1 Jun 2016

[REVIEW] Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun Protection SPF 30+++

It's another post for Vitacreme B12's product!
This time it is about a product which might be useful for you who loves to spend your days in outdoor places (read: adventurous soul), especially if you live in tropical place which means it is almost sunny all day.

 Sun block will always be your best friend to protect your skin and this product supposed to give you the easy way to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB for your skin with many fitures such as anti aging, antioxidant, ultra moisturizing, waterproof and also works as anti-aging sun block. But that's what they claim! But does it really work as they claim? 

Here is my opinion about the product after using this product for about 1 month? Let's find out more! :)

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Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun SPF 30 + + + is an anti-aging, anti-oxidant, moisturizing and waterproof cream. This innovative cream is formulated with the ideal vitamins (B5, C, E and B12) and UVA-UVB solar filter. Unique active ingredients keep skin moisturized and protected from sun's damage effect. Because of its anti-oxidant action from Vitamin E, this cream prevent skin from premature aging and wrinkles appearance which are caused of sun beams. This product also protects skin from external harmful things for the skin, such as pollution. This cream also soothes and keep the skin's elasticity. 

How to use:
Slather the cream all over your face and neck areas to protect skin from sunbeam damage, 15 minutes before the skin exposure to the sun.

As you can see above, it has simple design with the product's description over the sides of the packaging. I personally think it looks like medical cream that drugstores sell. But yeah, this is a sunblock! 

The primer packaging itself comes in a tube form. 

This sun block comes in a super handy size and is a travel friendly product since it is not bulky. 

This product is made in Switzerland.
It has hologram sticker on the back surface of the box. It means the product is authentic.
If you are curious about the ingredients you can click the picture above.

You can see below, I pumped a pea size of the cream. A little goes along the way! *yeay*
And it is not sticky. But like mostly other sun blocks, this cream leaves a subtle white layer. This product is not too sticky and far away from watery.
Even though this product contains fragrance, I think this cream has no strong scent at all. So I feel comfortable using this cream.

Talking about its effectiveness about the special features they claimed such as anti-aging, antioxidant  to prevent wrinkles and so on, I still can't tell much about it. Maybe I would be able to notice after longer time usage of the product. 

So far, this cream is comfortable to be applied underneath or over foundation for a touch up so I have nothing much to complaint about this product. A bit downside, I don't think this would suit 100% for super oily skin since the oil control is standard. Gladly you can use this when you're swimming or going to the beach since this cream is waterproof! :)

  • Doesn't contain paraben
  • Protects my skin from sun burn
  • Keeps my skin tone / complexion 
  • Doesn't break me out / cause any irritation on me
  • Doesn't feel sticky
  • Comes in hygienic, light and non bulky packaging
  • SPF 30++
  • Multiple benefits in 1 products (anti-aging, anti-oxidant)
  • Waterproof
  • Contains many vitamins (nutritious food for your skin!)
  • Not only filter UVA, but also UVB
  • Doesn't ruin my makeup or create dry patches. This works as a skin hydrator too.

  • 50 ml
  • Oil control: so so
  • 12 month expiry date after opening
  • Contains perfume (might trigger allergic reaction to some people who are allergic to artificial fragrance)

Thank you Sociolla for letting my try this product! Now I have multipurpose sun block that I can carry anytime through the humid day! :D

You can have yours too or try the other amazing and authentic products from Sociolla with great deal awaits! ^^

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Have you ever tried this product too? What do you think? Have you tried the other shades? Are you interested in to try this product too? Share with me on the comment box below!^^


  1. It goes super oily on me.... Hiks... the ingredients sounds healthy tho..

  2. I've heard good things about this sun cream (güneş kremi) product. Going on my wish list now!


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