5 Jan 2015

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator

FINALLY!! I can blog after months. :'(
I was in charge being the sub-secretary of a quite big event in Surabaya and it took almost all my times and energies. Also many personal things came up like my sister's grandfather's death and many things. And the saddest is because all of my business I can't even meet my dad on his birthday earlier in November. :(
Also I lost ALL of my important datas, PHOTOS to blog T_T Because my laptop and phone were having problems. :'( So I will update the post with more pictures later when I come back to Surabaya. Promise. x( As I am traveling now and bring the Kaminomoto with me <3 But without the beautiful box.:(

Well... No more long stories! :p Pfft I'm sorry. Here comes a great product I've tried for several months lately! And what is Kaminomoto? Let's find out more!

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"Hair is everyone's crown"

And I believe it. It got me take care of my hair health and style so much. But.........

Hair fall has been a big and continuous problem of my hair. My one and only problem of my hair is only HAIR FALL. w(o_ow) I successfully get rid of dry, damaged and dull hair with some great products, but all of them--even the high end brands I've tried--can't help me to even reduce my hair fall. This had been so chaotic and tough for me. Seeing my hair falls more and more in big number everyday and block the hole in my bathroom shower with my tangled fallen hairs. UGH.... :(

I honestly had spent so much money trying to fix this problem of my hair and until I gave up trying anti hair fall products.

One day, I was e-mailed by PT. Best Brilliant Indonesia and was asked to review Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator. I've never heard of the product before but since it sounds promising, why not give it a try? :D

They sent me a very nice, thick and tidy Kaminomoto box. The ribbon was simply beautiful and...

There was a bonus towel and some samples of their medicated shampoo. ^^ Very nice. <3 Love it Kaminomoto!

KAMINOMOTO Hair Growth Accelerator(Gold), 150 ml.
This product suits you who have problem in hair fall. With their ingredients, this product also helps to diminish dandruff and itchiness on scalps, also helps your hair to grow new hairs again.

It is written above that you should use this twice a day to get maximum result. Before sleep, you can use more amount than usual because from I know, when you are asleep regeneration in our body works better. You just need to pour a little and massage it on your hair scalps. :)

When I bleached my hair, my hair falls like crazy. :\ Also when several weeks has passed, the black color of my hair distract me so much. I want my hair to grow faster so I could dye it with another darker shade! :(
Thanks God PT Best Brilliant Indonesia introduce me to this product. <3

I fell in love with how this product smells, how this product works on me because it does just what it claims. ^^ The texture is just like usual water liquid.

Now I don't have to worry about my hair falls since this product helps my hair to improve a lot. <3

They also sent me some samples of their shampoo. :) Gonna try soon. ^^

Pros :
  • Smells really nice! And the scent lasts so long until the next day on me <3
  • Makes my hair healthier, silkier
  • What amazed me is......The greatness of this hair tonic to compress the number of my hair falls even I already tried soooo many other hair fall treatments, even well known brands! x)

Cons : 
  • The packaging might be a little bit bulky and fragile since it makes of glass
I've seen this product is available in Hoki and Papaya Surabaya so far. I love this product and hope you will love this too as much as I do. ^^
Sorry for now I can't give before-after pics that I have planned. :( Gonna update it for you guys later after the development shown again. ^^ Thank you for your patience!

Below is my hair condition after 2 months++ using Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator.
I used to use wide / rare-toothed comb but still found at last 30 pieces of hair fall and tangled on it.

But now...
Even with wet hair after washing my hair, I only found <10  pieces of hair on my dense-toothed comb. :D Magical!

 I love my hair more now <3 Thank you Kaminomoto <3

Email: info@kaminomotoindonesia.co.id
BBM: 2194dc98

PT. Best Brilliant Indonesia is the only KAMINOMOTO official distributor in Indonesia which was founded in 2012. PT. Best Brilliant Indonesia had been given the right to serve consumers in Indonesia directly from KAMINOMOTO Manufacturer in Japan, Kabushiki Kaisha KAMINOMOTO Hompo, and South East Asian KAMINOMOTO distributor, JC. Cosmetics.
PT. Best Brilliant Indonesia commits to guarantee KAMINOMOTO products they have distributed with the Original KAMINOMOTO sticker in ever product packagings : KAMINOMOTO Hair Growth Accelerator, KAMINOMOTO Hair Tonic, KAMINOMOTO Medicated Shampoo dan KAMINOMOTO Medicated Shampoo.
They don't only sell this amazing hair growth accelerator, but also conditioner, shampoo, tonic and many more. You can also be their agent and gain profits from selling KAMINOMOTO. (http://kaminomotoindonesia.co.id/about-kaminomoto-solusi-masalah-rambut/terbatas-peluang-usaha-kaminomoto/)
 Find out on their website! ^^

Read more about my another best favorite product in treating damaged, dry, dull, rebellious and colored hair!HERE
ps : I will update the review if I feel something different / a change on me because of the product, whether it is positive or negative. So stay tune :D
And also, result in every person may vary because everyone has their own skin types :)
Even though this is a sponsored product,
what I wrote are my honest opinion ^^ 
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  1. ce jessaaaaaa miss u ce semangat kuliahnya >v<
    nice post cee, rambutku akhir2 ini agak2 rontok gt sama poniku agak bercabang *hiks jd masi nyari2 solusi mau diapain~ maunya nyoba loreal hair spa tp nanti dulu deh hehe

    ♡ MY BLOG ♡

  2. i noticed my hair dropped a bit too after I did chemical treatment, shall see if this is on sale here

  3. Mmmm, interesting. Nice post, thanks for sharing. gig love


  4. wow this is such very nice product.
    i usually use neril hair tonic for daily.
    but, it seems good to try..

  5. I think I'm gonna need this to ctrl my hair fall...

  6. I never heard about this brand before. i saw many people post about this product. maybe some day i will try it!
    thanks for sharing to us!


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    Thank you♥

  8. My hair though thick but is falling like crazy too! I'm definitely interested in this product and should probably check it out.


  9. Interesting post, thanks for such a detailed review, happy it worked for you!! -xox Francy @ http://www.fancy-Francy.com

  10. Wah a good hair product ! Love to try it by my self

    Miss Ika's Blog

  11. This look like a good product. Glad that it's works well on you.

  12. Thanks for sharing babe! Your hair is gorgeous! gig

  13. That is such a cool product! I would love to use it =)

  14. Looking forward to seeing your before and after pics!

  15. ooo i want to try this. bleaching my hair a few years ago wasn't really a good idea lol

  16. Your hair looks amazing - Sounds like this is a great product, thanks for sharing your experience! <3 GIGLove

  17. Your hair looks fab, and it's great that it actually works! And with the con just being bulky I'd say that this is a very successful product! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  18. Reducing hair fall is definitely something i need to think about, and thanks for sharing this..... GigLove

  19. wah glass bottle can be hard to handle...but it seem like working so good on ur hair!!i feel like trying too!

  20. I never heard about this brand before. Also I never saw many people post about this product but this sounds like a fantastic product x

  21. Great review! I wonder if I could get them in Jakarta :D Off to google it. Thanks for the detailed review.

  22. i remember using their older version before and it didn't smell very nice! haha, it's good they decided to do something to the scent. :)

  23. Great review and great product. I really need this in my life. I bleach my hair so much so many products that make my hair better is amazing.
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  24. Sound like a great product. I'm glad it worked for you. :)

  25. This is a great product. I would like to try it too! Thanks for sharing. Giglove

  26. wow love your hair - looks really great -this looks like a brilliant product

  27. wow! Love your hair! This is a great product! Maybe I'll have a try too ;)

  28. the product looks super interesting to try! I've used kaminomoto in other versions and it works fine!


    Pudding Monster

  29. Hair Growth Treatment

    Effective treatments for some types of hair loss are available. But some hair loss is permanent.
    Hair Growth Treatment


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