22 Oct 2016


Hi readers!
I am back with another post and this is gonna be my first haul post--combined with my shopping experience. Since this is my very first time shopping in Althea, I was so excited to receive my very first pink Althea box! >w<) 

So what products attracted my attention and made me purchase them? And not to forget, how was my first impression shopping with Althea? Let's scroll through the whole post. ;)

Sorry for my creepy face. I was too excited. :')

Many of my blogger friends were bugging about Althea since their grand opening some times ago. I was so curious, yet I decided not to buy anything from them because I THOUGHT I would be involved in some real complicated payment and taxes. But I was wrong!

They provides many payment methods you can choose.Such as Doku Wallet/credit, Alfamart, bank transfer (the one that I choose because I found it so easy. Just by going to ATM like I used to), Mandiri Click Pay, Mastercard or Visa. And you won't lost your way because they will provide step-by-step guide to help you figure out how to pay. :)

Okay, down to business!
As you can see above, the box exterior color is baby pink. And it is quite big. At least wider than my face. *lol.

I like the design of the box. The look and the structure itself. We can reuse it because it is pretty and even though it is made of carton, I must say it is pretty strong to keep our orders delivered safely. And not like the other usual online shop, everything inside this box comes with perfect condition. Not even an inch of bent box of the stuffs inside.
Not to mention that they still covered everything with bubble wraps. Super likey! Safely landed to my doorstep without hassle opening my package with lots of clear tapes. 
Packaging 11/10! xD

As you can read above, you'll see why you would choose Althea. For me, the most tempting feature among those 4 is the best price. Price, what a sensitive deal for us! Their price is just amazing because they are the first hand and directly got the products from the manufacturers in Korea. :D The delivery was fast even though this is shipped from Korea.

Like what you can see above also, they always have a super sale ongoing. Keep an eye on your favourite stuffs because the offers are limited! :D
And they usually have ongoing GIVEAWAY *who doesn't love giveaways :p*
So you can only put the freebies on your cart and you got it! :)

So what did I purchase?

Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling
I've never heard about this brand before but it was on sale in Althea and the reviews said this was a good peeling. I was looking for skincare too instead of makeup, so I thought I would give it a try. Furthermore, I couldn't seem to find this product anywhere else beside in Althea.

IOPE Air Cushion Intense Cover #C13
I've heard about this cushion long long long time ago. Seriously, but I never really wanted to buy this because it is just so pricey that it erases away my curiosity. Lol
But since Althea kindly giving sponsor credit so I picked this one out. It comes with a free refill.

Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening Emulsion
Like I told you earlier, I actually was looking for skincare instead of makeup. And I never got myself any emulsions so I was curious about this one! The rating was good and I trusted Skinfood about skincare so far. I love whitening products too. *confession ;')*

Dr. Althea Lighting Shot Cream
I always wonder what to get for my body because I've always taken care of my face skin. Until I realise my body get tanner because of many activities and I can't have the time to apply sunblock. Only my face got protected, so I choose this one to hopefully balance the skin tone of my face and body. Hahaha! :D I also only see this product in Althea.

Too Cool For School Milk Tint #Milky Lavender
This product was the ongoing giveaway freebies from Althea that time. So I picked one and I choose a tint which shade I never had before, milky Lavender! :)

All those products above are not pre-order, they all are ready so I don't need to wait so long just to get the best price with authentic product. Althea got it all! They also offers many exclusive great deals! So you won't want to miss a thing!

If you are new to Althea too, you will got a welcome gift from Althea. IDR 100.000 points! x) 

And I would conclude that this is such a great experience. Every goodness I mentioned above are real *lol. Tell me which one you want me to review first! :)

This is a form of collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Althea. However, every words above are my honest opinion. :)
Don't forget to visit Surabaya Beauty Blogger to know what other bloggers choose to purchase and of course, check out Althea to explore more about what great offers they are having on the table for you and experience everything above yourself! :D 

Well, that's all about my first haul and shopping experience! What do you think? :)
Anyway, I am making a post about the look I made above. ^_^
Maybe you want to check out the products I used and some other information about the look, please kindly visit my post HERE. :D


  1. love the lavender lip tint! terlihat natural banget.

  2. Look so pretty jes, and love your haul choices <3


  3. suka sm boxnya althea unyuk pinkk and packagingnya rapi ya ce 😊


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