21 Jan 2015

[OOTD] After School Nana for Juvis Photoshoot Concept Inspired

Good day people!
Another OOTD post. xD
Today, my post concept is inspired by my role model, After School Nana for Juvis.
*ps before reading thru : No hate. I'm not saying I'm equal to that Nana goddess thou, just want to share about how I am interested in Juvis' concept of marketing posters/banners and modelling*

Well. I know she's a Top Supermodel in Korea, also a very famous visual of her girlband, After School which has perfect body and everything.. :'D
From head to toe, for me she has everything I ever wanted! As a lady._.)b
Thou, my mom would nag at me if I did plastic surgery too. xD

I can't make that sexy face. 

If you wonder what is Juvis, it is like a diet program in Korea. They used to work with G.Na as their model earlier and now it's Nana! xD
If you want to see more of her perfectness you can look up in google "Nana Juvis". ^^

*sorry. awkward editing skill :)))))

The rest will gonna be me and the outfit. xD

Why do I choose Nana for Juvis concept which inspires me?

I love how Juvis design their E-poster elegantly with natural nudy / neutral colors, simple editing.
I saw the video of them making the CF (Photoshoot time) with Nana After School. 
They really choose and guide Nana to show her poses which make people really want to diet with Juvis. xD
*anw I really love Nana's eye contact there! She's really a great model!

They also match the outfit which looks somehow simple without much accessories but looks catchy.

Number 2, 4 and 6 is me with different outfit and background but still, inspired from Juvis concept, just modified it a bit more to my style. :D

More.. candids mostly : 

The top is similar with Gee - SNSD Japanese MV concept thou. Crop tee with patterns, collar and something to tie. The highlights navy shorts are lately popular in Korean style (well, not lately too. Always been for the last several years) and I wore this too on my previous OOTD post. xD Since I love this so much. xD)
The red heels by Aldo is so high and actually uncomfortable to wear on long time walking. -.-)
Thanks God I could sit too in this pretty red mini couch. xD

I like this one Idk why xD

The rest raw pics without even watermarks.. pff. 100% no edited :
It was dark taking pics against the sunlight behind the curtain ._.

From my Instagram

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*coming soon*

Thank you so much for reading!
I hope you have a great day. 
Do you like Juvis' concept too?
God bless! ^^


  1. I'm completely speechless jeee! you hv such a perfect body omg! :') xx

  2. Jess demi apapun kakinya envy parah u.u

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. duh bodynya Jess bkin envy A______A
    cocok bgt jd model ^^


  5. heels nya cantik, orangnya cantik, yuk kita nge band jess XD *hugss*

  6. You're so prettyyyy...
    Love the flannel crop...


  7. hiiii~~
    I love all your shot!!
    slim leg and body that are perfect for a model.



  8. Hi. It is my first time to visit your blog -w- You have a pair of nice legsssssss *-* and dat tummy tho........... envy max ._.


  9. I've never heard of this before, but it sounds interesting! I love the photos you did! They're all really cute - you're very pretty! I love that you recreated it for yourself :)

    http://storybookapothecary.com - stop by and chat!

  10. You look really great and did perfect OOTD similar to your role model :)

  11. Loved the concept. You are a stunner, do u model professionally? GIGLove
    iCynosure Fashion Blog | iCynosure on G+ | iCynosure on Bloglovin

  12. I really love all the shots. I really like your first outfit, the red shoes are gorgeous. You look beautiful.

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  13. that was quite brilliant photoshop! haha I also wish I look like nana

  14. i thought you were in some korea magazine cover.. XD
    great shot you had! so stunning <3

  15. In love with those red heels! I need some!

    XO, Rachel


  16. I've also not heard of this, but it's a really interesting concept. You look so pretty in all the shots, and I am in love with your red shoes!! I think I need to get myself some hahaa x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  17. Love your shots by the curtain. And,i agree, simple editing is always best

  18. Frankly speaking, dump nana into any concept and it'll turn out looking good. Haha, I'm an AS fan here, though my bias is uee. But since it's a diet program, why find people like g.na and nana? If I were the consumer, I probably won't buy it. These ladies don't even need diet programs in the first place.

  19. You looks very well. The photos are really pretty. And i love the res shoes.
    Gig love

  20. I prefer Jess too and I totally love your red shoes; they are stunning!

  21. those red heels are hot! also jealous of your long legs

  22. I love the photos and you look really great. Good job!

  23. you look gorgeous just like JEssica in SNSD! Love your concept <3
    Blog :Beauty Secret

  24. You have a great body! Love the pictures you took! =) Be more confident on yourself!! =)

  25. love ur heell..and ur body so sexxxyyyyy!!! jelly to the max!!!

  26. Such a beautiful look - I adore that blue & white gingham print top, such a fun little piece! <3 GIGLove

  27. You are looking too pretty dear and your heels are really hot! GIG Love :)

  28. OMG !!! Im spellbound girl... You've got such killing legs <3 love the red heels x


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