14 May 2016

[REVIEW] Vitacreme B12 Lightening Beauty Cream #Sociolla

Hi Gorgeous!
Have you ever heard the brand Vitacreme B12? 
If you haven't, I think you should check this out since this might be the one you're looking for because this might answer your and many common people's issue on skin! :) Like pigmentation, dull face, darkened lips, fine lines and so on. :)

And a bit spoiler, I would highly recommend this as this become one of my favourite skincare now. XD *excited*

You'll find out why below. :)

Vitacreme B12 is a cosmetic with the only has contain vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) as the main active ingredient. Vitacreme B12 that has spectacular formulas that is great for your skin which are very significant reduction in the extent of the wrinkles and fold of the skin, also improve the skin elascticity and correction of the skin dryness.

About this product:

Non-greasy dark spot corrector for luminous skin.
Lightens skin or lip colour. Lightens pigmentation marks and prevents their development. Even out skin complexion and gives the skin a new luminosity
100% safe and mild. Paraben-free. For all skin types and all ages. Made in Switzerland.
Apply AM and / or PM on cleansed and toned face and neck with massage strokes until fully absorbed.

*click the images to zoom the detail*

Safe! This super product doesn't contain paraben. ^^ Well, but this contains perfume so for those who are allergic to perfume, please use with caution. :)
This is the container. We only need to twist the plastic cap and it will attached perfectly to the container body which is made of some kind of foils. 
This will save place when you bring this travelling because the shape of the container body will change as the content of the product reduces, also this is light to bring anywhere. :) It won't spill in your pouch too!

The hold diameter is a bit big for a skincare tube, it is about 0.8 mm I guess. Don't press too hard! You won't want to spoil it right. xD But anyway, despite the body of the container is made of some kind of foil like Counterpain and many other muscle creams from the drugstores, but I had no problem with squeezing this to get the desired amount of product. :)

As you can see below, here is the texture of the cream. It is a bit sticky but not super thick also. It is quite watery but after you spread it on your face, it will need some seconds to let it dry or to be fully absorbed to your skin.

  • It is noticeable it evens out my skin tone! (This is a big big plus for this product. I've never felt any other skincare--beside Elisa Choi's moisturizer which I will be reviewing later--that can works as good as this one to even out my skin tone!)
  • It brightens my skin (but not yet for some dark spots, I hope I will get result for it for longer usage)
  • Diminish redness and rashes of my skin. (Usually my skin got some redness and sometimes even small acnes if I am too tired, too often using makeup or if I forget to remove my make up and ended up sleeping with makeup on! Ugh. It's sooo bad. The next morning my skin would appear so unhealthy, red and the structure of my skin changes worse. So far, this is the only instant cream that would fix it!--Kiss Collagen Mask does the magic too but you have to use it overnight. :) )
  • Brighten my lips! (This is the only product that works so far to brighten my lips. I have tried many many other products such as Macaroon Lip (Thailand), Japanese expensive products and so on, but so far. This is the best. :) )
  • Not in a jar version so it is more hygienic
  • Non bulky
  • Travel friendly container
  • Doesn't contain paraben
  • Doesn't irritate my skin / break me out / cause any other problems
  • Keep my skin moisturized :)

  • Expiry date after opening: 6 months. (I know this is short compared to another skincares, but I won't complain about this since I can understand that this is a NATURAL based product, so of course this will expired faster.)
  • It costs IDR 269.000 but it really worth it!
  • 50 ml

  • A bit strong scent :s (For my likeness, I'm not really pleased with the scent, tho. While some others might like it but still, I think for a skincare it still a bit too strong because it will settle down on your face like several minutes. :s)
  • A bit sticky and need several seconds to let it absorb fully. (You can pat your face with the palm of your hand to make it absorb faster).
  • Contains fragrance

I really wish I could update this with real picture but it will need time to show before-after picture since this is a skincare. Will be updating later! :)

I'm so satisfied with this product and I will purchase this in the future. I'm quite tired with tons of lightening products which claims this and that but doesn't work on me. Especially for lip brightening. This is a must for me! I would say I'm loving this product! xD

I would highly recommend this as this has been my top favourite skincare now, for those who has trouble with uneven skin tone or any kind of pigmentation problems on your face and lips.

Thank you Sociolla for this amazing product! Now I got better improved and brightened skin. ^^

You can have yours too or try the other amazing and authentic products from Sociolla with great deal awaits! ^^

If you want to try this product too or you want to browse another skincares from Vitacreme B12, don't forget to enter my voucher code, JIE50 to get IDR 50.000 discount from Sociolla! ^^

Have you ever tried this product too? What do you think? Have you tried the other shades? Are you interested in to try this product too? Share with me on the comment box below!^^


  1. Hi, does it work on naturally darkened lips? And just a suggestion though, this post would be better if there's some before after pictures. Have a great day!

    1. yes it does for me :)
      Yep, as I said above, I would upload it next time because change in skincares will need a little time to make it visible on pictures. :) Thanks for coming!

  2. This sounds very promising products. There are very few products which are natural and effective as well. Nice review.

  3. I have super dry skin that's also quite red in certain areas. I NEED to try this out for myself!

  4. Going by your review, this product is amazing! I wouldn't mind spending extra for a natural product :)

  5. heard a lot of great reviews for this product, might jus try it one day :D


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