28 Apr 2016

[TRAVELLING] Bali Zoo Experience!

Hi fellas!

Today I'm gonna do a bit different post than my other usual post. I'm reviewing a zoo from Bali which many people and tourists are craving to go. :D

Bali Zoo kindly invited me to enjoy a one day tour there and I could bring one friend, so I asked my old friend since I was 4, Maria! xD This trip was held in December, 2015 but I just get the time to write specifically about it now. T-T) *guilty feeling of a blogger

Note that actually they didn't refer us to write a blog post, just a review on TripAdvisor and I did it. But because of my amazing experience there I want to write a special post for them. :)

There are many fun facilities you can find here such as many photo taking edges, many animal rides, animal show, cozy places for brunch until dinner and even experience feeding animals! ><

So the picture above was taken at the entrance of the zoo. Me (left) and Maria (right) looked so short in the picture because the road is actually super tilted. --"
I like it there are super beautiful parrots with great conditions (you can see it if you meet the parrots by yourself. They are so tamed, they don't grip on your arms if you are planning to take a pic with them) and their fur are soooo beautiful and well-maintained.) with the camera men who's always stand by there serving the visitor who wants to take a picture. I look so short and fat tho. srsly. I'm a skeleton. haha xD

A pic from my snapchat before entering the zoo xD
See the man with yellow shirt above? That's the cameramen. :)

Below is my beauty blogger friend, Hatta Shani with her friend.*I guess. XD
They were taking picture with the eagles! So cool huh! ><

I can see that ape there were hanging and swinging around the super tall trees. Bali Zoo made the whole look of the zoo super real like their habitats. I think they wouldn't really feel like caged, they got a homey home there. :D

And don't worry! Sometimes people say apes and monkeys are naughty and likes to prank you, grab your snacks and so on. xD Even though this kind of apes were not caged, there were put in a 'mini' island of tall trees which surrounded by a mini river. So indirectly there is a division between us and them. :)

Chickens???? I see them on the streets too. xD
Funny to meet them in a zoo. xD

Em.. This guy looks like a racoon but I know he isn't. Anybody knows? ^^;a

They pushed each other. ._. Seems like an internal conflict. xD

Really. She's so big.

Yeay! The best part! xD Feeding the animals! 
You can enjoy this by only paying IDR 20.000 (around $1.8) and you will get the food materials in your hand (vegies and carrots). They're super cute! Some of them are deers, wallabies, mini antelopes which are set free around the circle. Simply because they won't hurt you even if they're super hungry and waiting for the foods in your hands. xD

Some of them would chase for you xD But really! They all are so cute!
Some of them would sit and watch you feed their friends. xD

Even so, I can see (again I must honestly admit) that their condition doesn't look like super thin animals which are not well fed. I believe they really take good care of them.

The guide also told me that the animals that we can feed are limited and they were super totally checked (from the foods and so on because any visitor can feed them, right) because it is hard to keep an eye to every single person who feed them. 

For animals which are a bit aggressive (ha!) like these guys, they were put behind the fences. Lol. The left goat keep making loud weird sound and aggressively sticking her tongue out and sometimes even try to take away the foods I gave to her friend. -w-)/ Amazingly they are not smelly too. xD So we really enjoyed feeding around. :D

There are still sooo many other animals and you should visit and experience the excitement by yourself if you're curious! XD

Maria took a picture with this super beautiful Cacatua Albas. Their are sooo beautiful! You won't regret it! xD Their attitudes were so funny too. They sometimes chirped so loud when people were looking at them and showed their beautiful orange fur under their most outer furs. xD

You can ride elephants too! It would be amazing because you will go trough some short tunnels and the path were made beautifully like you are walking on a lush mini forest and also it would be safe because an animal tamer will accompany your short journey with the elephant. :) You can take picture with them too! Stella did! xD

Yeay! We can ride pony too! ^^

At their restaurant, if you visit at the right hour, you can take a picture with this super cute baby white tiger. x) Sadly I didn't get the chance! The queue were so long because he's just soooo adorable! ><
And Bali Zoo limited the picture taking session because they cared with the animals. They will give rest and finish it as soon as the baby tiger start getting a bit tired. *aww* xD And they also provide a photographer again here. ^^

Maria took a picture with the super cute ape. x)
I did too but I looked so ugly. T.T
Well, gonna tell you.
This ape is super friendly, cuteeeee, his hair and fur were completely not smelly and felt so soft just like well groomed dogs or cats fur! Amazing!

And lunch time! Here are the menu lists.
They actually have 2 restaurants. You can choose based on the view and the food they provided, which one would you like better. :)

We were served to have lunch at their 'WANA' Restaurant. The place, the food, the service are nice. ^^

Lovely atmosphere for a zoo, huh? :D

I'm sitting on the table which is located right beside the 'glass walls' which surrounds the restaurant. :D If you peek outside behind the thick glasses, there are lions! But they can't directly touch the glasses because there is a water vessel behind the glasses.

Unique interior design!

This is our guide. She's kind, friendly and outgoing! ^^

*in the corner of the room*
If you see him directly, he's sooo big!

This is the second floor of the restaurant. Super cozy. From the balcony you can see amost a half of Bali Zoo. Very nice! And there are many nice edges to take pictures. :D

Yeay! The food has finally arrived after we took many pictures. xD *blogger's life*

About the french fries, I tasted nice and crunchy. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

This sandwich is not mine. :)))

If you ordered fried chicken, you will get Balinese traditional side dishes such as urap-urap and many sambals. They provided 3 kinds of sambals (which looks soooo tempting xD) such as Sambal Matah (Balinese sambal--and it tastes so damn good) and I'm not really sure about the rest. (Better not to guess than giving the wrong information xD)

This one is mine! Oxtail soup! Sooo delicious. Everything were well cooked. The meet were so delicate and soft, the potatoes were not over boiled and the taste of the soup itself is just right. <3 Fell in love with it!

Choco lavaaaa *not mine again*

Mixed fresh fruits! This one is mine. xD
And actually I didn't expect it to be this big. ^-^;;

I couldn't even finish them without the help from my friends. xD
The fruits were so fresh, well picked and well plated. :)

I tried their tenderloin steak too. For me the portion is too small (about a palm of a hand) and didn't match the price. *sorry* :(
Sorry for not taking the picture! I shared it with Maria and we finished it so fast. ;w;) 
I would rate the taste for 4 out of 5 stars. It is not well done and served on wooden plate, rather on a hot plate. I think it suits western taste better. It is also served with very tasty mashed potato and several boiled vegetables such as broccoli and carrots. :)

For the waiter, maybe he could be a bit more friendly. Well, I feel sorry tho for him because I changed my order twice. xD *so sorry!

Anyway, I ordered Pineapple Juice and it was sooo good. <3

Below are some pictures taken by Hatta S. on our way to the upstairs area of the WANA Restaurant. :)

Anyway, so sorry I can't upload all pictures here because if I do, this gonna be a super duper long post and takes too long to load. xD

And I will leave many hidden enjoyment for you to experience by yourself there! :D
The food was great (I have explained one by one above), the service from the staffs are very nice too, everything was going well smoothly, everything are safe there for kids until adults because they have well-trained and experienced staffs, the place are super well constructed and designed and the most important for me is that this zoo really take good care of their animals. ^^ Nowadays many zoos won't really care about their animal's hunger, stress level, health. But Bali Zoo is different! :D

Thank you Bali Zoo for having us! ^^

So have you decided to add Bali Zoo to your checklist? ;)
Or have you visit Bali Zoo already? Tell me your opinion! :)

Don't Forget to Visit Their Website! :)



  1. jess gemes bgt ma baby white tiger nyaaa T_T sayang ga sempet foto2 yaa

    1. Iya ce >< sedih . betul. gemash ce gemash *grin xD

  2. Eeh ad aku hahaa πŸ˜‚ aah emg km sllu cakeepp jess 😸😸

    1. iya kak wkakaka xD ah bisa aja rayuannya lho ;;)


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