10 Apr 2016

[FOTD] Sweet Rose Makeup

Finally! Another FOTD post!
Just got super lil time to blog until I graduate from university. TwT)/

Anyway, I am back with a quite simple FOTD look which contains a hint of soft rosy colours that will give warmer, sweet and feminine look. 
And yes, it suits daily makeup. :)

< As you can see in the picture below >

If you want to know the products I've used, keep reading. ^^
Don't worry, this gonna be a super simple short post just to inform you the products I used. :D And some announcements from my blog. (?)

I used various brands of makeups here and I am about to make the reviews and haul post. Will be linked again here after I reviewed them so you will get broader information about the product. :)

Using them here doesn't mean I definitely would love them tho. Maybe I used some of them just because I want to try them out or test their effectivity and so on.

Anyway. Do you notice the difference between my picture below and the very first picture on the post?

Yesssss... If you know, I edited the blush. Because in the real picture my blush on didn't show up. Well, just to help you imagine the real makeup! :D

Products used:

*note that everything listed below might not be in order, simply because this is not a tutorial post. If you wish me to make any tutorial post please let me know! ^^*
  • Face (I'll write down the skincare too that I can't not to apply before doing my makeup)
  1. Cleanse: Clinique Rinse Off Foam Cleanser
  2. Tone: http://www.jessica-ie.com/2013/10/review-and-swatch-etude-house-wonder.html
  3. Cream: April Skin Magic Snow Cream (review soon), Vitacreme B12 Lightening Beauty Cream, Clinique Moisture Surge Extend Thirst ReliefSkinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream
  4. Base: VDL Color Correcting Primer #Lavender (review soon)
  5. Foundation: April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Black #21
  6. Concealer: The Saem Cover Perfection Concealer Tip #Light Beige 
  7. Loose powder: Revlon Touch & Glow Face Powder #Creamy Peach
  8. Blush: Revlon Powder Blush #Soft Spoken Pink
  9. MakeOver Perfect Shade Blush On Single #Caribbean Sunset
  10. Etude House Aloha V Line Slim Maker #Sun Gold/Wood Brown
  11. Etude House Tear Drop Powder #1 Crystal White Tear
  12. MakeOver Powder Eye Shadow #Frozen Pink
  • #Eyebrow
  1. Etude House Drawing Eyebrow AD #3 Brown
  2. Etude House New Drawing Eyebrow Duo #Red Brown
  • Eyes
  1. Eyeliner: Secret Kiss Skinny Real Quick Liner #Black
  2. Eyeshadow: The Balm Nude Tude
  3. Mascara: Etude House Dear Girls Vitcara Long & Curl
  4. Eye Primer: Etude House Proof10 Eye Primer
  • Lips
  1. BRTC Jasmine 3D Pact
  2. LA Girl Matte Lip Pigment Gloss #Bazaar
Okay! That's all for this post.
I'm really really really planning on doing giveaway, hauls and I really want to do sooo many reviews. :(
Hope I got time to set everything up!
Oh, and there will be mega blog sale from cosmetics until fashion stuffs from brand new to preloved. :)

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy it. Any questions about the products? Any requests for review or tutorial? Please leave on the comment box bellow! ^^


  1. Kak jess yang mirip krystal.. Salam kenal yaa aku Adhel Sociolla Blogger^^ I've followed your blog<3


  2. Akhirnya ngepost lagi ce XD


  3. you are so pretty! Lovely makeup look there

  4. Among all those very madeup looks, such simple look feels very refreshing.


  5. It's a simple but lovely look! I like how straight your eyebrows are too. I hate maintaining my arch sometimes because I'm lazy, haha.

  6. Sweet indeed, cant wait to read your reviews on the products!

  7. You look very pretty hun!! The look is good for everyday wear or even to go out.

    Leslie xoxo

  8. i absolutely love this look! the lipstick colour is amazing on you

  9. Neutral eye and red lip always does the magic. Love the look on you.

    Much Love... GreenStory

  10. please do us a tutorial on youtube!
    thats gonna be great to learn and easy to see step by step :D

  11. Loved your fotd and you look soo pretty. That lip colour is aamaazzingggg

    xoxo - GIG Love - Chai - Style.. a Pastiche - styleapastiche.com

  12. love this look it's so sweet n lovely!

  13. Love your pretty look. Absolutely perfect for the summer! :)


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