25 Feb 2016

[UNBOXING] Sociolla Pink Package

Good day, readers!
This post will gonna be my very first unboxing post my package and yes, it is from Sociolla! *yeay* 

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[REVIEW and SWATCH] Lollipops Lip Gloss Devine Qui Je Suis #Sociolla

Welcome readers to my another (rare) post of the month! ^^;

Today I will be reviewing a brand I have never tried before, Lollipops. I got this product as a freebies from Sociolla for their affiliated bloggers to review. 
Are you a blogger too? Looking for great beauty online mall company to work with? Or you want to be a super happy customer with many privileges that you won't want to miss and you can't find in another beauty online shops? Find out HERE! You will get many great deals and benefits!

Okay, without longer talks, let's just get into the review now~
*ps: this is a unique lipgloss you might want to know xD


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