31 Mar 2016

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Nyx Retractable Eyeliner in Brown #Sociolla

Who doesn't love eyeliner!
Eyeliner will help you 'shape' your eyes with drawing various lines which will transform your eyes into something you desired. Any eye shape can be achieved with eyeliner. If you have natural small eye shape and you want to make your eyes look bigger, eyeliner would definitely just be your best friend! Or neither way if you want to make your eyes look smaller. This might work too! ;)

Eyeliner comes in different types of form and colours.
And today I will be reviewing one of the forms. Is not the gel or brush or liquid eyeliner. It is the crayon retractable eyeliner from NYX.

19 Mar 2016

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Godiossa Fake Eye Lashes in Theia

Halo semuanya!
Kali ini saya akan menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia lagi ya. :)
Karena kali ini saya akan me-review produk bulu mata palsu yang kualitasnya oke, harganya oke, pelayanan juga oke dan tidak kalah dengan brand-brand bulu mata palsu dengan harga yang fantastis.

Sudah pernah dengar bulu mata palsu Godiossa? :)

Godiossa's Philosophy
Speciality in Fake Lashes. We have premium eyelashes for your gorgeous eyes! Reusable, Lightweigt, Made by Love . Our philosophy start from the beauty of goddess so Godiossa means Goddess from two languages. English : Goddess. Spanish : Diosa. We want you to be an eternal beauty from Earth. Every woman deserve to have beauty from inside and outside. With our lashes we hope that you get the beauty that you want. Our Lashes are profesionally and carefully handcrafted by using premium human hair and synthetic hair. We ONLY use premium and sterilized material. Godiossa give you top quality lashes with affrodable price.
Macam-macam lashes Godiossa 


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