13 Jun 2016

[FOTD/OOTD] Attending Blogger's Event

This post will gonna be a brief post about my makeup and outfit of the day when I attend a blogger event. (actually I will always change how I dress and the overall look but well, making a post of one of it won't hurt anyone right? xD) *ahem*

I was attending Miracle's 20th Anniversary Event ^^

I wore a black crop tee from Zara, Two Pack Flare Skirt from Something Borrowed (you can have it too in Zalora + get 15% disc with voucher code: ZBAP2L2N) and Korean Coat Dress from Body&Soul.

Oh! And Venny was my hairstylist that day! xD She amazingly made a very nice curls with flat and super wide hair iron--which is difficult for me to do it. xD Thank you Venny! 

Loving my shoes anyway, but barely got the chance to go out with these chicks since in the place I live, people tend to look at you if you don't dress like how they usually dress. (And this pair of heels might look exaggerating and too thick and tall for them). So sad, huh? Ikr. lol xD
But since I thought I was going to meet other bloggers too they would understand and appreciate everyone's taste about fashion. XD

Okay I might look CREEPY here but don't worry. Actually I was just a bit stressed but I'm still on my consciousness so I won't bite anyone. xD
Nothing much about my makeup. Just this time I was using a subtle gradation of pink.
I'm loving the color of my lip pigment! LA Girl Pigment Gloss Matte in Rebel. :D
I've never used this kind of dark color for lips before but I tried it and voila! I'm in love with the look. xD Gonna make the full review for sure. :D

Add my Snapchat! ;D jessica_ie

Playing a bit with Makeup Plus application :D

Well.. That's it. A short post right? :D
Hope to see you on my next post! ;D
Any suggestion or request on what I should post next? :D


  1. Aduh mbak Krystal ini cantik amatt :')


  2. Beautiful make up on beautiful girl, actually I pay attention on your outfit, and I think your boots looks matches as well with long sleeveless coat, there's no exaggerate look afterall :) Can't wait to see your review of the LA Girl's pigment gloss matte!
    By the way, I've followed you on GFC #287 , nice to know you Jess!



  3. wow info yang menarik kak.. kalau ingin tahu tentang cara membuat website yukk disini saja.. terimakasih


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