13 Dec 2016

[EVENT+DIY+VOUCHER] Azarine Spa Beau-Tea-Time (DIY Body Lotion & Bath Salt)

Azarine Spa & Cosmetics held a great event called Beau-Tea-Time (so creative) on November 24th, 2016 in Java Paragon Hotel Surabaya. This event is unique because we didn't only got the knowledge about Azarine itself, we did some fun workshops too. We make DIY body lotion and DIY bath salt. So, if you are curious how do we make those vitamins for body skin, keep reading! :)

The decoration and everything are just so beautiful. There are about other 20 gorgeous girls that were invited. They are beauty bloggers and influencers. The flowers really match their logo, huh?

We got snacks and tea/mineral water. The snacks tasted so good!
We got 3 cookies which are so cute. The one is in a fruit shape, Azarine's logo and the other one is with our names on it. So nice. <3
We got a slice of rainbow cake, a mini fruit tart and a vanilla eclaire. None of them taste so so or even horrible. I love all of them. xD Oh, and also some fried snacks.

Look at those beauutiful decoration and the friend snack I told you. xD

Before the event starts, the MC made a quick interview to Cynthian, Mindy and Katherine (fellow beauty v/bloggers).

The event starts with the daughter of the owner, Cella Vanessa, explaining what is Azarine and why do we should choose Azarine. Anyway, she's so pretty in real life! xD

They also demonstrated how to use a body mask to one of the invitees. 

We can do spa at home with Azarine's products.

Below in the booklet we got, there are some information such as who is Azarine and their 4 important value such as easy to use, head-to-toe, natural ingredients, a new lifestyle.

Below is the instruction of the DIY body lotion and bath salt.

In the goodie bag, we were provided the *super nicely prepared and designed* tools to make the DIY body lotion and bath salt.

We got 1 mini plastic spoon to mix the ingredients, a plastic pot with oil and preservative in it, 1 sachet of emulsifier (an ingredient which is used to mix water and oil). After mixing for a while until the texture is soft, we can put different kind of extracts for our skin goodness + perfume in it. So fun!

They recommended using maximum 5 drops of perfume and we can mix them. For the extracts, there were lemon, yam, shea butter. For the perfume, there were green tea, lavender, rose and many more. If we mix the perfume too much, it gonna smell weird. But thank God mine was smell..well good. xD

Here are the ingredients for the bath salt. The pink and the purple ones in the bowl are the bath salt that we can mix. The dried flowers in the 4 pots can be mixed with the bath salt too and they beautify the whole look with their colors. Azarine also put the name cards beside them with the function of each flowers. So, they are not just pretty but also useful for skin. :)

Here are the materials to design the glass container of the bath salt. There are white and black laces, gold ribbons, mini name tag (to give it to our beloved ones and we can write their name on it), glue and fibre ropes.

The body lotion we made feels so soft and moisturizing on skin. Like I can't believe I made it myself (but of course with the ingredients from Azarine!). We got the chance to try Azarine's serum too which smells so good--I would say similar to the smell of conditioner xD.

The girls seems so enthused to make their own DIY. So was I. :D

Last but not least, of course, we take a picture together. The setting was dope! They also made a mannequin challenge (without me, Cynthian, Mindy, Wulan and Devita) because we have to attend the next event--which is sad I know. xD

Thank you Azarine for having us! It was so much fun and the informations are useful for us. If you want to purchase their products, you can use my voucher code JESSICA15! Also, I'll be reviewing their products that I got in my goodie bag (Goat's Milk Papaya Whitening Body Scrub & In Shower Body Conditioner Goat's Milk Papaya), so stay tune! ;)

Azarine Spa & Cosmetics

LINE: @azarine


  1. seru ya ci kayaknya, jadi pengen ikut event2 gitu tapi disini belum ada :(


  2. seru banget evennya... amazingg. kumpul cantik lagi deh :)


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