31 Dec 2016

[OUTSIDE THE VIDEO] Best Of Beauty 2016 - Holy Grail Makeup

It's the end of 2016 everyone!
I wish you a great great year ahead, especially if you have a beef with the '2016'. =))

In this post, I will be telling you about my holy grail makeups in 2016 BUT they are not mentioned in my video. So this post is an additional post of the video. Some kind of sequel. *lol

I will tell you my HG face spray, lipstick, cream highlighter, eye pigment, loose powder and lipgloss--which, again, not there in my video. So check this out! :)

26 Dec 2016

[EVENT REPORT] Bali Beauty Blogger Gathering 2016

It's time for Bali! *yippie
So on my vacation to Bali, I got another amazing event to attend. Yep, Bali Beauty Blogger Gathering 2016. This gathering is the most exciting so far, because almost all of the members attended the event and the event itself is organized well with many sponsors as this event supporters. 

We also have an informative sharing session, such as how to be a content writer, how to monetize your blog and social media, and how to be a vlogger!

Want to know more about the event, the sharing session summaries and the sponsors? Keep reading. ;)

our official members

15 Dec 2016

[EVENT REPORT] SK-II Suminagashi Festive Party

Hola everyone!
In this post I will be telling you an event held by the famous Japanese cosmetic brand, SK-II! *convetti*

This event was held in Tunjungan Plaza 3 on November 24th, 2016. Actually, they were there in TP 3 since November 22nd - 27th. But 24th it is. The event for bloggers and beauty influencers in Surabaya. What fun did we have there and why does SK-II choose the unique design this time? What does it related to? I'll tell you if you scroll down! xD

me posing with SK-II product, the limited edition Facial Treatment Essence.

14 Dec 2016

[REVIEW] Mizon UV Sun Protector SPF 35 PA++

I bet many of you who likes Korean make up and skin care must have heard about this brand, Mizon. They once were well known of their snail skin care. And now, I will be telling you my honest verdict about this uniquely sun block that will cool your skin from Mizon. 

Don't skip UV protection because too much UV rays will cause cancer and dark spots on your skin which most of them are irreversible! :( 

So, if you are interested with this unique product let's scroll down! :)

"A sun care cooling cream that soothes irritated skin by protecting from UV rays and lowering the skin's temperature"

13 Dec 2016

[EVENT+DIY+VOUCHER] Azarine Spa Beau-Tea-Time (DIY Body Lotion & Bath Salt)

Azarine Spa & Cosmetics held a great event called Beau-Tea-Time (so creative) on November 24th, 2016 in Java Paragon Hotel Surabaya. This event is unique because we didn't only got the knowledge about Azarine itself, we did some fun workshops too. We make DIY body lotion and DIY bath salt. So, if you are curious how do we make those vitamins for body skin, keep reading! :)

11 Dec 2016

[FIRST IMPRESSION] Avene (Lipid Repleneshing Cream & Cleansing Oil)

Halo readers!
Kali ini aku mau mengenalkan produk dari Perancis yang terkenal dan termasuk salah satu produk yang ada di Jayanata. Yaitu Avene! Atau mungkin sudah kenal semua ya? Karena Avene ini terkenal dengan salah satu produknya yang booming, yaitu Avene Thermale Spring Water yang memiliki berbagai khasiat untuk menenangkan kulit hingga bisa digunakan untuk disemprotkan pada kuas eye shadow agar warna kelihatan lebih keluar, lho. :D

Kali ini produk Avene yang akan aku bahas adalah cream dan cleansing oilnya. 

Kebetulan pada saat dikirimi kedua produk ini, aku dan teman-teman blogger lain juga dikirimi ekstra 6 botol mini Avene Micellar Lotion. Terima kasih Avene! :D

Avene ini spesial karena dapat digunakan untuk semua usia dan jenis kelamin lho. :D Jadi meskipun harganya lumayan (berkata kualitas lah ya :D) seisi rumah bahkan bayi pun yang kulitnya masih sangat sensitif bisa pakai. ^^ Kegunaannya juga banyak! Simak terus ya. :D

10 Dec 2016

[REVIEW + VIDEO TUTORIAL] Multifunction Palette for Whole Face - The Balm Voyage Face Palette Vol. 1

Good day everyone!
I bet make up lovers have heard about this palette, The Balm Voyage! Face Palette. Actually there is another version of this palette, which is Vol. 2. But now that I think of it, I prefer the Vol. 1 because this palette contains more colors of eyeshadows and consists of 3 lip colors (the Vol. 2 only has 2 lip colors and they are smaller).

The Balm has been known of their smooth quality eye shadows after their success with their Mary Lou highlighter. Now I get the chance to try this authentic and amazingly packed palette from the one and only, Beauty Rep. *Be careful guys, because black-mall sellers know the Balm products are popular, many of them now makes the replica/fake version so let's be wise to choose where to purchase!* 

You should visit my post regarding my shopping experience in Beauty Rep too HERE.

In this post I will post 3 eye looks I made using this palette. To the details, scroll down below. :)


[FIRST IMPRESSION + COMPETITION] Zia Skincare - Normal Series

Halo readers!
Kali ini aku akan menulis dalam bahasa ya. Aku mau cerita lagi nih soal first impression-ku mengenai Zia Skincare kategori untuk kulit normal.

Zia Skincare merupakan brand lokal yang memiliki moto #BeautyforEveryone karena produknya yang diciptakan untuk membuat kulit kita cantik namun dengan harga yang terjangkau (mulai dari IDR 25.000 - 70.000) . Bahan-bahan yang digunakan dalam Zia skincare sendiri adalah bahan natural/alami. 

Zia Skincare memiliki kandungan active ingredients, sehingga membantu untuk mengurangi permasalahan kulit wajah dengan alami. Zia juga telah terdaftar di BPOM sehingga aman untuk digunakan setiap hari. Karena bahannya yang natural dan aman, Zia Skin Care aman digunakan oleh ibu hamil dan remaja. Nah, mau tahu kelanjutannya? Simak terus yuk! Mungkin aja ini skincare yang kamu cari-cari dan ingin kamu coba. ;)

Dan juga kalau kamu mau dapat hadiah hingga jutaan rupiah dari Zia dengan cara yang gampang banget, bisa baca sampai habis ya. :)

9 Dec 2016


Hi guys! I am back with an information you won't want to miss if you are looking for super trusted e-commerce which sells beauty stuffs (make up and skin care) with great offers such as free shipping, discounts, bundles and the most important is, the hassle-free purchasing experience--because they care about consumers so much that I can say they have the fastest customer service than the other platforms I've been purchasing so far.

If you want to be a happy customer too, let's read more down below about BEAUTY REP and my experience in purchasing *the fragile* the Balm palette as I mentioned in the title above. Keep reading to get the EXCLUSIVE VOUCHER CODE at the end of the post. :)

6 Dec 2016

[REVIEW] Senzues Cell Activate Body Lotion

Do you want to have the smooth, sparkling and healthy skin? Remember not to take care of your face skin only!
You won't want your beloved one touching you and like, eww. Her face looks like 19 but her body skin feels like she's 50. *lol* xD Many of us ignores the magic that a good body lotion can gives and keep buying skincares for face only.
There are many factors that might make your skin dull, dry, fast aging, unhealthy. Some of them because you don't drink enough water per day, or you do many activities which have the direct contact with pollutions, our unstoppable aging and one of them is forget using body lotion!

Why does using body lotion is so important for us?
Using body lotion will helps to moisturized your skin, beautify your skin as best as it can be, like all women's dream.

BUT, not all body lotions are what you need and will really gives you the dreamy skin you want. Some of them will just moisturize your skin and that's all, contains harmful ingredients, not clinically proven and many other minus hidden. So, let's be smart buyer for skin is a super valuable asset that you can't turnaround that much if you ruin it! :)

So now I will introduce you a product which focus on diminishing wrinkle appearance and rejuvenate skin--and of course contains nothing bad I mentioned before!


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