1 Jun 2016

[EVENT] Miracle #20 There’s Always Beauty behind Every Successful Woman

Hello Gorgeous! Back with another event report from Miracle.
On April, 29th, Miracle Aesthetic Clinic kindly invited beauty bloggers from Surabaya.
The venue is in Luminor Hotel, Surabaya.

#MIRACLE20 Roadshow event with Hardrock FM
“There’s Always Beauty behind Every Successful Woman”
Guest star : Intan Aletrino, Runner-Up II Puteri Indonesia 2016

And we, invitees, were allowed to bring our friends who are bloggers or who might be interested in Miracle. And this time again, Miracle organized the event with MakeOver again.

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Not many of my fellow bloggers were present but I was so anticipated about the event since all of my experiences attending Miracle's events were great, fun and they treated us very nicely. So I came there with one of my best friend, Venny. She was very excited too because earlier I asked her to Miracle's previous event and she enjoyed it so much.

Left to right: Dyta, me, Venny

Our (mine and Venny's) living place is like far far away from the venue. ^^; It took almost 2.5 hours for us to arrive here plus the traffic jam and our lost ways. xD
Gladly, we arrived at 6.15 pm. Only 15 minutes late and the PR said that the event will be started at 6.30. So we were a bit relieved.

I didn't meet many bloggers as I expected, only several fellow bloggers like Mindy and her blogger friends and Dyta.

click on the image to see the full post of my look of the day! :)

The atmosphere is nice, like a cafe but way wider. It's nice. ^^

So we sat there and were just looking around, waiting for the event to start. But until it was almost 1.5 hours, they just started the event. 

Actually, there is a photobooth (which only entertained us for several minutes because snapping picture doesn't take forever xD), an aura reading stand (but we didn't tried it because we need to walk in front of many tables to reach the stand (?), Miracle's stand which we can have a free consultation and check about our skin condition and MakeOver's products were displayed also.)

And unfortunately because it reached the dinner time and we got only mini snacks twice, we all were starving.

I agree with Mindy, we felt bad bringing our friends there. I saw Mindy's friend even ordered food on her own there. Me and Venny were starving too, and Venny was the one who drove so I felt even worse. And we live far away and didn't expect that the event would be delayed that long. So because we are girls, it is late already and we still need time to reach our destination, we went home as soon as the rundown ends. :(

Oh anyway! I laughed so hard when I heard two of my friends said the same thing that the pink 'pudding' tasted like Betadine. xD
Sorry, didn't mean to mock! But the rest tasted so good. ^^

This event also supported by Hard Rock FM.

Ms. Monique from MakeOver team explained some tips on doing natural make up using MakeOver's products. 

But before that, there is a testimonial from 2 attendances that were given make over from the MakeOver team. They said they felt more confident after wearing the make up and feel prettier. xD

The model of the make up demo this time is Devita! It is my first time meeting her and she's sooo cute, looking young and her smile is so pure. *lol. xD

Devita with the make up artist from MakeOver.
sorry a bit blur ><

Here comes the Puteri Indonesia 2016 2nd Runner Up, Intan Aletrino. She's so tall, slim and she looks like mixed blood with western look. (?) Super nice crown! ><

The talk show with Ms. Aletrino.
She stated that she wants to inspire Indonesian woman to achieve their dreams and to be more beautiful.

This is Miracle's doctor. She explained us about fillers, exfoliating and many things explained on the slides below.

Like its name, fill-er, "Filler" is used to fill some parts of the face to make it looks fuller or has more volume. For example in the picture below, that women didn't do plastic surgery or nose job. She just used filler to her nose to make it look pointy.

Thread planting, as you can see below. It works almost like botox. It makes your skin looks younger because it reduces wrinkles and saggy cheeks, also other kinds of aging signs because your skin looks firmer. Amazing right? :D You can get the treatment in Miracle! ^^

Q&A session were opened too for those who are curious about the skin treats by Miracle. Some answers by the doctor are: Don't sleep with your makeup on. At 12am onwards, regeneration skin cells will occur so if you still have makeup on, it might obstruct the process. It would be better if you erased your makeup with makeup remover first, then with cleansing foam to make sure everything has been removed from your skin's surface. Sometimes it might still not enough. You can use toner to make sure that your make up has been fully removed! :)

They also shared goodie bags for us who can answered the questions (like a mini quiz). Congratz to Venny and Dyta! They got Miracle's CC Cream. :)

At the end of the event, there is an acoustic band singing several songs for us. 
Their voices were beautiful! I didn't expected it at first. They sang my favorite song "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" by Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend, Adele's "All I Ask" and other songs. Chill. ^^

We also got a complimentary cupcake (?) with the number 20 to represent Miracle's 20th anniversary. *yeay* Congratulation Miracle! I wish all the best for Miracle and keep being the hope for all woman in Indonesia to have healthier skin and to be more beautiful for decades. :D

We got 1 MakeOver pencil eyeliner and everyone got different colors. Mine was in Navy Blue. We also got the book of Miracle's philosophy (I guess?), Miracle's IDR 200.000 voucher and other brochures and catalogues. We also got another cupcake like in the picture above, but in blue cream. :D

Despite several things I said above, the positive things is that we got to know more about Miracle, our skin, Make Over and meeting new friend in a whole new venue I've never been. ^^ Also, the PR is so polite, friendly and always been thoughtful of us and we are happy to get the chance to be invited in the event. ^^

Thank you Miracle, MakeOver and Hard Rock FM. :)

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