31 Dec 2016

[OUTSIDE THE VIDEO] Best Of Beauty 2016 - Holy Grail Makeup

It's the end of 2016 everyone!
I wish you a great great year ahead, especially if you have a beef with the '2016'. =))

In this post, I will be telling you about my holy grail makeups in 2016 BUT they are not mentioned in my video. So this post is an additional post of the video. Some kind of sequel. *lol

I will tell you my HG face spray, lipstick, cream highlighter, eye pigment, loose powder and lipgloss--which, again, not there in my video. So check this out! :)

26 Dec 2016

[EVENT REPORT] Bali Beauty Blogger Gathering 2016

It's time for Bali! *yippie
So on my vacation to Bali, I got another amazing event to attend. Yep, Bali Beauty Blogger Gathering 2016. This gathering is the most exciting so far, because almost all of the members attended the event and the event itself is organized well with many sponsors as this event supporters. 

We also have an informative sharing session, such as how to be a content writer, how to monetize your blog and social media, and how to be a vlogger!

Want to know more about the event, the sharing session summaries and the sponsors? Keep reading. ;)

our official members

15 Dec 2016

[EVENT REPORT] SK-II Suminagashi Festive Party

Hola everyone!
In this post I will be telling you an event held by the famous Japanese cosmetic brand, SK-II! *convetti*

This event was held in Tunjungan Plaza 3 on November 24th, 2016. Actually, they were there in TP 3 since November 22nd - 27th. But 24th it is. The event for bloggers and beauty influencers in Surabaya. What fun did we have there and why does SK-II choose the unique design this time? What does it related to? I'll tell you if you scroll down! xD

me posing with SK-II product, the limited edition Facial Treatment Essence.

14 Dec 2016

[REVIEW] Mizon UV Sun Protector SPF 35 PA++

I bet many of you who likes Korean make up and skin care must have heard about this brand, Mizon. They once were well known of their snail skin care. And now, I will be telling you my honest verdict about this uniquely sun block that will cool your skin from Mizon. 

Don't skip UV protection because too much UV rays will cause cancer and dark spots on your skin which most of them are irreversible! :( 

So, if you are interested with this unique product let's scroll down! :)

"A sun care cooling cream that soothes irritated skin by protecting from UV rays and lowering the skin's temperature"

13 Dec 2016

[EVENT+DIY+VOUCHER] Azarine Spa Beau-Tea-Time (DIY Body Lotion & Bath Salt)

Azarine Spa & Cosmetics held a great event called Beau-Tea-Time (so creative) on November 24th, 2016 in Java Paragon Hotel Surabaya. This event is unique because we didn't only got the knowledge about Azarine itself, we did some fun workshops too. We make DIY body lotion and DIY bath salt. So, if you are curious how do we make those vitamins for body skin, keep reading! :)

11 Dec 2016

[FIRST IMPRESSION] Avene (Lipid Repleneshing Cream & Cleansing Oil)

Halo readers!
Kali ini aku mau mengenalkan produk dari Perancis yang terkenal dan termasuk salah satu produk yang ada di Jayanata. Yaitu Avene! Atau mungkin sudah kenal semua ya? Karena Avene ini terkenal dengan salah satu produknya yang booming, yaitu Avene Thermale Spring Water yang memiliki berbagai khasiat untuk menenangkan kulit hingga bisa digunakan untuk disemprotkan pada kuas eye shadow agar warna kelihatan lebih keluar, lho. :D

Kali ini produk Avene yang akan aku bahas adalah cream dan cleansing oilnya. 

Kebetulan pada saat dikirimi kedua produk ini, aku dan teman-teman blogger lain juga dikirimi ekstra 6 botol mini Avene Micellar Lotion. Terima kasih Avene! :D

Avene ini spesial karena dapat digunakan untuk semua usia dan jenis kelamin lho. :D Jadi meskipun harganya lumayan (berkata kualitas lah ya :D) seisi rumah bahkan bayi pun yang kulitnya masih sangat sensitif bisa pakai. ^^ Kegunaannya juga banyak! Simak terus ya. :D

10 Dec 2016

[REVIEW + VIDEO TUTORIAL] Multifunction Palette for Whole Face - The Balm Voyage Face Palette Vol. 1

Good day everyone!
I bet make up lovers have heard about this palette, The Balm Voyage! Face Palette. Actually there is another version of this palette, which is Vol. 2. But now that I think of it, I prefer the Vol. 1 because this palette contains more colors of eyeshadows and consists of 3 lip colors (the Vol. 2 only has 2 lip colors and they are smaller).

The Balm has been known of their smooth quality eye shadows after their success with their Mary Lou highlighter. Now I get the chance to try this authentic and amazingly packed palette from the one and only, Beauty Rep. *Be careful guys, because black-mall sellers know the Balm products are popular, many of them now makes the replica/fake version so let's be wise to choose where to purchase!* 

You should visit my post regarding my shopping experience in Beauty Rep too HERE.

In this post I will post 3 eye looks I made using this palette. To the details, scroll down below. :)


[FIRST IMPRESSION + COMPETITION] Zia Skincare - Normal Series

Halo readers!
Kali ini aku akan menulis dalam bahasa ya. Aku mau cerita lagi nih soal first impression-ku mengenai Zia Skincare kategori untuk kulit normal.

Zia Skincare merupakan brand lokal yang memiliki moto #BeautyforEveryone karena produknya yang diciptakan untuk membuat kulit kita cantik namun dengan harga yang terjangkau (mulai dari IDR 25.000 - 70.000) . Bahan-bahan yang digunakan dalam Zia skincare sendiri adalah bahan natural/alami. 

Zia Skincare memiliki kandungan active ingredients, sehingga membantu untuk mengurangi permasalahan kulit wajah dengan alami. Zia juga telah terdaftar di BPOM sehingga aman untuk digunakan setiap hari. Karena bahannya yang natural dan aman, Zia Skin Care aman digunakan oleh ibu hamil dan remaja. Nah, mau tahu kelanjutannya? Simak terus yuk! Mungkin aja ini skincare yang kamu cari-cari dan ingin kamu coba. ;)

Dan juga kalau kamu mau dapat hadiah hingga jutaan rupiah dari Zia dengan cara yang gampang banget, bisa baca sampai habis ya. :)

9 Dec 2016


Hi guys! I am back with an information you won't want to miss if you are looking for super trusted e-commerce which sells beauty stuffs (make up and skin care) with great offers such as free shipping, discounts, bundles and the most important is, the hassle-free purchasing experience--because they care about consumers so much that I can say they have the fastest customer service than the other platforms I've been purchasing so far.

If you want to be a happy customer too, let's read more down below about BEAUTY REP and my experience in purchasing *the fragile* the Balm palette as I mentioned in the title above. Keep reading to get the EXCLUSIVE VOUCHER CODE at the end of the post. :)

6 Dec 2016

[REVIEW] Senzues Cell Activate Body Lotion

Do you want to have the smooth, sparkling and healthy skin? Remember not to take care of your face skin only!
You won't want your beloved one touching you and like, eww. Her face looks like 19 but her body skin feels like she's 50. *lol* xD Many of us ignores the magic that a good body lotion can gives and keep buying skincares for face only.
There are many factors that might make your skin dull, dry, fast aging, unhealthy. Some of them because you don't drink enough water per day, or you do many activities which have the direct contact with pollutions, our unstoppable aging and one of them is forget using body lotion!

Why does using body lotion is so important for us?
Using body lotion will helps to moisturized your skin, beautify your skin as best as it can be, like all women's dream.

BUT, not all body lotions are what you need and will really gives you the dreamy skin you want. Some of them will just moisturize your skin and that's all, contains harmful ingredients, not clinically proven and many other minus hidden. So, let's be smart buyer for skin is a super valuable asset that you can't turnaround that much if you ruin it! :)

So now I will introduce you a product which focus on diminishing wrinkle appearance and rejuvenate skin--and of course contains nothing bad I mentioned before!

25 Nov 2016

[FOTD] Green Asian Style - Rainbow Makeup Collaboration x SBB

Hi readers! It's good to be back again! :)

This post is going to be another collaboration and now I am featuring Surabaya Beauty Bloggers. :)
This collaboration is hosted by Nindy with the theme Rainbow Makeup with Asian and Western styles. So there are 7 pairs of bloggers to create each look for each color that are in rainbow with different style--western and asian.

Actually! I think this is a bit failed. ^_^;; I got the part to make green-asian. But I don't think I really represent Asian look here. But well, practice makes perfect right? :) I promise I'll do better next time!

So wihtout further talk, let's get down to the business. :)

[REVIEW] Trisia Cosmetics (Soy Bean Brightening Series--Facial Foam, Scrub, Serum)

Good day everyone! I love it that now I start being productive in blogging world again. xD
Even it means more work! 

This time is going to be another review about a local brand cosmetic, Trisia. 
In some local thread/forum, women starts to talk about this local brand. Trisia has many kind of tempting natural skincares and so does make up products with super affordable prices. 

For a form of collaboration  between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Trisia Cosmetic, I got their 3 (facial foam, micro scrub, serum) products which are in their Soy Bean Brightening Series line. Care to get to know them better and what do I think about them? Let's keep reading. :)

23 Nov 2016

[REVIEW] Djati Family Spa

Hi everyone!
I'm so excited since this is my very first time trying a spa. Lol
Because actually I'm not really comfortable being naked in front of people even my own mom. Hahaha.

In this post I will tell you about my experience in this amazing freshly new spa which is located in the centre part of Surabaya, Djati Family Spa--a spa with facial service too! 
If you want to get away from your hectic schedule and have a relaxed mind for a while, refresh your tired muscles, relieving stress, this is what you are looking for. :D
To know more about their promo, prices, packages, services and many more, please keep reading. ^_^

ps: get ready for a traditional minimalist interior of this spa which will mesmerize you like it did to me. xD

me and Nessya--my fellow beauty blogger

22 Nov 2016

[EVENT REPORT] Blobar Instant Beauty

Hi girls!
It's another post related to Blobar after my review about my unicorn ombre hair by Blobar.

Blobar just can't stop to amaze me, so that's why when I got the chance to attend the event they just held for free as a part of Surabaya Beauty Blogger, I was so excited and immediately said yes to attend. xD

So, what kind of event is it? *psst this one is a unique event!

Blobar held an open house event on November 18th-20th. This event called Instant Beauty. 

For only IDR 100K , you will receive:

18 Nov 2016

[REVIEW] Unicorn Ombre Hair by Blobar Salon

Finally, another blog post with sooo much hard work lately. *cries*
I can barely pay attention to my cyber stuffs anymore since I get into the college. T_T

No more intermezzos, I am very excited to share with you guys about my latest review on a my (very first) ombre hair and everything, by Blobar Surabaya. I did my hair actually already quite some times ago but this is a highly requested post so I decided to post this.

In this post I will tell you from the very beginning, the process until after the color has faded. *there will be a lot of pictures. :)

Enjoy! :)

1 Nov 2016

[TUTORIAL] Living Nightmare Skull #Halloween Makeup Collaboration x Indonesian Beauty Blogger

Hi guys!
I am so excited to write this post since this is my very first time hosting a collaboration. I know I did some loop in the system but it's no big deal and I will try to do better next time! :D

So I hope one of us can give you some inspirations! And I am so sorry for posting this a bit late, since I got a super crazy hectic week. ;'D I hope you understand! Hahaha. :D
And anyway, please don't hope much and bare with me because this is my very first time practicing this kind of face painting, so...yeah. ^^; I promise I'll do better next time. :)

In this post I will try to explain how I made it with a simple tutorial and of course the lists of products I used. Not to forget, giving shoutout to these other amazing ladies! :)

Below are my friends' creation too with their Instagram username. :)

[REVIEW] Marina Secret Box (Face Care and Makeup Series)

Salam jumpa readers!

Sudah lama tidak bertemu ya. :)

Di post kali ini aku akan me-review produk produk yang ada di dalam Marina Secret Box! Apa aja sih isinya?
Lain dari biasanya, Marina memang terkenal sama produk body lotionnya. Tapi kali ini yang akan aku bahas adalah produk perawatan wajah dan seri make up dari Marina, yaitu:

· Marina Facial Foam UV White & Fresh
· Marina Face Moisturizer UV White Bright & Fresh
· Marina Two Way Cake Smooth & Glow UV

· Marina BB Cream Smooth & Glow UV

Bagi yang masih asing sama Marina, aku bahas sedikit ya. Tapi aku yakin kalian wanita Indonesia sudah banyak yang tahu dan pernah mencoba produk Marina. :)

Marina adalah salah satu brand kecantikan untuk tubuh dan wajah yang berasal dari Indonesia. Produk-produk Marina ada bagi kita para wanita Indonesia untuk membantu memelihara, melindungi dan mempercantik kulit kita.

Nah, tanpa lebih panjang lebar lagi yuk kita simak langsung reviewnya! ^^

31 Oct 2016

[REVIEW] Wardah C-Defense DD Cream 01. Light #Sociolla

Good day, readers!
This post is going to be about another local brand from Indonesia that I will be reviewing. Yep, it is from the brand Wardah. However, this really catches my attention because I have never tried DD cream before. Have you? :D

If you haven't and curiosity hits you, then keep reading. :)

30 Oct 2016

[REVIEW] Zoya Ultimate Eyeliner #Black

So after, reviewing their lip paint and color eyebrow, this post is going to be for their ultimate eyeliner. Check it out. ;D

[REVIEW] Zoya Lip Paint #Baked Apple

 As I have said in the other post earlier, this article should be the sequel (?) of the first review of Zoya Coloring Eyebrow #Mocca. Now, I am going to share with you about this tempting lip color!

[REVIEW] Zoya Coloring Eyebrow #Mocca

Good to meet you again, readers!
This time I will be reviewing products from a local brand, Zoya Cosmetics.
Actually I wanted to make a post containing my review about 3 products from Zoya cosmetics. However, after thinking twice I decided to make each one of them in separated posts, so that you can have the more details of each products. I also think if I will compress everything in 1 post it'd be too long. Well, no more blabbing! Let's get into the detail of the first of the 3 products. :)

22 Oct 2016

[FOTD] Pink Lavender Soft Look

Hi readers!
I am sooo happy that Surabaya Beauty Blogger decided to settled and make everything more serious from now on. *lol
I really need to make a single post about my feeling for it! Because seriously, our *if I may say that ;') because I'm a part of it?* website opening and so on motivates me to be back and actively blogging no matter how busy I am with college, work and my team dance. Well, thanks a lot to ce Mindy, the founder of Surabaya Beauty Blogger! *applause* x)

No more blabbing :p
I'm actually no good when it comes to naming my own work. So let's just call it so. Pink Lavender Soft Look. T_T)
Below I will lists the products I used and a little 'whys' I did this makeup. I mean, leaving my old thinner and straighter Korean eyebrows and trying new color, and so on!
Keep reading.. :D


Hi readers!
I am back with another post and this is gonna be my first haul post--combined with my shopping experience. Since this is my very first time shopping in Althea, I was so excited to receive my very first pink Althea box! >w<) 

So what products attracted my attention and made me purchase them? And not to forget, how was my first impression shopping with Althea? Let's scroll through the whole post. ;)

Sorry for my creepy face. I was too excited. :')

7 Oct 2016

Menikmati Pantai Indah dan Bersih di Bali

Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan Bali ?

Ya, Bali yang sangat dikenal dengan destinasi pantainya sudah menjadi buah bibir para pengunjung baik lokal maupun internasional. Pemandangan yang indah dan kultur budaya yang khas dirindukan banyak orang. Namun, belakangan ini ada beberapa lokasi pantai yang mulai kotor, pesatnya pembangunan di wilayah pesisir pantai dan kurangnya pengelolaan sampah yang menjadikannya kotor.

Pantai yang kotor sangat mengganggu indahnya berlibur dan bersantai. Beberapa turis memilih pantai yang masih jarang dikunjungi walau letaknya cukup jauh dari keramaian. Contoh pantai-pantai yang masih asri di daerah Bali adalah Pantai Nyang-Nyang, Pantai Gunung Payung, Pantai Bias Tugel, Pantai Green Bowl, dan lain-lain.  Walau bersih, beberapa pantai memiliki akomodasi yang sulit, baik untuk kendaraan dan penginapan.

Ada satu pantai yang sangat terkenal indah, bersih dan masih dekat dengan pusat kota yaitu Pantai Nusa Dua yang hanya 20 km dari Bandara Ngurah Rai. Lokasi yang strategis membuat banyak orang membangun beberapa penginapan di Nusa Dua, Bali. Jika Anda berkunjung kesini, jangan khawatir akan penginapan atau hotel. Ada salah satu hotel mewah yang menjadi referensi dan dekat dengan pantai yaitu Hotel The Mulia Bali.

Sumber : themulia.com
Di hotel ini Anda dapat menikmati Pantai Nusa Dua yang indah dengan pasir putihnya serta ombak yang tenang. Hotel ini memang memiliki banyak keunggulan baik pemandangan terasnya yang sangat indah atau pemandangan dari kolam renang infinity yang seperti lautan. Setiap suitenya menawarkan kamar tidur yang besar, ruang tamu yang luas dan yang terpenting adalah teras dengan jacuzzi.

Fasilitas yang ditawarkan juga sangat eksklusif dan lengkap, baik kolam renang, spa, pusat kebugaran, wifi serta beberapa kafe dan restoran. Banyak pengunjung yang memilih menginap di hotel ini karena...

26 Sep 2016

Mengatasi Berbagai Masalah Kulit, Rambut, Gigi hingga Kuku Dengan 1 Hal Murah!

Bagaimana kabar kalian semua? Aku harap selalu cerah seperti artikel kali ini! <Sebenarnya ini salah satu artikel lama aku yang aku terjemahkan ke bahasa Indonesia :) >
Dari judul artikel tips kali ini yang agak panjang, aku akan memberi sedikit tips yang ampuh, natural dan yang pasti tidak bikin kantong bolong deh untuk mengatasi berbagai masalah di atas—yang pastinya pernah kita temui. Namun yang aku maksud di atas dengan ‘berbagai masalah’ tersebut apa saja sih?
Benda misterius ini akan membantu kamu mengatasi:
·      Kulit berminyak
·      Kulit kepala berketombe
·      Gigi yang kuning
·      Kuku yang rapuh atau mudah retak
·      Rambut kusam tidak berkilau
·      Kulit ketiak yang gelap
·      Bibir pecah-pecah
Jadi, benda apa sih itu? Murah? Iya. Mudah didapatkan? Iya. Berhasil? Kebanyakan sudah membuktikan. Namun hasil yang didapatkan tiap orang berbeda ya J. Setiap orang memiliki kondisi tubuh yang berbeda dan pastinya, kamu butuh kerajinan untuk memakai benda ini supaya terlihat hasilnya.

22 Jul 2016

[REVIEW] Anna Sui Secret Wish Fairy Dance Eau De Toilette

Good day, readers!
Unlikely before, this post is going to be a review of fragrance.
Yep, it is Anna Sui Fairy Dance Eau de Toilette 50ml.
Even though many have known that Anna Sui is such a well known brand (including me myself), this is my first time purchasing Anna Sui's product. 
I am not a big fan of perfume actually. So, did I regret purchasing this item? Or my $60 didn't go for a waste? :)

23 Jun 2016

[REVIEW] Avoskin Day Cream

Halo semuanya!
Kali ini aku akan menulis review dengan bahasa Indonesia karena produk kali ini merupakan produk kosmetik dari brand lokal Indonesia.

Ya, sesuai judulnya brand kali ini adalah Avoskin. Ada yang sudah pernah dengar atau tahu testimoni-testimoninya? Atau ada yang belum tahu sama sekali?
Bagi kalian yang mencari produk yang menawarkan keuntungan mencerahkan kulit dengan berbagai macam keuntungan dalam satu produk, secara perlahan tapi pasti, mungkin produk ini akan jadi solusimu. :) Kalau penasaran, yuk kita simak!

13 Jun 2016

[FOTD/OOTD] Attending Blogger's Event

This post will gonna be a brief post about my makeup and outfit of the day when I attend a blogger event. (actually I will always change how I dress and the overall look but well, making a post of one of it won't hurt anyone right? xD) *ahem*

I was attending Miracle's 20th Anniversary Event ^^

10 Jun 2016

[EVENT REPORT] WomanBlitz x Revlon: Ultra HD Matte Lip Color Launching (Love is On)

On June, 3rd yesterday I attended another blogger event and this time the event was held in Delta or Atrium Surabaya Plaza. I heard this mall is one of the oldest mall in town and also, on my granny's generations this mall was a hit.

I feel grateful to be invited by WomanBlitz through Mindy (my fellow Surabaya Beauty Blogger) that had been kindly informed the event in our group. So, yeah! I got the chance to be there as an invitee too. *biscuit dancing*

I didn't attend the Cathydoll's event last month so I was curious about this another event held by WomanBlitz. They cooperated with the brand Revlon this time to bring the theme of the day, Love is On which represents the Ultra HD Matte Lip Color launching.

The invitation from Mindy, organized by WomanBlitz coop with Revlon

If you are curious about how the event was going, what did we do there and especially our impressions for Revlon and their newest lippies, keep reading! :)

1 Jun 2016

[EVENT] Miracle #20 There’s Always Beauty behind Every Successful Woman

Hello Gorgeous! Back with another event report from Miracle.
On April, 29th, Miracle Aesthetic Clinic kindly invited beauty bloggers from Surabaya.
The venue is in Luminor Hotel, Surabaya.

#MIRACLE20 Roadshow event with Hardrock FM
“There’s Always Beauty behind Every Successful Woman”
Guest star : Intan Aletrino, Runner-Up II Puteri Indonesia 2016

And we, invitees, were allowed to bring our friends who are bloggers or who might be interested in Miracle. And this time again, Miracle organized the event with MakeOver again.

[Read also:Miracle ft. Make Over Event Report - Beauty Talks about Beauty ; 10 Myths about Beauty You Should Know]

Not many of my fellow bloggers were present but I was so anticipated about the event since all of my experiences attending Miracle's events were great, fun and they treated us very nicely. So I came there with one of my best friend, Venny. She was very excited too because earlier I asked her to Miracle's previous event and she enjoyed it so much.

Left to right: Dyta, me, Venny

[REVIEW] Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun Protection SPF 30+++

It's another post for Vitacreme B12's product!
This time it is about a product which might be useful for you who loves to spend your days in outdoor places (read: adventurous soul), especially if you live in tropical place which means it is almost sunny all day.

 Sun block will always be your best friend to protect your skin and this product supposed to give you the easy way to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB for your skin with many fitures such as anti aging, antioxidant, ultra moisturizing, waterproof and also works as anti-aging sun block. But that's what they claim! But does it really work as they claim? 

Here is my opinion about the product after using this product for about 1 month? Let's find out more! :)

14 May 2016

[REVIEW] Vitacreme B12 Lightening Beauty Cream #Sociolla

Hi Gorgeous!
Have you ever heard the brand Vitacreme B12? 
If you haven't, I think you should check this out since this might be the one you're looking for because this might answer your and many common people's issue on skin! :) Like pigmentation, dull face, darkened lips, fine lines and so on. :)

And a bit spoiler, I would highly recommend this as this become one of my favourite skincare now. XD *excited*

You'll find out why below. :)

6 May 2016

[EVENT] Beauty Blogger Gathering Surabaya by Make Over Indonesia

 Yeay! It's May! :)
On the very first day of the month, we, beauty bloggers from Surabaya got the chance to be invited in MakeOver's event. If I'm not mistaken, this is their first solo event. Usually, they joined Miracle Clinic to hold an event--and I have attended their collaboration event twice.

What did we do here? What were MakeOver 'flaunting' this time? Check it out! :)

Taken from Redha's post : http://redhacshinta.blogspot.co.id/2016/05/event-report-make-over-x-surabaya.html?spref=fb
Can you spot me there? xD
Well, I sat at the nearest spot from the door where it was the nearest and the most cornered--if I may say that. lol--with the angle of the picture. | " ̄v ̄|


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