22 Nov 2016

[EVENT REPORT] Blobar Instant Beauty

Hi girls!
It's another post related to Blobar after my review about my unicorn ombre hair by Blobar.

Blobar just can't stop to amaze me, so that's why when I got the chance to attend the event they just held for free as a part of Surabaya Beauty Blogger, I was so excited and immediately said yes to attend. xD

So, what kind of event is it? *psst this one is a unique event!

Blobar held an open house event on November 18th-20th. This event called Instant Beauty. 

For only IDR 100K , you will receive:

~ Curly / Straight / Braided hair style by @blobarhair
~ Premium lash + consultation @lilomuaeyelashes
~ Instant Makeup Retouch by @eminacosmetics @makeoverid
~ Free makeup gift & vouchers worth IDR 300K
~ Meet & greet Instagram Darling Girls @dhharu @wulanwu @cynthiansunartio@tanialitadevi @hullagurl @angeliasamodro@dewwi @christinechezz @mgirl83
~ Canape by @heavenlyblushyoghurt

Just so you know that when I post my activities when I was there, my friends on Instagram asked me, "What color this time?". You got it right? Hahaha. It means Blobar has successfully build their brand image as a salon with unique, extreme and outstanding coloring style specialist. I would say! :D Don't believe me? See it yourself HERE.

So we are eligible to make a free reservation because we are a part of Surabaya Beauty Blogger, and all thanks to our founder and host, Mindy! *cheers*. As for me, between the 3 days I choose to attended the third day which is on November, 20th. I was hoping to meet Mindy and Cynthian because I knew them lol xD But we didn't get the chance to meet so, yeah. :( But no biggie, I meet Iin and Redha, two other Surabaya Beauty Blogger members! :)

Anyway, before going down to the real business, I would say that I love their interior design! :D

So as I arrived, I got to choose what hair style do I want. The stylist curled my hair than made a pretty waterfall side braid. ^^ I washed my hair at home so I skipped that part there. :D

Ta-dah! It's done. So pretty! ^_^) Thank you Blobar!

After that we can look around to see Make Over and Emina's products. We can purchase their product there too. There are many kind of makeups starts from the base like foundation, concealer, loose powder until the color makeups such as lip cream, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick and so on. 

This is the swatch of Emina Creammate Lip Cream.
From left to right (down to up):
01 Choco Lava
02 Fuzzy Wuzzy
03 Mauve lous
04 Frost bite
05 Flamingo
06 Jelly bean
07 Tumble weed

Here is some swatch of MakeOver Liquid Lip Color and MakeOver Lip Cream (just the fuschia pink one on the bottom left). More > HERE

It's time to take a picture! :)
I feel happy and delightful immediately after having a good hair! X)

We also got goodie bags!
Actually you can choose for the second goodie bag between Emina's or MakeOver's (since they are in one company :D). MakeOver's one contain eyeliners in it and I love their eyeliner! But I think I'm too late and other girls love their eyeliner as much as I do so there's no MakeOver goodie bag left for mehh. xD But it's okay! I still got the Emina's one. :D It has a sun block and face wash in it. ^^ Looking forward to know further about Emina's products. :)

Here are what inside the goodie bags:
  • Looks magazine (Yeay Gigi Hadid!)
  • Lilomua 10% Discount Voucher
  • Lilomua lashes in Belle
  • Blobar Voucher IDR 100K
  • Lilomua gift voucher IDR 100K and 500K for makeup course
  • A cute tote bag from Emina
  • Emina post card
  • Emina mini set of sun block and face wash
  • Heavenly Blush Voucher
  • Heavenly Blush Original Yogurt Drink (I loooooove this so much)

I only tried the strawberry flavour before I attended this event. I thought the 'blue' one would taste sour like plain yogurt. But no! I was wrong! This was even better than my all time favorite, the strawberry one. xD This tastes not too sweet but good enough to make me take a deep sip and it only took me seconds to finish this! Omg I didn't expect it would be that good. It tastes fresh even it wasn't cool down first in the fridge. I will definitely purchase this in the future. :D Aaand, the next day I feel that my digestive system works better. *lol if you know what I mean. Just, this works as it claims. :D

That was a simple yet creative event. ^^ Even for busy girls out there can get the benefit with this Instant Beauty event. :D Being pretty doesn't always have to take hours. :D
What do you think? Do you have this kind of event too in your city before? Or did you attend this event too? You can comment down
 below. :)
 Don't forget to post your cute pictures at the event to win hampers worth IDR 500k! :D
See you on my next post!

*Special thanks to Blobar, Lilo MUA Lashes, Mindy (Pink)*


  1. waaaa heavenly blush originalllll?? baru tau ada jess :O
    btw cantik bgt emg waterfall braidnya yaa <3

    1. Iya ce coba deh enak xD
      Iya ^^ Thank you ce udah mampir <3

  2. Thank you for coming dear Jessica :D
    Hope to have you again in BloBar!

  3. wah emina cream mattenyah mauuu :)


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