10 Jun 2016

[EVENT REPORT] WomanBlitz x Revlon: Ultra HD Matte Lip Color Launching (Love is On)

On June, 3rd yesterday I attended another blogger event and this time the event was held in Delta or Atrium Surabaya Plaza. I heard this mall is one of the oldest mall in town and also, on my granny's generations this mall was a hit.

I feel grateful to be invited by WomanBlitz through Mindy (my fellow Surabaya Beauty Blogger) that had been kindly informed the event in our group. So, yeah! I got the chance to be there as an invitee too. *biscuit dancing*

I didn't attend the Cathydoll's event last month so I was curious about this another event held by WomanBlitz. They cooperated with the brand Revlon this time to bring the theme of the day, Love is On which represents the Ultra HD Matte Lip Color launching.

The invitation from Mindy, organized by WomanBlitz coop with Revlon

If you are curious about how the event was going, what did we do there and especially our impressions for Revlon and their newest lippies, keep reading! :)

So this was the atmosphere. There were several tables for us, beauty bloggers, also for lifestyle bloggers and instagram influencers. That was my first time attending an event with lifestyle bloggers and instagram influencers. Sadly I didn't had the chance to know them because you know, blogger will get busy taking pictures here and there for their reports! xD Will say hi next time, lol. xD

Revlon was holding a big promo too that day and displayed their products for the mall's visitors, whether they want to take a better look or swatch Revlon's products or buy some. I spotted my favorite blush from Revlon below! The Revlon's Powder Blush #Soft Spoken Pink!

Well even though I live faaar away from the venue and it was a huge traffic jam on my way there, I'm glad that this event was started not too far from the time written on the invitation. :)

The event started with a 'talk show' with WomanBlitz's Chief Editor and Managing Directior, Ms. Lilies Rolina (left) and you can see the MC on the right (sorry I didn't hear her mentioned her name ><). She began with explaining what is WomanBlitz, also the trend of makeup of the year. If you don't know yet what is WomanBlitz, briefly it is a media that serves daily inspirations for woman and one of some leading digital and offline medias about woman in Surabaya. :)

After the opening 'greeting' from Ms. Rolina, Revlon gave us a make-up demo by Mrs. Lina and the model was Evelyn Gunawan, one of instagram influencers. Mrs. Lina gave us tips about drawing eyebrow depending on nosebridge and other lines of the face, about how to pick the right makeup color and so on. Q&A session was opened too for us, invitees who wanted to know more about makeup or Revlon. Based on what other bloggers asked, Mrs. Lina told us to get around with aging skin (wrinkled, uneven or pigmented, etc.), we can use matte or non-shimmery eyeshadows and other colored makeup. Because shimmery colors will accentuate fine lines.

In the picture below, you can see Ms. Patricia Kobandaha as Revlon's Digital Communication and PR. She told us to wear any colors we like, regardless our age and as long as we are confident with it, just go for it! I love that one. ;) She also explained that this time the title 'Love is On' from Revlon is oriented by the word, L.O.V.E--which the letters were already contained in the word 'R(E)(V)(L)(O)n. Ms. Kobandaha kindly told us a sweet thing about her thought about blogger, that was 'beauty bloggers inspires other woman to know more about beauty'. :D She made me blush *UwU*

After several moments, the makeup on the model was done! I personally liked the eyebrows Mrs. Line drawn on her. All the products she used were from Revlon. It was Revlon's New Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Temptation on the model. Ms. Kobandaha wore Obsession on her lips.

Now, it's time for us bloggers to explore what's on our tables. They told us to retouch our makeup or erase it if we want to and gave us 20 minutes and they will choose 2 invitees as winners of their makeup challenge that time. The theme is to make our signature look and give the look a name. The winners will get a mini makeup set from Revlon.

The credit of the picture of the tester below goes to Glory Chen's post.
On our tables, they provided some tissues and face cottons for each of us. There were Revlon's foundations, makeup removers, loose powder, pressed powder, powder blush, eye shadows, some small applicators, mascaras, eyeliners, eye brow pencil and of course, Ultra HD Matte Lip Color.

Sorry, I didn't swatch every single of them (or else, this will be a super long post xD) and because what's on my table is way (not) better from Glory's table. I'm sorry to say, we were not informed before that they will have a makeup challenge. So we didn't bring any tools (because, yes, of course I think bloggers would be feel more convenient to use their own tools due to hygiene issue xD). It was a really nice of them to provide us mini set of the testers but sadly the testers look old and far away from 'clean' impression. So I see bloggers on my table were a bit afraid to play too much with them. ^^;v So we just swatch several things on our hands.

Below I drawed some lines on my hand. The very first line is the black liquid eyeliner and the rest are Skinny Eyeliner #Brown. The Skinny Eyeliner was great and the color quiet popped out. Just, maybe because the brush tip, it'd be hard to draw winged or neat eyelines with this. However, if you are looking for an eyeliner which won't smears and smudges and turns you into PANDA, I think this might be your sollution. I rubbed this several times (not gently) and this eyeliner didn't smudge (at all). So this product really got my attention for it! :D

These are the foundations. I couldn't use them to touch up my makeup even as a concealer because the shades were too dark for me. Nevertheless, many bloggers like this product! So maybe I would be looking forward to their lighter colors. :)

Their make up removers. The left one is unique since it stated 'anti-aging' on their container. Really? :o Need to test out if you're curious! :D

Below are swatches I took.

Exceptional for their newest lip color because..however it's the icon of the day so we gotta try the product. On our lips. At least the colors were sooo pretty tho!
I like the packaging since it was sooo unique unlike other lip colors I've ever seen. 
Actually this product came in 8 pretty shades but I only got a chance to tried 3 shades because the testers were limited. 

  • The fuschia pink with a hint of purple one, Obsession
  • The soft pinky-peach one, Flirtation
  • The bright tempting red one, Amour

Above left to right: Flirtation, Amour, Obsession
cr: Mindy (pinkandundecied.blogspot.co.id)

My first impression is the colors were soooo amazingly pretty and pigmented. But I didn't get it since they looked so glossy (since they named it 'matte') and my fellow bloggers said so too. And many of them said that the color was so transferable to straws, glass, etc when you eat. Well, I can't say much about it but the color left a hint of color (if that makes sense) on my lips. So it was like a lip tint underneath. When I erased it, it would still left some soft colors on my lips. I like it though. I can't say much too since I (and all invitees) didn't get to bring one home to do a further and more detailed test about the product.

Oh! And I love the scent so much. I've never met a lip color which has such a super nice scent as these chics (if I may say that xD). Ms. Kobandaha said earlier that this product has special scent (whipped vanilla and cream mango--if I'm not mistaken) as a moodbooster. I'm not a fragrance fan, just..they smell so good that I wanted to lick them like a dessert. xD

Below I was using the color Obsession with a gradation flirtation over it in the inner lips. Beside me is my fellow blogger and senior since when I was in junior high school! xD You can visit her blog too HERE and show some love. <3 She's pretty right? Ikr. She's friendly and so tall too! Mwahahaha. Envy her height!

Okay, the 20 minutes MUC has over. We were asked to get onto the stage per 2 tables(?). Long story short, Revlon's MUA announced the winners.

Yeay! Congratulation to Mindy and Dyta! :D
cr: Mindy (pinkandundecided.blogspot.co.id)
from left to right: Mr. Hendro Revco (MUA), Mindy, Dyta, MC
Then we took some pictures in front of the backdrop. ^^
cr: Evelyn Gunawan
Left to right: Bella, me, Claresta, Evelyn

we were holding the gold goodie bag from Revlon
Excited because I was wearing my pretty Cold Shoulder Side Slit Dress and Strappy Suede Heels #Pink by Something Borrowed from Zalora! (You can have yours too with big discount by entering the code: ZBAP2L2N)
Another me and Bella. xD

Last but not least, another picture from all of us! :D
cr: Mindy (pinkandundecied.blogspot.co.id)
Spot me! Heehee.

After the event was over, WomanBlitz had a super nice treat for us, bloggers. They asked us to have a dinner with them in 3.6.9. But I gotta accompany my boyfriend to the dentist, so maybe if I have a 'next-time' with them, knowing them closer would be great. :)

This is what's inside our goodie bag from Revlon. Each bloggers got a Colorstay Eyeliner in Amethyst and a Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Retro Red.  It seems all bloggers were a bit confused since Revlon were trying to promote their Ultra HD Matte Lip Color but we got something else in the goodie bag, but well. We can still have fun with what we got here. :) I heard the red lipstick is nice too. :)

Overall, I want to say thank you so much to Mindy which connects me and other bloggers to the event, Revlon who gave us the chance to get to know their products more and WomanBlitz who organized the event and prepared everything for us. We had fun. :)

Sorry for the long post! xD
See you on my next post!:)

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