6 May 2016

[EVENT] Beauty Blogger Gathering Surabaya by Make Over Indonesia

 Yeay! It's May! :)
On the very first day of the month, we, beauty bloggers from Surabaya got the chance to be invited in MakeOver's event. If I'm not mistaken, this is their first solo event. Usually, they joined Miracle Clinic to hold an event--and I have attended their collaboration event twice.

What did we do here? What were MakeOver 'flaunting' this time? Check it out! :)

Taken from Redha's post : http://redhacshinta.blogspot.co.id/2016/05/event-report-make-over-x-surabaya.html?spref=fb
Can you spot me there? xD
Well, I sat at the nearest spot from the door where it was the nearest and the most cornered--if I may say that. lol--with the angle of the picture. | " ̄v ̄|

There were 19 bloggers at total. 3 bloggers were not in the picture but they will be present in the last picture. :D

Well, anyway!
This event was held in Too Too Moo Patisserie (Jl. Untung Suropati 67, Surabaya--Indonesia). 

As soon as I arrive, I sat down and taking pictures. So glad that I met new friends here since my long hiatus on blogging and attending bloggers events. TwT)

Taken from Redha's post

Pretty hampers from MakeOver! Thank you! :)
We got a super pretty box, 1 MakeOver Eyeliner #Royal Blue, 1 MakeOver Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick #11, 1 MakeOver Eyeliner Sharpener and an cute kind of tote bag folded as shown below. 

Anyway, this is how the room looks like.

Cute wall decorations huh?

Bloggers were given a Mushroom Fettuccine and an Ice Tea each person. 
I won't say much about the food nor the beverage though. They're nice. It was very nice of MakeOver that treated us so well that they cared if we might arrived hungry--because it was lunch time. xD

 After taking pictures around, doing a bit chit chat and finished our foods, Monique told us a brief explanation about MakeOver's best products. They are the Two Way Cake Powder and complexion makeups.
On the left, there is Ika, the make up artist which demonstrated how to use MakeOver's eyeliner.
(anyway, so sorry for not using 'mbak or kak etc, or Ms./Mrs. since I don't know their last name and marriage status. And I thought speaking in English has that common condition, speaking without hierarchy. Not to be impolite. T.T)/ )

Monique told us that the color trend of the beginning year of 2016 is blue. So MakeOver would highlight their rich, pigmented and super beautiful eyeliner in color Royal Blue.

The model's so pretty! Like Beyonce the diva. ~*w*)~
She's nice and friendly too! ^^

Here is their second model. On her, Ika demonstrated the ombre eyeliner color (sorry I was too far and didn't get the nice picture of the eye T_T)

Swarm of bloggers. xD

One of their model tried the new shade of MakeOver's lipstick. The black one!

Now it's time for us to try! :)
They have many pretty colors and I will be reviewing some of them soon! ^^ (Glam Gold, Classic Green and Royal Blue)

From the bottom to top:

* Goddess Gold (more like rosy gold)
* Silver (I swear this one looks suuuper pretty if you see it directly)
* Black Jack
* Glam Gold (bolder gold)
* Brown Latte
* White
* Nude
* Royal Blue
* Navy Blue
* Classic Green

Left -> without flash, right -> with flash.

So I tried to use their eyeliners on me. I didn't close my eyes to show what I drew. -w-)
I used the color: Brown Latte, Glam Gold, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Classic Green, Purple. Quite a lot.  xD

*cough* sorry about my face. I wasn't feeling well actually but trying to fulfil my promise to come -v-)/
The 2 favorite eyeliners by the bloggers picked by the team! Yeay congratz! xD

Thank you MakeOver for having us! Can't wait for another new launching products and using these amazing products from MakeOver for my next FOTD and tutorials! ^^
We had a great time. <3

Taken from Redha's post

Don't forget to visit their website! www.makeoverforall.com

What about you? Have you ever tried MakeOver's products? :)
How's your experience with MakeOver? Tell me below!


  1. Wah asik bgt ngumpul2, nice event, tetep cantik kok jess meski ga enak badan ;)


    1. hehe iya ce kapan2 ayo ikut event kalo lagi pas di sby :D
      Thank you ce xD

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