you have seen the FOTD many times (because I have upload it on facebook and instagram ^^;) but not the OOTD right? :D

I want to share a post about OOTD too sometimes to make this blog less boring. xD

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This make up is inspired by Jessica Jung's usual makeup. But my focus is on her eyes. She has blonde hair with long straight eyebrow, very nice double lid with slanted oval eyes which has a very sharp / edgy tear duct shape. I don't have the same eye shape so I'll try to make it look similar with eye makeups. :D

Look at her beautiful eyes! I like the sharp tear duct, the long slanted shape and wide double lid she has. ^^

Really love this one! And I think... Why should I don't have sharp slanted eyes too. T.T) 

I also like her natural make up in My Oh My MV with pink rosy lips. :D

 Then.. I tried to make my eyes look like having sharp tear duct too with eye makeups and this is who I got. :D
 I put on my eyelid tape to get wider double lid like her, so when I drew eyeliner from the inner corner near the tear duct it won't smudge or rubbed. Then I drew a 'coma' shape which gives a sharp look on my tear duct.

Ta'dah! I got the eyes. :D *pff... Sorry for my face.

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Products used :
  1. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener
  2. Etude House Dear Girl Moisturizer SPF 30 PA++
  3. Etude House Baby Choux Base #03 Peach
  4. Coastal Scents Palette 88 Shades Original
  5. Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF 50 PA+++ in Light Beige
  6. Sariayu Pensil Alis in Coklat Matang
  7. Etude House Drawing Eyebrow AD #03 Brown
  8. Etude House Concealer and Eyeliner Brush
  9. The Balm Nude Tude Palette
  10. 3M Korea Super Eye Scotch Transparent
  11. MakeOver Trivia Eyeshadow #Black Goddiva
  12. Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner #01 Brown (105K)
  13. Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint #RD301
  14. Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint #PK001 
  15. Clinique Lashpower Mascara no 01 in Black Onyx


I feel so happy since I'm in Bali right now. XD
It means I can dance any time I want. :D
So I decided to look for comfortable and nice outfit to dance. Since it is a girl style Kpop dance, I put on heels. Actually dancing with this kind of heels are SUPER hard and you have to at last be used to it. Some idols used tape on this kind of heels to prevent unwanted things like...flying heels. lol xD

I love it since it is black, glossy, simple yet elegant. For daily life it is not too high and suitable for many outfits. Will be using this many times. <3
But my toes really hurt using this too long. :s
>> Comfort Plus Black Glossy Heels 

The crop top is very nice too!
My mom got it from me from Topshop.
There are many other colors available in the store. But this blue one looks fresh. <3
It is so elastic and there are hollows on them with stripes patterns. Pretty! 

 For the shorts, I got it long time ago from Body&Soul. I have the black one too...just because I love the design so much. <3 I love highwaist! This highwaist shorts is not made of jeans, but thick cottons with 3 buttons on it. I think some of you have already seen me wearing this shorts before. ^^;; Sorry but this is my favorite! :D That's why... hehe..
I don't want to put on many accessories, moreover long necklace because it will distract me while dancing. :s
So there you go. Only my hair rubber band there on my wrist to practice dancing again. xD

Sorry.. My dad just took many pics so I was confused which one to upload. And I'll just select all. TwT)v

That's all for today! See you on my next post ^^ Thank you so much for keep reading! Hope I can blog frequently again. ^^


  1. foto trakir.. knp ditutupin mukanya jes? >< pdhl cantik gt
    waahh asik ya lg mudik XD
    btw jessica jung memang slalu cantik yaa *w* jessica ie juga ngga kalah cantik hihi

  2. suka bgt ootd nya, pas di badan km, cantikk >_<

  3. Thank you for your comment.
    all your photos really great, ^^
    you look beautiful like her anyway. =)


  4. Selamat malam! lagi seneng banget pantengin blog jess, salam kenal ya :D


  5. oh and bytheway I already follows you! ^^

  6. wooow~ you look realy like jessica *^*
    so nice


  7. 반가워용!!! 그리고 고마워요!!!^^ 팔로우 할게요. 그리고 예쁜 '예자'가 아니고 예쁜 '여자'가 맞아요 ㅎㅎ 아! 암튼 근데 한국인이에요? ㅋ


  8. Wow! I was going to comment on how you look really similar to Jessica and then I realised your name is really Jessica LOL

    Apart from Jessica, I also like Taeyeon's makeup! So pretty~

    CLICK HERE - for Korean beauty and fashion! | Review and Comparison: Korean lip tints

  9. Ah jes... You really have a nice body! :D

  10. Ah jess.. You really have a nice body...

  11. Jesaaaa!!! :*
    1. Mirip jessica bangett :3
    2. Extremely in love with your ootd photos^^ cantik bgtttt ga ngerti lagi deh and i really adore your legssss gilaaaa xD

  12. Ootd'na ciamikk bangett.! so sweett..
    Bisa ramping gitu jess.,tips donk.,hehee


  13. Your hair looks great and you look a lot like Jessica Jung! :) Love those last pictures; your outfit looks really good!

    x Would you like to follow each other? CLICK

  14. Your legs Jess... beautiful ... #salahfokus.. hehehehe

    Jean Milka

  15. Your outfit is so cute! And I agree. Jessica is such a beauty <3

  16. As always you look pretty
    Love your outfits.

  17. i love your fotd and makeup inspired looks.
    you look so beautiful on the picture :)
    nice review!

  18. You look very pretty, and I like your make up. Nice job!


  19. You look lovely, great OOTD. I really like your shorts, super cute.
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  20. You really do look like her! Good job! =) Keep up the good work

  21. Nice makeup! And it suit your ootd too. Thanks for sharing! Giglove

  22. Well done on the make up! You really look like her in the picture!

  23. You look like Jessica!!! natural beauty <3 and incredible pretty <3

  24. I like your crop top, the colour is so pastel. Its definitely a great dance outfit GigLove

  25. I must agree with you. The blue top is indeed very nice... and in perfect colour which suits you well.

  26. Loving your simple and chic outfit. and you did a great job there.. you look great indeed!

    GIG Love
    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  27. you look so gorgeous and cute!!kawaii!! love ur hair colour too!

  28. the outfit is definitely snsd style! you look great

  29. Such a fun round-up of pictures! I really love the shots of you posing with your guitar! <3 GIGlove

  30. your body :) love it.. Have fun in Bali and have a good time when you start college :)


  31. Love your photos! You are looking adorable dear :) GIG love

  32. You look great, girly! Love your makeup and your outfit so much!

    Andréa Christine | My Heel Collection

  33. Wow! You looks so pretty :)
    Love your blog and posts!


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