8 Jan 2016

Shopping Experience on Ibeau.com

Hi readers!
Today I'll be telling you a great way to save your money on genuine products which will be delivered to your house nicely and safely! ;D

iBeau.com is a trusted online shop based in Hongkong which delivers skincare, cosmetics and fragrance from US, Europe, Korea, Japan and Australia. All of their products are genuine and sourced directly from the brands principal distributors and agents from their origin countries. iBeau.com also can do parallel import and benefits consumers by lowering prices and widening the selection of products. 

iBeau.com's logo resembles a butterfly which symbolizes joy where they hope their customers will find joy in discovering beauty while enjoying their shopping haul with them, and it is made up of 2 hearts intertwined together symbolizing love and compassion which represents what we do everyday.

The color Turquoise represents as a friendly and happy color enjoying life as much as they hope the same for their customers.

Visit their blog for their latest promotions HERE

You will get 20% off for your first order on iBeau.com just by subscribing their newsletter.

You can also set the currency on the top left corner, so you don't have to count/convert it difficultly. iBeau.com also gives a free worldwide delivery service and 5% cash back with term and conditions. On the very first home page you will see various great offers iBeau.com has at the moment.

You can look for your desired product easily or browse through their products with the filter on the left side, like sorting by brands, product type, skin type, sort by popularity etc. The reset option and number of product shown per page makes it even more flexible and comfortable browsing their products. :)

They also sell beauty stuffs from soooo many brands. ^^ One stop solution for the beauty and the brand addicts!

Then, how do I feel about the real service after ordering from iBeau.com

So here is my package. Delivered from Kowloon, Hongkong just about 10 days after purchasing from their website. I consider it as not too fast not too long. So far so good. :)

A lil letter from iBeau.com. If you are an influencer or run a beauty blog too maybe you can get a special privileges from iBeau.com too by sharing to your readers about iBeau.com.^^

The packaging, everything were delivered perfectly and the packaging itself makes me feel that I was served professionally.

I ordered Innisfree Acai Berry Mask, SK-II samples, and Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Night Cream.

The delivery time is nice (not too long and there were no problem receiving it like some other packages I got from another country which requires me to pay again for the taxes to get my package :( ), to my country it took only 10 days to arrived. And everything is packed and delivered nicely and perfectly without any damage to my order at all.
The display of the website itself makes us easy to search, sort, filter and look for our desired products. Everything looks professionally done, from the website, service, ordering process until the delivery time.
The customer service is really helpful, quickly and patiently respond to 
What I love the most is that I got many great deals and offers that I cannot find on another online shop.
I would really love to make an order again from iBeau.com, especially some products which I can hardly find on another online stores because they have a bunch of brands available! And everything they sell is ready to order, not pre-order stuffs. So no need to wait too long! ^^
Thank you iBeau.com for letting me experience the great and professional service. :)
Will make the review of the products later! :)
Which one you want me to review first? :)

Take the Great Deals Now!
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  1. never heard of this company before. their packaging seems so nice!

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  2. The packaging looks adorable.. I wait for the Estée Lauder night cream review.. :)

  3. Love the packaging totally, I really wanna try out that SKII sample too, heard good things about it.

    xoxo - GIG - Chai - Style.. A Pastiche!

    1. Yes.. Until now I haven't tried it >< Thanks for visiting!

  4. That's so cool! I would love to buy some Korea products too! =)

  5. I haven't heard of this company before but I am glad to know that you had a good experience with them. The discounts are tempting!

  6. Love their cute packaging and their products are truly great!

  7. i have got mine as well from ibeau!
    it was very great experience shopping :D

  8. Aww! Good to know about this site. Do they ship to malaysia?

    much love... GreenStory

  9. Great shopping experience you have there! So nice~

  10. Oh man! The packaging looks neat! Does it ship to Malaysia? I wanna try their site :D

    1. Yes, I think they do :) You can visit their web ^^


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