25 Feb 2016

[UNBOXING] Sociolla Pink Package

Good day, readers!
This post will gonna be my very first unboxing post my package and yes, it is from Sociolla! *yeay* 

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So the middle of this month, February, I got a package from Sociolla
This is what you will receive to if you shop in Sociolla.

The package were arrived nicely, safe and good. The beauty product inside were hidden in the super pretty pink box made of thick art paper like carton (sorry I forgot the name of the material--I once knew it from printing xD ) designed by Sociolla with a text "Pretty things inside."

The size of the box is not too small nor too big for a single or small product such as lip colours, small eyeshadow palettes and other small eye makeups, beauty blender, masks etc. I think Sociolla has another size of the box for other bigger beauty products.

When I first open the box, there is a super white thin oil-paper-like paper with a transparent Sociolla sticker like a 'seal'. Inside, I can see the product on many strips of pink papers. It looks very nice! 
I think so far this is the best package visual package design and 'serving' I've ever received. 

And also like you can see below, I got a high quality product with a brand new and great condition, no damage and has a hologram on it which shows its authenticity. This package also delivered to me in short time! ;)

This is the product I received from Sociolla (as their affiliated beauty blogger), Lollipops Lip Gloss Devine Qui Je Suis (click for detailed review)

Thank you Sociolla for letting me try this great product freshly from Sociolla's st and also experience the buyer-like shopping experience with Sociolla . ^^

Thank you for reading too my loyal readers!
And guess what.. GOOD NEWS.. Going to hold a giveaway for you guys. So stay tune on my blog and see you until my next post! ^^


  1. Nice package ^^ And I'm your new followers on GFC #280 and G+, I'm happy if you can follow back too :) Looking forward your new post ^^

    Love xx
    Official Seol ♥

  2. Hai Jessica. Aku dari Sociolla Blogger.
    Folback ya. ^^

    Wah, sudah datang freebies nya ya. Aku masih menanti neh apakah dapat freebies atau nggak nya. Hehe

  3. It's been so long since I last unboxing any beauty box.. Looks nice here!

  4. Hai, Jess..the pink box is cute..kayak nya ini lagi booming Sociolla blogger yaa..dan aku kudet banget krn enggak tau, hihii..
    btw, thanks for stopping by my blog.aku udah follow back blog kamu..
    keep in touch^^


  5. They have packed the product beautifully, would love to read your review on product.

  6. This is so cool! Their packaging sure looks durable and chic! Thanks for sharing!

  7. This looks so adorable. I love their packaging and the gloss looks amazing. x

    GIG Love,
    Siew Hui

  8. Such cute packaging! The box is just perfect and simple! =)

  9. I do love the cute packaging of the product. Haven't heard of the Socialla though but seems like a great place for great beauty buys.

    - GIG Love - Chai - Styleapastiche.com

  10. wow, such pretty packaging! i visited the site and everything was in rp. so i doubt they ship to my country? it's a shame though. wouldn't mind buying a few things just to get that pretty packaging!

  11. Such a pretty box! Love the cute products they have packaged :)

  12. its so great product.
    i also got the same things in the same brand :p
    mine is mascara, great to know yours.

  13. That's so cute! I love anything pinkπŸ˜ƒ Will be looking forward to the giveaway 😜

    much love... GreenStory

  14. Very cute packaging. I keep hearing more and more from Lollipops.

  15. i wish there beautybox in msia but it seem like most has died...


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