30 Oct 2016

[REVIEW] Zoya Coloring Eyebrow #Mocca

Good to meet you again, readers!
This time I will be reviewing products from a local brand, Zoya Cosmetics.
Actually I wanted to make a post containing my review about 3 products from Zoya cosmetics. However, after thinking twice I decided to make each one of them in separated posts, so that you can have the more details of each products. I also think if I will compress everything in 1 post it'd be too long. Well, no more blabbing! Let's get into the detail of the first of the 3 products. :)

First of all, because this is my first time reviewing Zoya Cometics's products, I will bring a brief introduction about Zoya for those who haven't heard about it.

Zoya is natural, save, light and kosher (halal). The products contains grape seed oil which acts as natural antioxidant and antidote from free radicals. They are also contain no paraben which means they are healthier and prevent risks of having significant health issue. Because they are light, they can be used daily. And of course, every formulation are kosher (halal). :)

Okay! Talking about where the spotlight at this article lands on, this coloring eyebrow comes in 2 shades. Black and Mocca. It is made to color our eyebrows and comes in a mascara  wand form. It claims to be long lasting and water resistant. It costs IDR 45.000,- (about $4).

This is how the packaging look like. It looks like mascara, though. I like the simple design. :)

This is how the wand looks like. Quite short but still handy to hold. The size of the wand is moderate enough, not too long nor too short compared to the average length of eyebrows. For the color, I would say it looks lighter than I thought. It has a hint of reddish brown, like copper mahogany color. Not a dark brown, not a light to yellowish brown. 

This is my very first time trying eyebrow mascara so, bare with me! xD Needs a little practice but I like it all along after. The left one below is when I applied it first, the right one is the finishing touch with an outlining to make it neater. I would say, I love the color! It's vibrant and nowadays I find it difficult to look for an eyebrow color like this.

I swatched the 3 products of Zoya below and then I wiped it with dry tissue. This one is the color on the right, next to the lip paint and the eyeliner swatch. For me the resistance is good already, because I wiped it really hard and just meant to erase them all completely at once. Lol. But see, it stayed there. It is not super waterproof (but who wants it?! I want to be able to remove my makeup too even eyebrow color lol), but I must give it a thumb up because it resists the water nicely. Unlike many eyebrow colors out there, this one really catch my attention because its long lasting feature.

So what do you guys think? Will you give it a try? :) Or you have tried this one too?
Don't forget to check out my other reviews about Zoya Cosmetics!

This post is a form of collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Zoya Cosmetics.


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  2. waterproof banget ya maskara alisnya. Warnanyanya pun pas bnr bnr brown. Wahh zoya zoyaa prlu di masukin daftr list belanjaan nih hhihi


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