30 Oct 2016

[REVIEW] Zoya Lip Paint #Baked Apple

 As I have said in the other post earlier, this article should be the sequel (?) of the first review of Zoya Coloring Eyebrow #Mocca. Now, I am going to share with you about this tempting lip color!

This is a matte lip color which comes in liquid form and a standard lip-gloss-alike container. This product comes in 8 lovely shades like you can see below. It is IDR 62.000 (around $6) and yes, worth it! Really reasonable price.

I love how the container's bottom part is clear so we can see the exact color of the product inside. 

This is how the applicator looks like. The shape makes it so easy to apply this lip color neatly. I don't even need concealer or other lip brush to create neat and defined line. :)

As you acn see below, it leaves some stain color which I like. Because it means that this lip color at least quite long lasting. I wiped my testing swatch below and still have the stain on my hand.

 The color itself is really pretty! The Baked Apple is a bordeaux color, exactly like its name. Imagine a darker shade of bright red apple. Not a brownish brown. It doesn't really have any weird scent, so I would not say much about it. The texture, I loooove it! This is the lip color which doesn't dry my lips!! It glides on smoothly on my lips even without lip balm application underneath. The finish result is matte, but not that super dry matte. Still has a bit shine, though but not glossy like many lip liquid or lip gloss. Not super transferable, so it is a good news because if I eat and drink it won't smear and make me look like Harley Quinn. Hahaha. I'm looking forward to try the other shades as well. ^^

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This post is a form of collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Zoya Cosmetics.

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  1. Pengen banget lip paintnya zoya 😍😍😍


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