28 Apr 2016

[TRAVELLING] Bali Zoo Experience!

Hi fellas!

Today I'm gonna do a bit different post than my other usual post. I'm reviewing a zoo from Bali which many people and tourists are craving to go. :D

Bali Zoo kindly invited me to enjoy a one day tour there and I could bring one friend, so I asked my old friend since I was 4, Maria! xD This trip was held in December, 2015 but I just get the time to write specifically about it now. T-T) *guilty feeling of a blogger

Note that actually they didn't refer us to write a blog post, just a review on TripAdvisor and I did it. But because of my amazing experience there I want to write a special post for them. :)

There are many fun facilities you can find here such as many photo taking edges, many animal rides, animal show, cozy places for brunch until dinner and even experience feeding animals! ><

24 Apr 2016

[FOTD+Project] Ulzzang Boy Makeup

I have never done makeup on boys before and this (uh..that, actually. Because this was made one year ago but I really really didn't had the time to blog *sobs*) time and I was so excited about it. :)

My model (Ryo, 22) has quite a babyface *lols* and also a best friend of mine. (´∀`)
He is also a dance cover member of the group 'Aerion' from Surabaya, Indonesia. :) So he was planning to join an ulzzang competition. Sadly the winner was picked by most likers on facebook and there were some opponents who cheated. :( Well but still, people and real voters know the taste/ ;)

Anyway, I will share about the products I used and some tips on doing ulzzang makeup on boys or if you are a boy and want to make you look like ulzzang neutrally, no need to do plastic surgery or use too much makeup tools, also non exaggerating editting, this post is for you! :)

23 Apr 2016

[FOTD] Seo In Young's First Look Makeup Inspired

Good afternoon everybody ^^
I'm back with another FOTD today. :D
It's been soooo long since I haven't post anything about FOTD or tutorials :(
School weeks really suffocated me *sobs//exaggerating mode ON*
Today I'm going to post a FOTD and the make up was inspired by Seo In Young on First Look photoshoot <3
Actually I made the look last year T_T) Haven't post it yet until now because I think it's too far and have no similarities u.u
But I hope you enjoy this short post :D

AAAAND.. Anyway. I wrote everything above like.. 2 years ago before I vacuum blogging and I still in senior high school that time.

Wow! This post must have been rotten in my draft folder --'

Well, it's kind of embarrassing thing to look back what I made years ago and I was like.........Well I
won't say I am ugly since I always want to believe every girls are beautiful. m(。_。;))m

You can find out more below! *scroll please* ^w^)

Anyway if you don't know Seo In Young, these are several pictures of her. I adore her beauty regardless her age. Not that I mean she is old ._. But I think she looks way younger than her age. :D (moreover with short hair)

I think she looks like G-Na a bit here.

Chic! <3<3

10 Apr 2016

[FOTD] Sweet Rose Makeup

Finally! Another FOTD post!
Just got super lil time to blog until I graduate from university. TwT)/

Anyway, I am back with a quite simple FOTD look which contains a hint of soft rosy colours that will give warmer, sweet and feminine look. 
And yes, it suits daily makeup. :)

< As you can see in the picture below >

If you want to know the products I've used, keep reading. ^^
Don't worry, this gonna be a super simple short post just to inform you the products I used. :D And some announcements from my blog. (?)


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