30 Oct 2016

[REVIEW] Zoya Ultimate Eyeliner #Black

So after, reviewing their lip paint and color eyebrow, this post is going to be for their ultimate eyeliner. Check it out. ;D

Zoya also got the liquid eyeliner, which caught my attention. But let's talk about this one first! :)

For a crayon eyeliner I think this is quite long and will last for months. :D This product is an auto-liner, which means you just need to rotate the packaging to push the product out. So you won't be needing a pencil liner sharpener. *yeay*

Like I said in the 2 previous posts, I draw the swatches of the 3 products on my hand. When I wiped so hard, it amazes me that this eyeliner didn't smudge! It also lasts for hours and stayed put. It amazes me, though. The only hassle for me is it took me quite some times to erase it completely. xD Well, the 'perks' of longlasting eyeliner. :p I think it would be great if they have more shades of this product. :D The color is matte, no shimmer at all, not glossy. For the intensity, I would rate 9/10. 
So far so great for an eyeliner with so reasonable price! :D The result of the line is quite skinny but it is buildable. I love the thin line I can create with this product, but the longer using this crayon eyeliner, maybe it would be a bit hard to make super sharp edgy winged eyeliner. And that's why I'm seeing myself wanting their liquid eyeliner to put it at the top of this eyeliner. Because it is about the form, not the quality though. xD

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This post is a form of collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Zoya Cosmetics.

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  1. pigmented juga ya wrna dr eyeliner zoyaa. Jadi teracuni nih 😁


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