23 Apr 2016

[FOTD] Seo In Young's First Look Makeup Inspired

Good afternoon everybody ^^
I'm back with another FOTD today. :D
It's been soooo long since I haven't post anything about FOTD or tutorials :(
School weeks really suffocated me *sobs//exaggerating mode ON*
Today I'm going to post a FOTD and the make up was inspired by Seo In Young on First Look photoshoot <3
Actually I made the look last year T_T) Haven't post it yet until now because I think it's too far and have no similarities u.u
But I hope you enjoy this short post :D

AAAAND.. Anyway. I wrote everything above like.. 2 years ago before I vacuum blogging and I still in senior high school that time.

Wow! This post must have been rotten in my draft folder --'

Well, it's kind of embarrassing thing to look back what I made years ago and I was like.........Well I
won't say I am ugly since I always want to believe every girls are beautiful. m(。_。;))m

You can find out more below! *scroll please* ^w^)

Anyway if you don't know Seo In Young, these are several pictures of her. I adore her beauty regardless her age. Not that I mean she is old ._. But I think she looks way younger than her age. :D (moreover with short hair)

I think she looks like G-Na a bit here.

Chic! <3<3

Okay. So below is the look I made 2 years agoooo. *screams*
Well I know I still need to learn much more things back then, until now and in the future too.

But I realised that at least way back then I did some efforts that makes me feel thankful today. I am glad I started blogging at young age. It taught me to manage my time better, how to deal with super hectic schedule, how not to nag on hard times, how to be more creative and many things I cannot even mention one by one. But that's the whole picture thou. 

I'm glad I see improvements too during my vacuum time in these 2 years.
Still trying to put everything in place so I can also do blogging like I used to. :)

And the most important is I can't do anything with you guys my loyal readers, or new readers too, my friends on social media and my communities. 

Thanks a lot! 
See you on my next post. ^^

And I hope you like my new blog design. :)


  1. Makeupnya mirip banget Jes. Lipsnya pakai apa?
    By the way, I love your new blog design. Itu header juga lucu banget ^^


    1. Thank you komennya dan thank you udah mampir ^^
      Nahhh Sariayu Pemulas Bibir #Intan xD
      Produk lokal, murmer tapi bagus :D

      Will stop by to your blog too! :)


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