31 Oct 2016

[REVIEW] Wardah C-Defense DD Cream 01. Light #Sociolla

Good day, readers!
This post is going to be about another local brand from Indonesia that I will be reviewing. Yep, it is from the brand Wardah. However, this really catches my attention because I have never tried DD cream before. Have you? :D

If you haven't and curiosity hits you, then keep reading. :)

It is said that this product is formulated with hi-grade vitamin C which works as an excellent antioxidant that helps to brightens skin, giving smooth and even skin tone. This comes with SPF 30+ which I really like because it means I don't need to use extra sun block.

This DD cream is a unique combination of lightening, sun screen and antioxidant for your healthy look and radiant skin. Contains vitamin B3 that help to brighten skin, vitamin E as antioxidant and Allantoin that helps to enhance natural skin regeneration. Formulated with SPF 30 that gives optimum protection to UV rays. Leaving your skin smooth and brighter with even skin tone.

How to use? After using moisturizer, even out the cream all over your face after being cleansed. For best result, use this everyday along with Wardah C-defense Serum.

For the packaging, I like it comes in a non-bulky tube. Very light and travel friendly.

 I love how this cream feels so light on my face! I can just use moisturizer, this DD cream and a little concealer and I'm ready for the day! No more heavy foundation on daily basis. :D Even under flash, it still look so natural. I'm glad this shade match my skintone and doesn't have a white cast so super fit for daily use. :)

There are 2 shades available, light and natural. You can choose which one you think matches your skin tone. As in light, I would say this color is like natural beige actually. I find my other base makeups are way brighter that this shade. However, I'll be needing this kind of shade since I'll want some days to just look natural and like wearing no makeup. 

The oil control is so so. Putting on powder would help, I think. :)
If I use this underneath my foundation/cushion, the application of my makeup would feel better and smoother. :) Me likey!

For the brightening effect, I haven't feel any significant difference. Maybe I should stick with this more often. 
I love that this cream has a suuuuuper affordable price, but the quality just surprised me the time I tried this cream. That feeling of the texture though! Who doesn't like their skin feeling so smooth with just a super light cream. :D
This cream also covers minor dark spots, acnes and dark circle nicely. :D Feeling light, but the coverage is not that sheer! Amazing. :D

If you want to try this great product, you can purchase it from Sociolla. Authentic, great service and worry-free! <3
Choose the shade you want!
And don't forget! You will get DISCOUNT IDR 50.000 with my voucher code JIE50 (use when checking out your order :) )
Happy shopping! ;)


  1. Aaahh, aku juga suka kepraktisan DD cream inii
    Kalo buat base juga lebih oke dibanding CC cream
    Recommended bgt deh pkknya

    Jess, aku uda follow kamu yaa btw XD

    ♥ www.phieselphie.com ♥

    1. udah aku folback ce ^^
      Iya enaknya ringan banget. stuju soal jadi base lbh enak dibanding CC cream! :D
      Thank you udah komen ce ^_^

  2. Ah jess, jadi keinget produk ini. Dikamu oxidasi gak? Di aku 4 jam langsung keling + oxi T_T

    1. enggak kok. Kcuali kalo dipake dari pagi sampe siang, dia ga seberapa tahan dan oksidasi. tapi ttp oke sih mnurutku, mengingat dia ringan di pakai. kalau dr sore ke malam mnurutku udah oke banget buat harga sgini^^

  3. Benr nih bagus banget emang DD creamnya wardah untuk harga yg super duper murah. Aku lebh suka DD cream wardah drpd BB creamnya. DD creamnya gak bkin cakey


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