25 Nov 2016

[FOTD] Green Asian Style - Rainbow Makeup Collaboration x SBB

Hi readers! It's good to be back again! :)

This post is going to be another collaboration and now I am featuring Surabaya Beauty Bloggers. :)
This collaboration is hosted by Nindy with the theme Rainbow Makeup with Asian and Western styles. So there are 7 pairs of bloggers to create each look for each color that are in rainbow with different style--western and asian.

Actually! I think this is a bit failed. ^_^;; I got the part to make green-asian. But I don't think I really represent Asian look here. But well, practice makes perfect right? :) I promise I'll do better next time!

So wihtout further talk, let's get down to the business. :)

Actually I am really shy since this is my first time taking picture with a wig. Hahahahhahaha. TT__TT The hair looks pretty in the picture but it's just so hard to manage it to be neat. It flies everywhere over my face. xD

And also, I several times notice that my macbook displays different color than my phone and my iPad. My macbook always shows brighter color and my pictures turned out to be a bit darker than they should be on my phone and my iPad. So this time I decided to make it a bit 'too' bright on my laptop. Buuut, no. It turned out to be too bright on my phone and iPad too. *ugh. -_-)
Sorry for blabbing. Just wanted to spit it out. xD

To make the asian look, I tried to make straighter eyebrows, gradient lips and bright complexion without too much contouring. I apply much subtle highlight too. With the help of the wig, I can pose a slimmer face. *I swear I didn't edit this slimmm face, you gotta trust meeeh hooman. (-ะด-;)
Products used:


  1. 3CE Skin Tone Control Primer #Pure Violet
  2. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream #21 Light Beige (I don't really like this product but it turned out to be nice and made my skin look so smooth. Maybe it's my camera's doing? (*ใƒŽะท`*))
  3. Sleek Highlighting Palette #Solstice
  4. The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer #1 Clear Beige
  5. L.A Girl HD Pro Concealer #Toffee
  6. Sleek Contour Kit #Light
  7. MakeOver Perfect Shade Blush On Single 06 #Caribbean Sunset
As for the lashes, I do it on purpose to make the lashes bold but in white color. I was trying to make a gradation liners but I think it is a bit difficult to take for the camera. ._.


  1. Etude House Drawing Eyebrow AD #Brown
  2. Etude House New Duo Eyebrow #Red Brown
  3. Revlon Touch&Glow Face Powder #24 Creamy Peach (to be the base to make sure before starting everything, they won't smudge. At least minimizing the chance)
  4. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
  5. Holika Holika Cream Shadow & Petite Liner 01 #Mystic Green (to be the base of the glitter)
  6. BH Cosmetics Eye Foil Palette (to color the inner corner with light green color)
  7. Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette (to color the outer part)
  8. Green glitter
  9. Sleek Highlighting Palette #Precious Metals (Platinum to highlight brow bones)
  10. The Balm Nude Tude Palette
  11. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil #Milk
  12. Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner 01 #Black
  13. Make Over Eyeliner #Green
  14. Sariayu Moors Eyeliner #Green
  15. Maybeline Volume Express Rocket Mascara

  1. The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer #1 Clear Beige
  2. Revlon Matte Lipstick #Retro Red

Don't forget to check out other Surabaya Beauty Blogger posts too! They did amazing job. <3

Special thanks to Nindy who hosted this and made the beautiful banners! :D
 Anyway, I am so excited to tell you that I am starting over my youtube channel and it's going to be about beauty. xD *other than dancing and singing lol.
Okay then, until my next post. :) 


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