26 Dec 2016

[EVENT REPORT] Bali Beauty Blogger Gathering 2016

It's time for Bali! *yippie
So on my vacation to Bali, I got another amazing event to attend. Yep, Bali Beauty Blogger Gathering 2016. This gathering is the most exciting so far, because almost all of the members attended the event and the event itself is organized well with many sponsors as this event supporters. 

We also have an informative sharing session, such as how to be a content writer, how to monetize your blog and social media, and how to be a vlogger!

Want to know more about the event, the sharing session summaries and the sponsors? Keep reading. ;)

our official members

The moment I saw the long table, it was already beautifully decorated by @clorisdecoration ; @theclorisflower. They also lend us some photo properties which are so click with our theme at the day!

pictures by Youween as the owner (and a member of BBB) of the Cloris Decoration

the properties I talked about

The decoration is so stunning! Everything were prepared with nice details for each persons. 

First of all, when we first arrived we were asked to do a registration and filled out a mini card about our resolution for BBB in 2017. The committee also collected our prepared present for present exchanging later on. So each of us brought a present and each of the presents were numbered by the committee. We picked a ballot number so that we won't get our own gift. So exciting and I got an eyeliner from Face Shop which I don't know who packed it. xD Thank you so much! Each of us also got an Oriflame Lip Balm / Revlon Eye Shadow in Rivera Blue from Ayu Inda and a blue hair clip from Lina because they brought gifts as much as the attendees number.

We did some introductions to know more about each other.

As we waited for the main course to be ready, the sharing session started. 

Sharing I (Ita Chenn) How To Be A Content Writer
1. Sense of writer
Be communicative. The diction of our articles should be not too formal, nor otherwise. Be eye catching without using much slank words.
2. Originality
Just like our final project at the collage, make our own articles without copying others'. Don't forget to leave credits if we take other's documentation such as pictures and texts.
3. Draw a line between personal and business emotion
Everyone has their own preferences, but what we like is not always what other people think it is. As a content writer she gotta take a peek at nowadays trends, like and dislikes and so on. 
4. Have a good time management and a good self control
Posting a post should be planned well. Which is hardly attached with our time management and self control. If we have a good self control, then we are most likely to do our job by sticking at the plan without being overwhelmed. Don't forget to post at your peak time!
5. Sesuai dengan bidang kalian
Focus the content on what you think you are most capable of. If you decided to be a beauty blogger, you should be focusing on that stuffs.

Sharing II (Jessica Ie) How To Get Money From IG and blog

1. Business account
If you are really into this blogging side and decided to step up your game with your social media, you should change your Instagram account from personal and set it to business (but you can't private your account). You will have the analytic result for your account (your peak time, followers demography, account traffic and many more). This will help you to decide what and when to post something. You can also give a solid proof to sponsors about your traffic to get a better deal.
2. Collaborations
Join or host collaborations. They are free, mutual symbiosis for every parties and quickly spread your creation to your partner readers too.
3. Top Level Domain
Buy a domain address for your own blog to make it look more professional. Also, check your web status on Alexa rank, what is trending on Google Trends and many other analytical informations which gives you the right hint what to write and to motivate yourself to grow bigger.
4. Jiggling
Jiggling is a shortcut to boost the number of your pageview using bot--which is counted as a spam to Google and your blog might be banned for it. This practice can be done by other people to our blog too, resulting our blog still be banned for other's doing. We should install a prevention bot in our blog html to avoid that unusual increase of pageviews number. You can read more about the tutorial HERE.
5. Instagram Link on Bio Update
Updating your link in your Instagram bio increase the number of the link being clicked by people. Also, if it links to your posts, it will increase your page views. 

Sharing III (Hatta Shani) How To Get Follower and Money from Youtube

1. Camera
Camera has to be able to shoot small details.
2. Mengusung produk lokal
Local products give more views rather than imported ones if your target viewers are local population.
3. Software
You can try Adobe Premier or iMovie for Mac.
4. Consistent
Be consistent on posting videos to keep viewers enthused.
5. Language
Use the language you feel comfortable using, but of course, politeness still matters.
6. Monetized your account on Youtube
If you are in Indonesia, you can have the alternative of Google Adsense. It is called Thoughtful Indonesia.
7. Song
Use songs without copyright so that your video is free from being banned.
8. Background and angle
Angle should be considered well so that viewers can see clearly and our message can be delivered better. Background also determine whether viewers are comfortable watching our videos or not. So, we should have a nice and organized background.
9. Facing hatters
Don't forget to block any negativity and just report to spam! Sometimes no matter how good a video is, hatters gonna hate. xD

This is our meal of the day. Chicken wings with mashed potato. :)

We also held a mini quiz with 5 face masks for 5 winners as the prize. And I won one! :)

We also did a vote for our community management. The result is Ayu Inda is our new BBB president and Jessica Liani is the vice president. Ani and Vina is our Instagram admin and secretary. Congratulation!

There are doorprizes for 3 winners from Olivia Slimming & Skincare:

picture from Clara

We also got this Italian dessert to try from @sweetgems.bali. Yep, it is pannacotta! There were 2 variants of pannacotta, coconut and vanilla. There were 2 variants of sauce too, strawberry and chocolate.

I got myself the vanilla one with the strawberry sauce. This Italian pudding from Sweet Gems taste so soft, delicate, but rich of taste which is not too overwhelming--which is good for a sweet dessert! The strawberry sauce is made of real fruit and taste good, not so sour or too sweet. Together, they made a nice delicacy in mouth!

Beautiful pictures from Jessica Liani
Another dessert from @saycheese.bali. This fluffy cheese cake entertains our taste buds with its taste which is a bit more like chiffon cake then regular super rich cheese cake. I recommend this for you who likes a bit combination of sponge / chiffon cake with the flavor cheese, and yes, an actual cheese cake which is not too full of cheese. This will be a better option for people who has lactose intolerant.

This event is also supported by Japan Softlens and Eastern Garden Martha Tilaar Spa (Instagram 2).

And of course, what do woman do. Taking pictures together to perpetuate this beautiful moment. 

Say hi to mr. Air Conditioner!

from @ayu__sri on Instagram!

We also got 30 pairs (YES) beautiful fake lashes from @aiglow_bali. Will be reviewing them soon. <3

We also got a goodie bag from @sensatia_botanicals. We got a lip protection, Facial C-Serum, facial scrub, hair mask and a cream cleanser. I will be reviewing them soon on January, so stay tune!

We also held an Instagram competition. 3 winners will be reviewing goodie bags from Emina. Ita Chenn won the best caption, I won the most likes and most numbers of post goes to Dini. You can check our posts on Instagram with the hashtag #BBBGathering2016. :)

Special thanks to the committees who prepared this amazing gathering for Bali beauty bloggers. This is such a memorable event for us and a brand new beginning to motivate us to develop this community together. ^^ Thank you too for the sponsors who generously support our event. :)

will be posting about FOTD soon. I hope I'll post a video soon!

Disclaimer: some pictures without watermarks are either from me or other members of Bali Beauty Blogger. Credits to the summary of the sharing session information mostly from Vina.


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  3. The decorations and set up are really really pretty ^^ it's also interesting to read the tips from other bloggers!


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