24 Apr 2016

[FOTD+Project] Ulzzang Boy Makeup

I have never done makeup on boys before and this (uh..that, actually. Because this was made one year ago but I really really didn't had the time to blog *sobs*) time and I was so excited about it. :)

My model (Ryo, 22) has quite a babyface *lols* and also a best friend of mine. (´∀`)
He is also a dance cover member of the group 'Aerion' from Surabaya, Indonesia. :) So he was planning to join an ulzzang competition. Sadly the winner was picked by most likers on facebook and there were some opponents who cheated. :( Well but still, people and real voters know the taste/ ;)

Anyway, I will share about the products I used and some tips on doing ulzzang makeup on boys or if you are a boy and want to make you look like ulzzang neutrally, no need to do plastic surgery or use too much makeup tools, also non exaggerating editting, this post is for you! :)

 For this theme, he asked for neutral look which can turns him into those Korean ulzzang. xD
So I didn't use too much products. :)

As usual, base makeup first.

Tips: For boys, don't use too thick base makeup. Except if they have super dark undereyes or notorious (haha) acne scars. Moreover if their skin doesn't have so much flaws. Don't use too light foundation. Maybe it is tolerable for girls to have several shades lighter face skin color than the neck--like many Korean idols and ulzzangs do. But for boys, try to avoid it.

  1. Here I used Elissa Choi Always Baby BB Cream. (I also spread a little amount of the BB cream on the neck because in this case, the model's skin color is uneven.)
  2. In this case, his eyebrows shape is already very nice. It just need a lil bit plucking to be neat but he said he didn't need that. xD And his eyebrows are thick already. So I don't need to color his eyebrows. Brows skipped.
  3. He has wide eyes and wide double lids. To make him looks more 'ulzzang' (heheh..weird language ( °◡°) )  I put a dark brown matte eye shadow at the end / the edge of his eyes, almost like a slanted winged eyeliner but super natural and following his natural upper lid shape. I used The Balm Nude Tude Palette #Sleek. Then I make the end of the edge a bit bolder, but still as natural as possible with a brown eyeliner. Make sure the eyeliner is super thin. Here, I used Secret Key Super Quick Skinny Eyeliner #Brown. (anw: Sorry there is no close up eye makeup. I didn't attended to post this specifically actually, but I just want to share right now.)^^;v
  4. Last but not least. I used a clear lip balm to make the lips look natural and moisted. :) I used Clinique Superbalm Gloss.
and.. Your done! Simple makeup does the magic too! ;)
See the 'Sleek' color above? Below the black eyeshadow color.

The eyeliner I used
Well, that's all and now just ask your friend to take a picture of you from good angles. xD Selfie would do too. xD Don't forget to pose like ulzzang!

Below I didn't edit much, really, just playing a bit with the picture level. :) No reshaping, no much brightness or whatsoever. 
Oh! Don't forget to use accessories. xD That'd be nice!
Below I suggested him to wear snapback and headphone, also cute glasses! :D

You can also use contact lenses. In this case I didn't even need it because his eyes are big already and he wanted natural look. So yeah. Simple makeup, natural look without lenses, still can achieve the ulzzang boy look! So if you don't like or can't use contact lenses, don't worry. ;)

That's all I've got to share with you and I hope this post can be a little help for you! :) Especially for  those who is preparing and never did this kind of makeup before. Because sometimes simple (makeup) might be tricky too! Happy practicing. :D


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