15 Dec 2016

[EVENT REPORT] SK-II Suminagashi Festive Party

Hola everyone!
In this post I will be telling you an event held by the famous Japanese cosmetic brand, SK-II! *convetti*

This event was held in Tunjungan Plaza 3 on November 24th, 2016. Actually, they were there in TP 3 since November 22nd - 27th. But 24th it is. The event for bloggers and beauty influencers in Surabaya. What fun did we have there and why does SK-II choose the unique design this time? What does it related to? I'll tell you if you scroll down! xD

me posing with SK-II product, the limited edition Facial Treatment Essence.
So first of all, we are asked to wear white outfit as the dress code. As you can see below, the MC (left) and the brand ambassador--who is also an Indonesian actress, Susan Bachtiar.

Anyway, Mrs. Bachtiar looks so calm and her skin looks young for her age. My mom and my friend's mom were freaking out when I got home because Mrs. Bachtiar is one of their idols. xD

We were explained about SK-II's philosophy this year, which is inspired by Suminagashi. Suminagashi, which means "the hovering ink, is a Japanese art which uses traditional technique to paint over the water to make a marble-like texture. In Suminagash gist itself, there is no 'false drop'. Every ink drops were seen as unique and precious. And SK-II believes that all women can be beautiful with their own ways just like the essence of Suminagashi. We were shown a very inspiring video with a beautiful woman in the video.

I like the philosophy so much since I believe that all women deserve to feel beautiful. I had a problem with my self-esteem and confidence but this philosophy gave me an encouragement and reminds me that I can be beautiful too, just like every other woman.

By that thought, I can commit more to keep my skin bright as crystal clear as long as I can. And I now that I've tried SK-II products, I know it is not impossible. :)

Back to the event, we were showed by Mrs. Bachtiar how to do Suminagashi live in front of us, and how to make a beautiful scarf with the Suminagashi painting on it. So after she did her drawing, they held the edges of the cloth (scarf) and hover on to the surface of the painting (don't dip / let the cloth sink) under the water. Lift it for about 5 seconds, put down and wait for it to dry. Then the scarf is ready to wear! So pretty. <3

After we go back to our seats, the guest MUA for the day, Katherine Laksmana showed us live demo how to do natural make up. The volunteer, Devita got SK-II Cleansing Cream as a gift.

There was also a make up challenge with theme Suminagashi. We had 15 minutes + 1 minute to upload it to Instagram so that our entry is valid. My very first selfie above is a super untouched and rushed (I mean not edited xD) selfie for the make up challenge result! I know, so simple. I think I had to be faster next time!

There was a skin check free for everyone to know our skin real age, because sometimes skin ages differently as our real age. 

Here are some other pictures of me with another invitees:

The winners took picture with Mrs. Bactiar. Thank you Bella for taking this for me! ^^

Sabrina won for the most number of posting the live report of the event on Instagram. I 'think' I won the best caption on my live report on Instagram. I was in the photobooth when my name was called and when I asked everybody else what did I win for, they all didn't exactly know too. *i'm sorry ><* Vanisha won the makeup challenge with the theme Suminagashi. Congratulation to Sabrina and Vanisha too!

Me and Bella in front of SK-II giant miniature. XD I love their design! Unique, full of meaning but still elegant and doesn't wander much from their core endemic design.

Me and Bella were trying to make our own Suminagashi art. :)

Here is my suminagashi painting on a paper. ^^ The concept is so fresh to me. It is a fun fact knowing Japanese culture is this beautiful too. I saw the others tried making their own too and everyone's turned out to be nice^^. 

SK-II provided a whole new level of photobooth! So cool right? I have never seen a photobooth like this before. :D

There is also a free nail art if you purchase their products min. IDR 2 millions. The nail art looks so nice and match their theme, Suminagashi. 

They provided free refill strawberry mocktail for us. I love the taste! <3

We won the limited edition SK-II FTE worth more than IDR 1 million. >< That really made my day. Thank you SK-II and Clozette team! ^^ 

Here are some informations about their special packages with the prices:

The invitees got the Pitera Essence Set and I will be reviewing it this month. So please stay tune guys! :)


I had so much fun attending this event. I feel so glad that I got the chance to try SK-II products for free, also I will be reviewing the products I got. Hint: they're AMAZING and I mean it honestly. Thank you so much SK-II and ClozetteID for the unforgettable moment and new knowledge for me and the others. ^^


  1. ini nih produk yg lagi booming >< will try it soon! thanks for sharing


  2. Lovely event jess <3
    Follow me back yah if u dont mind :)


  3. ini emang produk yg booming sampai skrang. SKII wuahhhh pengen punya tapii gak ramah di kantong huhuh


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