25 Nov 2016

[REVIEW] Trisia Cosmetics (Soy Bean Brightening Series--Facial Foam, Scrub, Serum)

Good day everyone! I love it that now I start being productive in blogging world again. xD
Even it means more work! 

This time is going to be another review about a local brand cosmetic, Trisia. 
In some local thread/forum, women starts to talk about this local brand. Trisia has many kind of tempting natural skincares and so does make up products with super affordable prices. 

For a form of collaboration  between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Trisia Cosmetic, I got their 3 (facial foam, micro scrub, serum) products which are in their Soy Bean Brightening Series line. Care to get to know them better and what do I think about them? Let's keep reading. :)

Trisia Soybean Facial Foam 

This facial foam is unique since it has soybean protein in it.

Product details and what it claims:
  • 75 gram
  • For all skin type
  • Skin will look brighter
  • Smoother skin and gives clean feeling
  • It contains soy bean protein which helps to give moisture to skin
  • The mild and subtle particles help to remove dead skin cells
How to use:
Damp your face with water, squeeze about a pea size amount on your hand, sprinkle some drops of water until it is frothy, sweep it over your face, rinse with water.

My verdict:
I like this product since it is unique with the soy bean concept. It somehow smells like soy bean milk, but in a perfumed cosmetic way. So for me, it smells good. I can feel the small blue beads (see image below) gliding on my skin and it doesn't hurt at all. The texture is not too thick nor too watery, it's just good the way it is. It doesn't leave squeaky clean feeling that makes your skin feels a bit drying. I feel that my skin is moisturized after using this product. For the brightening effect, I think I need to test this out longer so maybe I can have more significant result for the brightening effect. :)

Price: IDR 33.500

    Trisia Soybean Brightening Microscrub Cream 

    Product details and what it claims:

    Since ancient time, the benefit of soybean has been known. Modern technology shows that soybean can lighten and bind water so it can moist and maintain skin's smoothness. Its combination with polyethylene beads makes your skin smooth and effectively remove dead skin cells.; 30 ml

    How to use:
    Damp your face with water, squeeze about 1-2 cm amount on your hand, scrub it gently with circular motion on your skin, massage evenly, rinse with water.

    My verdict:
    The micro beads are really micro, way smaller than the beads in their facial foam. But this time if you scrub it harshly it might hurt so please, super gentle with this one! Hahaha. I notice after the scrubbing process I can feel my skin a bit brighter. However, at the same time it makes me feel like my skin is thinner. (?) Hahaha. So maybe I can assume that I shouldn't use this too often. Maybe once a week or per 2 weeks is enough. 

    Price: IDR 35.000

    Trisia Soybean Whitening Serum 

    Product details and what it claims:
    • Contains 9 active ingredients which act to diminish the appearance of dark spots, brighten and smoothen the skin. The combination with Microemulsion formula conducts the whitening active ingredients deep penetrating until the epidermic layer.
    How to use:
    Cleanse your face first. Pump out several drops of the serum to the palm of your hand then sweep it over the hyper pigmented skin areas or evenly spread it all over your face.; 8 ml

    My verdict:
    This serum's texture is not too watery and quite thick and for me it is easiest to describe close to oil texture. I know cosmetics are safer without fragrance but this one doesn't smell like nothing. It smells a bit musty. >_< I didn't like it. That's why I can't really have it on my face that long and often. But it gives quite lasting moisture, but I don't think oily skin would suit this unless they use anti sebum powder. This gives me a quite brighter skin after testing out several times and I like it. :)

    Price: IDR 67.500 - for an 8ml and local product, this is quite in the middle I would say. But I think it's worth it since it gives me a brighter complexion. :)

    Don't forget to check out their Instagram to see their other collections beside skincares. They also have make up products, skin care for oily skin and many more. :)

    What do you think? Will you give it a try? :)
    For Indonesian, let's support local brand! :) See you on my next post aaand..


    1. naksir scrubnya ^^
      itu butirannya kecil2 ya? soalnya kulitku agak sensi haha

      btw, aku sudah follow blogmu. Follback yaa ^^ makasih dan salam kenal :)

      1. Iya ^^
        Thank you udah mampir! Oke siap :) Fuji follownya lewat mana yah? ><

    2. Serum nya beneran ngefek kah???
      Itu kamu pake berapa lama say uda ngefek?

    3. mau banget nyobain serumnyahh


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