18 Nov 2016

[REVIEW] Unicorn Ombre Hair by Blobar Salon

Finally, another blog post with sooo much hard work lately. *cries*
I can barely pay attention to my cyber stuffs anymore since I get into the college. T_T

No more intermezzos, I am very excited to share with you guys about my latest review on a my (very first) ombre hair and everything, by Blobar Surabaya. I did my hair actually already quite some times ago but this is a highly requested post so I decided to post this.

In this post I will tell you from the very beginning, the process until after the color has faded. *there will be a lot of pictures. :)

Enjoy! :)

Lately, vibrant and uncommon human's natural hair colors are very popular, especially among entertainers and bloggers I would say. I saved my money and was suuuper excited because I *finally* heard that a salon with unique ombre speciality is opening in Surabaya. Moreover, it is super near to my place. It only took about 7 minutes from where I live. :D

Here what's on their hair book.

This is how the place looks like. When I got there, it was still the opening month. It was on June 2016. I went there because there was a 20% discount who booked on that month. The room is still on progress. Now they have more seats for customers.

I love the cozy feeling and the design. ^^
You will get free wifi and mineral water.

The color choices. They used Directions La Riche.

After 3 times bleaching. I picked the ombre style with some highlights where you can't see here. They called it balayage. 

The colors that I used were neon blue, cerise and turquoise. They costs IDR 250.000 per cup here. I would say a bit expensive since you can find it cheaper at the online shop. And the service with the bleaching itselves costs 800 + (250.000 x 2 cup of bleach--because another 1 bleach is free) = IDR 1.300.000. So if you count it would be 1.300.000 + (250.000 x 3) = 2.050.000 (???) *sorry guys I did this months ago so I forgot the exact number I paid, but I didn't feel that result is right. Lol. But it is around that number plus discount 20%. 

The downside is, it is hard to predict how many cups of colors you would need for your hair. So it was a bit confusing for me too that time before doing the process. What if your hair need many cups and the cost is far from what you expected? xD I just wish the sales lady *? a bit more helpful about it because budget sometimes is a big deal! xD

The result? Yes, you can see at the very first picture above. But I will share with you more how it goes when I went outside. :)

This is the picture I took in the car at the daylight 1 day after the coloring. I am advised not to wash my hair 3 days after the coloring or else, it would fade. Aaaand, it was so hard since I used to wash my hair every single day. xD 

Since I did this to my hair, I gotta use dry shampoo a lot so that I would keep the color longer and only wash my hair once per 2 until 3 days. It was so difficult since I practiced dance a lot. So if you sweat a lot like I do, be sure to buy a dry shampoo and hair oil / serum to keep your hair moistful and prevent them from breakage.

I took this one in the car too at the daylight about 1 week after the dying process. Still so vibrant, tho. <3

This one is about 1 week and a half after. I took it under indoor sharp lighting (left) and indoor softer lighting (right).

Under the sun light around 2 pm. 2 weeks after.

 I love my hair so much here! Really. :D If you ask me how much I meant it? I can't remember anymore when do I love my hair more than these moments I had the unicorn summer color on me. x)

I was ready for the summer and taking pictures in Bali with my unicorn summer hair. >w<)
I treasured my hair sooo much, so I really really really prevent my hair from the rain, salt water and so on. xD

Under direct sun light, it looks even brighter. I love it! It turns out more purplish than blue like the very first picture above or pinkish.

This is after a month. I swam once in Waterbom Bali so it faded. :'( But for me, this already lasts so long *at least longer than I expected* despite the face I swam once and sometimes I washed my hair per 2 days because of my hectic activities.

It's a video btw if you want to see it clearer. ^^

This is about 2 months after. I love it! I could fill in the bleached part again with another *and even lighter* color. :') 

But I decided to cut my hair short after some times and dyed my hair very dark brown due to some reasons. Yes, there is still a bit part of me that regret it and I missed this hair so much. Also I got through this with a real effort *sitting at the salon for 8 hours* and after saving money. Lol. But well, I hope I can dye my hair cotton candy pink and ash brown next time. ^^

Oh and, many of my friends said that it was expensive. Well, I think it's worth it! Really. @gunbaela did an amazing job there. I compared the result of mine with my friend's. She dyed her hair *almost* like this unicorn style but not in Blobar. It is way cheaper than this but the result? No. Price means quality, guys. I can see (mas) Gun is neater at his works, he really knows what he was doing. I can see that he is an experienced hair stylist. It's just that I didn't post my picture with him because I looked so ugly that time. I don't know why but the finishing curl didn't look good on me, even though I know the curls itselves are nice! Well, nevermind! xD

So what do you think? While you are in Surabaya and Jakarta, you should really try your gut playing with colors on your hair, at the right place. *lol

Want to find out more about Blobar?
Find out here-> blobar.co
Jalan Benda no 46 F Unit C Kemang, the Broadway Kemang, Jakarta, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12560, Indonesia
Jalan Taman Niaga Gapura F /1 Citraland, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

This is not a sponsored post and I wrote my honest personal opinion.
Result in every person may vary.


  1. Totally agree, your hair is absolutely beautiful jess, hair goals! <3


  2. wahhh blobar buka di surabaya ya *v* aku bahkan belom pernah coba ke blobar krn jauh dr rumah aku dan macet tp liat review cc jd pengen deh u.u

    Violet Brush

  3. Hi ce!

    I knew blobar for a long time ago and they known as a salon that could do extreme coloring to our hair. At first,i was thinking the price is reasonable,but when i read this post gosh its so expensive. But its really worth with the result tho. The color is so pretty on your hair 😍.

    Oh btw,speaking about unicorn hair. I just dyed my hair with unicorn color too but with reasonable price (only 100k 😂) i dyed it by myself at home with miranda lol. Well if u want to know how was the result you can also check out my blog heheh.

    Nice post ce 😘💖.


  4. Aku sukaaa jes! cocok di kamunya ;*

  5. wuah bagus banget warnaya cee.... awesomee...


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