14 Feb 2015

[REVIEW + GIVEAWAY] Dandelion Waxing, Nail, Eyelash Salon

Morning readers!
I'm glad I can blog now even though I started another collage life already---again.
Like always, I got so many tasks from lecturers. But I still want to share with you several things, another amazing references to maintain your beauty especially if you live in Surabaya or plan to visit Surabaya. ^^

Keep reading please because this might change your perspective about waxing and you might find something you want to try! ^^

I felt glad and honoured to be invited by Dandelion to try their some of their services.

First of all before knowing the best part--their services--let's take a brief peek about Dandelion.
Dandelion is located in Ruko Gwalk F/1 Citraland - West Surabaya. (next to Shinjuku Hair Make)

LINE : dandelionwaxingid
Ph      : 031-92420085
BBM : 73EB2656

Their front outlet look :
Seen this already at G-Walk? :D

They have eyelash extension service from USA. :D
Let's take a tour and see their interior designs :D
This lamp hanging on the cashier area caught my eyes. <3

The small couch there is for waiting (in case you didn't make reservations---you better make one because when I went there on their very first hour of opening at 8am there's already people who came there! And it's not a coincidence that time but they always receive good love(?) from their customers, moreover for those who came back again. :D 

I saw a quiet old lady (ajumma xD) did a waxing there and it was quiet and very.....fast. ._.)b

Anw the small angpao tree, they are having a promo! ^^

I love how they design the place cutely and makes girls feel comfy being in there.

Dandelion is managed and founded by 2 beautiful and young ladies owners. They are Shellen and Florence. I didn't meet Shellen but I met Florence (actually I call her with 'ce' in bahasa so...it's kinda weird and unpolite writing her name directly. I'm sorry ^^;;). She's beautiful, young, visit Dandelion everyday (the staff said xD), care about her customers, friendly and open minded. So you don't need to hesitate meeting the owner. *lol. XD

The staffs here are friendly too and are capable in what they do for customers.

Here is the pricelist of their treatments :

Pink and baby purple :D
The big armchairs are verse cozy! xD If you sit there, it feels like the armchair is hugging you 'cause you'll just sunk in where you lean your body. xD

Many shades of OPI nail polishes.

Their lashes! So pretty. ^^
theBrowBar. A small corner where you can do eyebrow waxing and shaping. :D

The owner is doing brow shaping! :D

 If you're curious about the price. :D

This cute lil wax warmer is to melt the wax.

Kay, there are so many shades of their gel and non gel nail color. I was so confused choosing the combination for my nails. xD

Some nail art inspirations xD
My nails after some days on camp. 
I purposely let them grow ugly-ly first. xD
I got tanner huh. X'D

Put your fingers in the warm water for a while~

Miss Ella asked me if I want square or oval nail shape then I choose oval.
Mrs. Ella which was giving me cuticule remover.

Put your nails in there to dry your nail.

Mrs. Ella shaped, cleaned my nails one by one very carefully. ^^
And at the end of the nail care steps she sprayed anti-fungi/bacterial spray on my nails.

Ta-dah! My nails are done. <3 Beautiful laceyyyyyy <3

This is my second going to third weeks and the gel nail art are still okay! It was just chapped a bit but that's because of my fault. xD T_T
Really worth it! Long lasting. :D

 This is what's in the waxing room :

First of all, the applied to me some lotions first to prevent irritation and cleanse my legs. *hope I am right ^^;*

 They used ice wax which is different from usual sugar wax. It uses a heating roller machine.
Then....pull the stripes. 
This did not really hurt. I was just saying lil ouch-es several times because I didn't get used to wax. xD
But the result really worth it so I'll come back! xD

 Amazing result! I'm so happy already. xD

I brag about this to my friends. lol. I was just so happy seing the result. So different from self waxing at home! 
 The lady told me if we do self waxing at home without certain steps before and after the waxing (number 1-4 treatments they gave) and pull the strips wrongly, it might cause irritations.

So clean <3
My skin also get lighter and say good bye to dead skin cells. :D
Like a blurred 360cam pic huh xD

 It is my second week already and the soft hair just started to grow. Quiet long huh? :D
The new grown hairs are not like when you razor or wax them at home. They might grow bolder, longer and curler *yuck! But here, I can see the new grown hair are soft, thin just like my very first natural hairs. <3 So in love <3 I'd never razor or use home wax anymore. x'D

 I was also introduced with their special wax from Paris which looks like sugar wax, but it harden and cold fast so you just need to pull it without any strips. Cool. xD
*sorry pic not focused.. just realized at home TT*

This wax is better from the ice wax because this is used for sensitive areas like brazilian line and face. It is also more painless.

 See closer! There is some color difference right? It also helps to remove dead skin cells and actually give brighter skin for you. ^^

Some reasons why you should choose Dandelion :

They always sterilize their used tools in the machine below. :D

The owners had some ceritificates of accomplishing waxing course I think? And official Novilash Certified Extentionist. :D

Me with the beautiful and very very very very friendly owner :D
Thank you for inviting me to Dandelion and let me know the amazingness of waxing and gel nail art. xD (I used to not bother myself to do any of them before I went to Dandelion because I think home waxing and self nail art are just enough. And I regret not knowing how they works in Dandelion since  it's near the place I live too. x'D)

Read also and find more about Dandelion's awesomeness on my blogger peers' posts :
Ade Kumala Putri
Xiao Vee

Will I come back? Of course yes! --when I can have transportation going there. x'D
Won't waste my money on home sugar wax or usual nail polishes anymore! :D

GIVEAWAY TIME <3 (instagram)
Don't miss it!
For you who will visit Surabaya
Who wants to give your bestie a superb gift!
Yourself who live in Surabaya

Don't forget to comment 'done' on my post on instagram and use hashtag #dandelionXjessGA to track your entry. ^^

Thank you Dandelion!

Thank you for reading and I hope you find this post helpful!
God bless! ^^


ps : I will update the review if I feel something different / a change on me because of the product, whether it is positive or negative. So stay tune :D

And also, result in every person may vary because everyone has their own skin types :)
Even though this is a sponsored product, 

what I wrote are my honest opinion ^^ 
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  1. I love how pink everything is! The place is so cute. I'd totally visit it if it were here. Seems like you had a great experience overall :)

  2. aku jg sukaa sama waxingnya jess XD sayang jauhnya itu T_T
    klo km kan msh lebih deket krn daerah barat wkwk

  3. Ya ampun jes, foto after waxingnya mulussss banget. Kinclong~ hahahaha
    And their place looks tempting, kayaknya nyaman banget buat manjain diri seharian disitu ya


  4. This place is definitely worth visiting, so neat and beautifully decorated. Great post with every detail :)

  5. Wah, servisnya keren + love the interior :) nyaman banget keliatannya and judging from the result, kayaknya bole deh buka cabang di Bandung hehehe ^^

  6. I used to be skeptical about waxing but after trying IPL, i know that waxing is more my thing. It may not be permanent, but i like the process

  7. the decor of this place is absolutely amazing! good luck to everyone entering your giveaway! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  8. The interior is so beautiful...... so pastel. They certainly have a lots of services... love the brow shaping service. Thnks for sharing GigLove

  9. seems great place as a treatment waxing. is this giveaway open only for people who live in surabaya? :(

  10. I'm in love with the interior because it's pink! And it made the whole place feels so girly and pretty =)

  11. Love the decor, it's so pretty! But Gelish chips too? My friend is always doing Gelish and hers never chips. There was once her nail chipped but the Gelish portion remained intact.


  12. That seems like a lovely place to get urself pampered. I'm sure you had fun there! Good luck to the Giveaway participants

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - New Post up - Style.. A Pastiche!

  13. Great post. I do love getting waxed. Looks like a great place it is so cute!

    Shame I can't enter the giveaway, good luck everyone.

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  14. aw the interior is really cute and feminine!

  15. the place is romantic and worth visiting . A perfect place for buzy women on weekend

  16. Love how cute this place is! That brow bar station is just perfect.

  17. I love its interior design! It looks alike to princess room. Haha.. thanks for sharing and good luck to those have enterred the giveaway.

  18. Wish I could participate in the giveaway. Would love to try out dandelion's services. Your nail art looks really cool :)

  19. I love the decor of the place, so cute!! I always get gel manicures, they last so much longer, love them . Congrats on this opportunity if I lived in Surabaya I would totally enter the giveaway!! xoxo Francy @ http://www.fancy-francy.com

  20. Really a very good post and review. However i think you must resize all pics accordingly as otherwise it's difficult to actually see unless we enlarge.

  21. I was looking for articles on Salon in Dubai and I came across yours inspiring read. Great post!

  22. your english...

  23. Body hairs can be removed in a number of ways, including waxing, shaving, sugaring or using chemical depilatory creams. Hair that is not removed may be trimmed also. Best Waxing Salon in NYC


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