25 Feb 2016

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Lollipops Lip Gloss Devine Qui Je Suis #Sociolla

Welcome readers to my another (rare) post of the month! ^^;

Today I will be reviewing a brand I have never tried before, Lollipops. I got this product as a freebies from Sociolla for their affiliated bloggers to review. 
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Okay, without longer talks, let's just get into the review now~
*ps: this is a unique lipgloss you might want to know xD

Brief introduction about the brand...
Since 2010, Lollipops is the fashion accessories brand introduced its gorgeous makeup collection all in greedines. All of the products are made in France and Italy. The formulas are developed really carefully with their quality control and also make-up artists advises to get always more comfortable and easy application.
With no paraben, no preservatives, the quality is equal as higher selective French brands, with big added value with fun and specific packaging. Reveal all the women that you are and discover beautiful colors of Lollipops makeup range.

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So below, here is the picture of the box.
It is designed specifically and gives a girlish theme with their box colour and design combination. (click the picture to zoom)

This product claims:

  • Contains Jojoba Oil to nourish lips and Vitamin E which works as anti-aging
  • Contains parfume for a hint of scent
  • Gives ultra shine with subtle shimmers for a glamour look
+ with SPF12


The packaging looks like usual lip gloss. Juuust.. The cap is made of rubber. ._. (While the other lip gloss container's cap usually made of plastic). 
The body of the container is made of plastic with transparent colour so we can see through the inside and see the remaining product. Well, nothing much special for the packaging material and shape or design.


The base colour of this product is peachy-orange and it is glossy enough to give shine to your lips. The colour is very sheer, not so build-able but looks very nice if you wear it on top of other lip colors (you can combine it--use your creativity!^^). It has subtle goldish shimmers in it which makes it looks like orangey but also goldish at once when you wear it.


The texture itselves is not as creamy as lip liquid lipsticks or some other thick creamy lip glosses out there. It is a bit light and not as sticky as I thought. Compared to Revlon, Silky Girl, NYX and other brands I've tried this one doesn't really 'trap' my hair on my lips (lol) because it is not so stickyyy. xD
Stickiness level is averagely similar to Clinique's lipgloss. I would rate it 2/10--which is good!

The stick is not too long or too small to handle, just convenient. The shape of the applicator also nice and doesn't hurt my lips. 

  • Paraben free
  • Pretty shade with its subtle shimmers which gives a unique shade of gold
  • Nice box design+ nice packaging (made of good plastic container) and product does not spill out
  • Moisturize lips, doesn't dry my lips or accentuate some dry patches on lips
  • Nice shaped stick (explained above)
  • Has SPF 12 (to protect your lips from darkening too! :) )
  • Compared to other lipgloss(es), this one is not too sticky. Love it!
  • Has a hint of a sweet and candy-like smell (and taste?) :/
  • Stay on lips about 2 hours or more (depend how do you eat and drink). So far, I think its staying power is normal like most lip glosses do.
  • Anti-aging effect? Still don't feel anything about it. Will update it if it works on me. :)
  • A bit pricey >< (IDR 235,000)
Well readers, don't worry! With Sociolla you will get many great offers from Sociolla like what I mentioned before at the very beginning of this post (discounts, member privileges, beauty points etc). ^^

Also I got the authentic product one with hologram from Sociolla^^


I think this product can be considered as a unique product because as a lip gloss it gives a super pretty goldish colour with super subtle shimmers. (You should really see it yourself to know how pretty the shade is! x) ). 
Some people who wants unique shade of gold on their lips also usually use eyeshadow or any other alternatives on lips. No more using that method! xD
But I find the taste and the fragrance (which maybe for some people should be a plus) a bit distracting since I'm not a big fan of strong perfume. But... it is still tolerable for me. However, I also really careful about the safety of beauty products I used and find it a super plus for me since it contains no paraben, moisturizing with Vit E and its Jojoba Oil and also contains SPF12 to protect my lips during the day. You won't want to have darkened lip pigment or damaged and dry chapped lips right? For me pretty colour for a lip colour would got just 3/10 points from me if they are drying my lips. Also, not really much nice lip colours nowadays which could act as anti-aging like this product. :)

This is me wearing Lollipops Lip Gloss Devine Qui Je Suis on top of Tony Moly Tint in #3 Orange Cha Cha on my endorsement picture for Delihome.

 Thank you Sociolla for this amazing product! Now I got the chance to try this brand's super nice lip gloss. ^^
You can have yours too or try the other amazing and authentic products from Sociolla with great deal awaits! ^^

If you want to try this product too or you want to browse another makeups from Lollipops, don't forget to enter my voucher code, JIE50 to get IDR 50.000 discount from Sociolla! ^^

Have you ever tried this product too? What do you think? Have you tried the other shades? Are you interested in to try this product too? Share with me on the comment box below!^^

Thank you for reading! ^^

ps : I will update the review if I feel something different / a change on me because of the product, whether it is positive or negative. So stay tune :D
And also, result in every person may vary because everyone has their own skin types :)
What I wrote are my honest opinion ^^
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  1. Aku juga dapat ini dari Sociolla 😁 cuma belum sempat review sih 😜

  2. glossy-nya gak lebay ya ^^ warnanya cocok sama kamu jess <3


  3. Lovely review, I think it suits you well, looks cute with the lip gloss jess ;)


  4. Looks like it's a great product. I'd love to try it out!

  5. I'm not really a lipgloss girl, but it's such a pretty color! I might make an exception for it, haha.

  6. This gloss shade is beautiful and looks lovely on you. Nice review and swatches.

  7. such a cute name for the glosss..very nice...

  8. Heard many people raving about this product, would love to try it! =)

  9. the shade looks lovely on you! and i'm also not sold on the anti-aging claims....

  10. the color is so pigmented and looks great on you.
    i think this is fit for daiy makeup :)

  11. the gloss looks amazing and pretty. Cute name too! x

    GIG Love,
    Siew Hui

  12. Very pretty shimmery lip gloss and it really suits you as well.

  13. Lovely shade. Antiaging sounds weird for a lipgloss to have

  14. What a cute name ^_^ I'm not a huge gloss person, but the color is super pretty.

  15. The colour looks great on you, I haven't heard of this brand though. Glad it worked for you

    - GIG Love - Chai - Style a pastiche - styleapastiche.com

  16. I love the name 😃 Thought I'm not a fan of lipgloss!

    much love... GreenStory

  17. The shade is very interesting and I love the name of the brand. Cuter packaging would definitely win brownie points from me :)

  18. Not really the biggest fan of glitters on my lips or just in general. I also barely use lipgloss these days. It's a good thing that it doesn't have paraben though and non-sticky. That's a plus!

  19. is it just me? or it really has shimmering effect? this is interesting. thanks for sharing.

  20. i have a similar lipgloss in that shade before, it doesn't look nice in the tube but really great on lips!


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