23 Nov 2016

[REVIEW] Djati Family Spa

Hi everyone!
I'm so excited since this is my very first time trying a spa. Lol
Because actually I'm not really comfortable being naked in front of people even my own mom. Hahaha.

In this post I will tell you about my experience in this amazing freshly new spa which is located in the centre part of Surabaya, Djati Family Spa--a spa with facial service too! 
If you want to get away from your hectic schedule and have a relaxed mind for a while, refresh your tired muscles, relieving stress, this is what you are looking for. :D
To know more about their promo, prices, packages, services and many more, please keep reading. ^_^

ps: get ready for a traditional minimalist interior of this spa which will mesmerize you like it did to me. xD

me and Nessya--my fellow beauty blogger

For the full address, I wrote it down below at the end of the post.
This is how it looks from the outside until inside the waiting room. My first impression is that I love their style. A combination of traditional and forest with modern minimalist building style. The materials look solid and the whole structure of the walls looks straight.

Anyway, I didn't take the picture of the parking lot but I just want to state something here because I was impressed by the human resources that works there, in general. I don't know their human resource management but from the very beginning, I can see that they make their workers do the job with heart. *cheesy meh, sorry* :')

The parking officer (?) was so nice and helpful, not like those other lazy parking officers out there. He even got the initiative to cover my car's front glass with cardboard while I was having my spa time because he said it was so hot outside. So thoughtful! :)

Okay, back to the spa! xD

You can speak to the front desk if you have made an appointment there and get to choose your package. For us (me, Nessya, Limas--from Surabaya Beauty Blogger), I think we got the Detox Retreat one.

Here is the pricelist in IDR. There's massage for kids and facial treatments too! :)

After deciding what we have, we choose our massage oil and scrub.
They have many variants of the oil and scrub. 

The colorful one is the scrub. From left to right: Lemon, Strawberry, Milk, Coffee, Chocolate

This is the oil. You can choose different variant of oil and scrub. They have the same aroma as the scrub, just in oil form. They were put in the same order too as the scrub. For me, I choose the milk scrub and the strawberry oil.

Anyway, they also sell facial wash for acne prone skin with reasonable price. *Just FYI. :D

After choosing our oil and scrub, we are asked to take off our footwear and dip our feet into a wooden basin with warm water and petals of flowers in it. Mba Ani, the massage therapist who handles me politely introduce herself and speak to me very nicely. It impressed me because nowadays many workers just ignore small details which could impress customers.

I may never went to a spa before but I have been to some reflexology places. In other places they just wash my feet without much technique. Here, you can feel just be washing your feet, they are actually massaging them already. And it feels good. :)

There are many types of room there. For a single customer, two until three bed per room. We choose a room with 3 beds because we thought we were going to take pictures of each other to write this report buuut we happened to be naked so yeah. Sorry! No pictorials of us during the massage. xD

This is how the corridor looks like before entering the room. At the end of the aisle, there is a small pond. They really build the relaxing atmosphere here. I don't like a place with a dimmed yellow light like in the other dark reflexology places *ugh* but this one, they were using candle and small lamps instead. I love it! :)

This one is the room for 2 persons. Every room has different designs. 

There's also a room with a bathtub and a toilet inside. Everything is clean and looks new.
The sink looks so nature-ish style. xD

You can look at this refreshing mini garden inside the room while having massage. Great idea, huh? :)

Those all are on the first floor. Now up to the second floor.
This is how it looks on the way upstairs. The building is so tall that it looks so firm and somehow luxurious with a traditional taste for me. Unique!
And here is our room, for 3 persons at the second floor.

We were given a disposable panties and a shower cap, also a piece of cloth to cover of naked body. *lol
We took off everything we wore and hang them on the hanger in the room there. They also provided a small locker with a key for us to secure our belongings while we were having massage or and while we were going out from the room.

 Every clothes there were in batik style! Very nice. :D
Anyway, I didn't take the picture of the therapists but they all wear batik and the uniform is all the same from head to toe. xD I can see that Djati Spa really cares about small details to make consumers happy. xD

We can choose which massage style we would like to have. We all had a 60 minutes massage. As for me and Nessya, we choose the Aromatherapy Massage (calmer, if you don't like a strong massage). Limas choose the Traditional Massage (strong massage). We agreed that the therapists hands are talented and strong. xD

After getting massage with the oil which is so relaxing for our tired muscles, it's time to scrub!
For the strawberry oil I love the smell. Freshly like strawberry.
For the milk scrub, I didn't expect it to smell like spices, lemongrass to be exact instead of milky smell. ^^; But it's not overwhelming so no biggie. :) They put a gauze over the bed before the scrubbing process so that our fallen dead skin cells and dirts hahaha will be cleaned easily. 
Oh, by the way if you wonder why the bed has a hole, it is because we were asked to lay on the bed downwards. So it would make you able to breathe xD. If you are uncomfortable with it, they will give you pillow instead. No worry. ^^

After scrubbing session, we were given an aura opening face massage. xD (totok wajah in Bahasa). It feels good and they really know what they're doing. My headache diminish a bit because of that. :D Next, we went were given a kimono and we went downstair to enter the steam room. We sat there for 15 minutes and we felt like we need to drink. xD

It was so difficult to take a picture in the steam room so here you go. Steamy dewy picture from us! The purpose of the steam itself to make the scrubbing nutrients absorbed better to your skin.

Last, we had a shower there. The soap smells sooo good. They also provided shampoo.
Super clean bathroom is the best! :D

That's all for our treatments!
At the end, we were given a warm ginger tea. Sweat, refreshing and the smell is so relaxing. :D

This is what's inside the facial room if you are curious. :)

Overall, I had a great experience here. Not wasting my precious hours in my life! The owner is so nice too, but I didn't take a picture with her. Sorry. >< I already tell you how I feel about the staffs, the service itself, the interior and other points that I'm sure I didn't miss a thing. xD
For you who likes treatments using natural and organic ingredients and served with hygiene, this is the right choice for you. You can also choose the duration between the massage options, starting from 20 minutes until 2 hours, depend on your schedule. This spa is just for everyone even the busy bees. :D
3 words from me for Djati Spa. That would be, comfortable, relaxing, reasonable price. (sorry, 4! :D)

It's time for you to try it yourself! :)

Jl. Kampar 4, Surabaya 60241 . Open daily 09.00 - 20.30 (Last order 19.00) . Reservation: Call: 031-566 7612 WA: 082333234815

Check them out before their 30% discount promo is gone! :D
This is a form of collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Djati Spa. However, every words above are my honest opinion. :)


  1. Aduh ngiler kan akuuuuu, pengeeeen jessss. T.T

    1. Kak redha dapet kan?(?)
      Hihi asik loh pelayanannya juga ramah banget :D
      Makasih udah mampir kak ^^

  2. wah cantik tempat ni. saya perlu spa juga :D

  3. wah tempatnyah bagus banget yaaaa


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