10 Dec 2016

[REVIEW + VIDEO TUTORIAL] Multifunction Palette for Whole Face - The Balm Voyage Face Palette Vol. 1

Good day everyone!
I bet make up lovers have heard about this palette, The Balm Voyage! Face Palette. Actually there is another version of this palette, which is Vol. 2. But now that I think of it, I prefer the Vol. 1 because this palette contains more colors of eyeshadows and consists of 3 lip colors (the Vol. 2 only has 2 lip colors and they are smaller).

The Balm has been known of their smooth quality eye shadows after their success with their Mary Lou highlighter. Now I get the chance to try this authentic and amazingly packed palette from the one and only, Beauty Rep. *Be careful guys, because black-mall sellers know the Balm products are popular, many of them now makes the replica/fake version so let's be wise to choose where to purchase!* 

You should visit my post regarding my shopping experience in Beauty Rep too HERE.

In this post I will post 3 eye looks I made using this palette. To the details, scroll down below. :)


This palette is quite broad and as you can see above, the design were so cute. Like old American culture with compilation of hand drawn art about many places. And also, the theme is like we are holding an airplane ticket. The Balm is always creative! :D

Inside, there is a quite huge mirror for a palette (a size of the palm of my hand xD) with cute hair drawing at the border of the mirror. See the detail of the design? Really resembles everything like boarding pass. xD

As usual, the balm using magnetic packaging for their palettes, like the Balm Nude Tude too. I love that concept since it is easy to open, but still it is tacky enough not to spill anything in your makeup pouch!

There are 16 eye shadows and each of them is big enough to use more than for a years! Hahaha. And if I sum up everything, I'm perfectly sure that I won't finish this palette in a year. Maybe in 2? While this palette should be used for 12 months after the opening date. =))

Actually, this is bigger than I thought while other palettes like Sleek I-Devine, Morphe 35, Coastal Scents 88 Palette are way smaller than what I expected! *Maybe I got my expectation too high. lol xD*

They are combination of matte and shimmery eye shadows and they all are so pretty. I will explain them one by one at the end of the post, since they are so multifunction and they are enough already for the whole face as color makeup!

The texture is so soft, yet not much fall out. But they are a bit fragile since they are soooo smooth so please don't rub too hard with your brush or they will cause some fall outs. The smell is different from the Balm Nude Tude Palette one's. This one is more like a mix of wood and chalk--even though I  know of course they are not made from them! xD I was just trying to describe it. :P

These are the lip colors. They comes in 3 shades which are so wearable for day to night occasions. The textures are different when I tested them. I don't know if they make it that way, or it is because this product was imported and travels so war all around the way and the moisture got uneven. XD Whatever! They all are so pigmented and the color range is everything I need for 'pretty' makeup. xD
sorry for making xD face so much. I was so excited because I like this palette! 

The smell is like those conventional retractable lipsticks without perfumes. The texture of the lip colors are definitely creamy--you know right. The first officer (the middle one) has the most few moisture compared to the others. So the texture also follows the moisture level. They are pigmented enough on lips and not sheer like lip gloss. They don't dry my lips like many lip creams out there so I gotta give them thumbs up too. I was afraid that lip colors in a palette comes in a so so quality, but this one is definitely dope! Since they are not a matte lip color, of course they would transfer a bit. But as for second officer and captain, they leave a bit stain like lip tints. First officer is creamier like lip liquid. Maybe it is because the color is closer to nude so that kind of texture will make it easier to cover natural lip color. ^^ I would rate: 10/10 for the lip colors!

They made different covers for the eyeshadow and the lip colors so that the fallouts from the eyeshadow won't stick on the lip palettes. They think about the hygiene!

This is how the back cover looks like.

I took 2 types of swatches. This first one is taken under flash lighting. The second swatch is taken under normal indoor lighting.

  • A4: near to dark cobalt color, like asphalt. More like dark grey rather than black. It has subtle shimmers in it
  • B4: dark brown with subtle yellow shimmers. Simillar to the color 'Silly' in Nude Tude.
  • C4: a color between mahogany and a bit of maroon (idk why in the picture it looks really like chestnut) with subtle silver shimmer
  • D4: dark khaki green with super subtle shimmer
  • A3: definitely pigmented and beautiful silver without pink tone underneath
  • B3: matte recst
  • C3: matte dark brown color. Similar to 'sultry' in Nude Tude, but a bit lighter. You can use this a bronzer too for your side of nose and to define your cheek bone and jaws to make your face looks more dimentional and slimmer
  • D3: Soft brown, like a shade darker from champagne with shimmers.
  • A2: bright purple with super subtle blue shimmers in it
  • B2: shimmery mint color, like spa
  • C2: definitely matte teal color with a super subtle shimmer (but the color on skin is really matte)
  • D2: metallic soft pink, like the color rose. Simillar to the color 'stubborn' in Nude Tude.
  • A1: metallic bolder pink, but more like soft purple. So pretty!
  • B1: matte soft cream
  • C1: shimmery khaki / dark yellow color. So pretty and it is a very good one to highlight your nose, brow bone, cheek bones, chin. I love this color!
  • D1: shimmery gold 
  • 2nd officer: has lots of moisture in it; beautiful bright red color
  • 1st officer: light bisques or salmon color, like a combination of orange and peach but a shade bolder, the creamiest of all three
  • Captain: fuschia pink, like dark sunset or cyber pink, the texture is like cream lip balm too but it is as pigmented as 1st and 2nd officer

These are some other details of the EOTD I made with the palette beside the picture at the beginning of the post. 

The smoky gold look. I used C3 for the base; A4 for the outer V; A3 for the above crease, blend well with A4; D1 for the corner until middle lid; C1 to highlight. 

I used C1 for my browbones; B1 as the base; D2 for the inner until middle lid; A1 mixed with B3 for the outer lid, blend well until the above crease; a bit of C4 mixed with B4 for the outer V.

Overall, I think this palette's price is sooo reasonable since it matches the quality and everything they got inside of them. I would definitely purchase this or and other the Balm palettes! Thank you Beauty Rep, this one's a dime!

Because Beauty Rep is so nice, they will give you extra discount by entering the voucher code: BRXJESSICAIE for you my beloved readers. So what are you waiting for?! :D

box from Beauty Rep for us!


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e-mail: hello@beautyrep.com 
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