16 Jan 2015

[K-Drama Review] Pinocchio

As usual, I love how SBS provides HD picture Korean drama which most of them are worth to watch. Worth our time and energy to watch!

If you're into a drama which provides something different, quiet make you think too with some cases but also with some seasonings of romance, I recommend you to watch this!

The uniqueness I found in this drama is that the main role, Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) is a girl who suffers a strange and rare syndrome, Pinocchio Syndrome. It means people who suffers the syndrome will be hiccuping if that person tell lies or feels what occurs around that person is against his/her conscience.

The other lead role, Ki Ha Myung (Lee Jong Suk) is someone who was founded by Choi In Ha's grandfather and raised by him, treating him actually as he had found his lost eldest son by the sea--Eventhough ridiculously, Ki Ha Myung is way younger than Choi In Ha's father, Choi Dal Peng. Those all leaving Ki Ha Myung being Choi In Ha's uncle, even they are at the same age.
As time goes by, Ha Myung and In Ha fell in love. But of course, they can't directly date because of In Ha's grandfather has adopted Ha Myung as his eldest son. How do they overwhelm it together?

Also, before Ha Myung was lost and adopted by In Ha's grandfather, he used to live happily with his mom, one brother and his dad which is a superb fireman, Ki Sang Ho. When a fire explosion happened, all the dead firemans corpses were found, but not their father's. The news started to overflow and frame his father as a coward who run and let his mans died. But it was untrue and in the end, only his skeleton was found. 
But what to do? Citizen had believed the news and blame Ha Myung's family very very bad, until his mom decided to suicide. Their family were all ruined and his brother lived in grudge by killing people who falsely witnessed his father being irresponsible and guilty. 

Than what's the big deal with all of them which makes this drama interesting?

So actually all of the accidents were all plotted by some powerful people which looks innocent and hard for us to expect them as the culprit in the end. How do they investigate and solve the mysteries? 

Also ...
Even though I haven't watch the very beginning episodes, I was very excited to finish this drama. :D
It has only 20 episodes which don't leave and blunders nor hanging scenes. It makes audiences feels relives. I guess. xD

In my opinion...

This drama contains a bit of actions, some sweet romance scenes, unique plot, smart sentences which ring the bell, just sometimes when they try to make it funny it does not work. ._.) Too crispy.... ^^;;;

Other than that, it is very good. ^^
I feel the grudge of Ha Myung too towards the reporter who reported his family falsely just because they set up everything so well. 

I love how Jong Suk played his role as Ha Ayung very very nice. He could cry, yell, being flat, caring, soft, angry, looks like a lil innocent boy, just anything! This role has everything in it and he suits this really good. Also Shin Hye played very good crying acting. They both makes me almost feel like what they feel and it touches my heart.

There's a point also when Ha Myung's grudge was faded towards Song Cha Ok in the end. I felt the same too, strangely. I don't know what's wrong but I felt so.

The characters, everyone which came from the beginning and middle, everyone, I never thought they would had important role and bang the story until the end. Like Seo Bum Jo's mother who looked innocent and I thought it was just, yeah, that's it. But he turned out to be someone who really made the plot in the end.

This drama also taught me many things. I acknowledge more that being reporter is not easy at all and like, yeah, detective too. xD The idea of Pinocchio Syndrome is brilliant too I think. ^^
The story was also about sacrificing and giving up all things we might have because telling the truth. This world has many great and tempting offers for us if we do dirty things, but in the end the truth will be exposed. I salute and wish there are many people like Ha Myung, In Ha and Bum Jo which fights very hard and gave their everything to speak the truth despite their small microphone  (low position and powerless as usual reporters). 

I felt bad too seeing injustice things like when me and some small numbers of my friends did not cheat but my teacher let others cheat and get higher exam scores than us. *lol. xD

Anw, Kim Jae Myung (Ha Myung's brother), I think he is a new actor. And yes..........he is handsome. :'D Looks like Kim Ki Bum from Super Junior with more slanted eyes. :3
Don't judge by pics. Watch by yourself. xD

Find more about the drama and casts, also others' opinions : http://asianwiki.com/Pinocchio_(Korean_Drama)

One of the trailer : (ps : I can't found the trailer which was aired on SBS :( It was a very interesting trailer which makes me wanted to watch this. xD The trailer showed the fire explosion news the time when Ha Myung and his brother surrounded by reporters. Someone threw raw egg on Ha Myung's head and his brother was shouting like crazy from his back telling reporters not to film it. 

Well, I hope you enjoy the drama as much I do! ^^
Thanks for reading! <3


  1. ciciiii love this drama very much too <33 esp when jongsuk did the "bbyong bbyong" scene when he was drunk <3

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    1. Iyaaak! Bener pas dia mabuk lucu banget yaampun xD
      Okayy ^^

  2. pengen nontonnnn!! tapi belum ada waktu TT__TT huhuhu

  3. aku sukaaaaaa banget sm drama ini <3 pas pertama nonton lsg nagih ampe end, seneng bgt akhirny lihat mereka nikah <3

  4. favorit bgt ini dramaaaaaaaaa :D

  5. I dont watch TV often but my sister-in-law thrives on Korean drama's. Will recommend this one to her!!

  6. love Lee Jong Suk acting in general but this is one show that I refused to watch because I don't like how PSH acts. Looking forward to more reviews!


  7. I haven't watched a Korean drama in such a long time! This has a really interesting plot though.

  8. Your words toward the drama makes me interested but sounds that its in korean(is it?) language unfortunately which I don't know. otherwise, i would definitely give it a shot.

    Much Love

  9. Thank you for sharing such a detailed review!
    I'll be sure to look into this, I'm always on the look out for something new to watch!
    Pixee xx

  10. haven't hear about this drama....but seems interesting ya.....

  11. Sounds like a really interesting drama, I've have yet to watch a k-drama, but this might be my first :p x
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  12. OMG!! I love this drama so much!! I haven't got to the end of it yet but I'm so excited!! XD

    Gig Love,
    -Siew Hui, http://3verythingilove.blogspot.com

  13. What a detailed and descriptive review.. I haven't watched K Drama in ages I'll try look for a site that let's me stream in my country.. Xx

  14. Wonder if they have language choices we could use... Would love to see after the rave reviews I've read about it.
    GIGLove www.icynosure.in

  15. Looks like an interesting drama, good detail review :)

  16. ermm im not a kdrama fan but seem like this is a vy sweet movie..

  17. Never heard of this drama but it seems really interesting, I think this is something I would have definitely been into when I was younger. Thanks for sharing :) xoxo Francy @ http://www.fancy-francy.com

  18. I was watching this drama halfway! Need to get back up and finished it off! =)

  19. I really need to get into Korean dramas. They always have very interesting storylines. Is this available on HULU?


  20. this drama is airing on my local cable vision tv but i didn't bother to catch it. i seldom watch k dramas and only do when i have my eye candies inside. sadly, there's none for me in pinocchio. and i find the rare disease of PSH too.... fake?

  21. i haven't watched a k drama in years! I'm falling behind. this looks good

    1. yep maybe you would like this one too :D

  22. I've never heard about this show; I will have to check it out.

  23. I love this drama. Already finish the whole episode!
    I love the chemistry for both of them
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  24. Great review. I love TV dramas but being in the UK I've not heard of this one.

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

    1. Maybe you should try watching this one too :D

  25. i dont really like korean drama serial movie.
    but this one it seems great to watch.
    thank you for the recommendation :D

    1. youre welcome! Thanks for visiting too ^^

  26. I don't watch Korean Drama but I have tons of friends who do. I'm sure they'd love your review because it's so detailed!

  27. I've never watched this but the way you describe it makes it sound like a must see!!!


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