14 Dec 2016

[REVIEW] Mizon UV Sun Protector SPF 35 PA++

I bet many of you who likes Korean make up and skin care must have heard about this brand, Mizon. They once were well known of their snail skin care. And now, I will be telling you my honest verdict about this uniquely sun block that will cool your skin from Mizon. 

Don't skip UV protection because too much UV rays will cause cancer and dark spots on your skin which most of them are irreversible! :( 

So, if you are interested with this unique product let's scroll down! :)

"A sun care cooling cream that soothes irritated skin by protecting from UV rays and lowering the skin's temperature"

So this cream is meant to be a treatment for anti UV ray with cooling effect which soothes skin and lower skin's temperature. The aloe vera and bamboo extract restore the freshness of tired skin. This cream is claimed to be keeping skin moisturized.

As you can see, their packaging design is white and orange, and it is simple. With the elegant motives on the box, I would say I like it. The bottle itself is easy to hold, not too bulky. The cap attached perfectly so I don't have to worry bringing this with me while traveling.

As you can see below, it is sealed with thin foil cover so you know it is brand new and sterile before we used it. I didn't find any problem pumping this product out and it is easy to set the sufficient amount I need for my entire face (or even neck, sometimes if I think I need it).

The application method is like the other cream, you just need to apply it evenly for your entire face after cleansing your face (and after you use toner / face freshener).
The second image below is just the product after I pumped it out, the last picture shows how it looks after it is blended out.

At first, it will leave a white cast (which I am really okay because for me it makes my skin look brighter and feels good before putting on make up). Some people doesn't like white cast though, I notice--because of the SPF. But after several minutes, I think it looks so natural and blended out well with my skin tone. 
It feels nice to feel the cooling effect since it makes my skin feels calm and fresher since I know my skin must be tired due to lack of sleeping time lately.

I always apply this cream after my toner or micellar lotion application. And I love how comfortable I am wearing this UV protection. Why? I'll list them on my pros verdict below. :)

  • Contains SPF 35++
  • Doesn't leave any sticky or greasy feeling
  • Doesn't make my skin oily
  • Soothe the skin because its cooling effect
  • Easy to blend
  • Doesn't irritate my skin, didn't break me out
  • Leaving skin brighter

  • I don't really like the smell. If I have to describe it, maybe it smells like wet wood? xD If you have no problem with it, then go for it because other than this, I think this one is the best UV protection cream so far. :)

This product is also available in SPF 50 PA++. If you think you need the higher one, you should definitely check that one out and you can purchase one HERE.

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  1. susah banget nyari yang ber-spf tapi gak lengket, ini ada tapi bikin keliatan cerah ya :( wet wood smell kaya gimana jess hahaha XD

  2. mirip ky vitacreme y jess awal ps di apply dy kyk white cast gt tp stlh diratain langsung ngeblend di kulit :3 bauny kyk kayu basah ? #eeeh

  3. apalagi kalau dia bahannya ada snail ya pasti lengket nice review Jess

  4. Aku suka bangeeet sm Mizon snail recovery gel nya. Kayanya perlu nih coba sunscreen ini.. So far blm pernah coba2 sunscreen selain skin aqua & biore soalnya. Thanks for sharing ya Jess! <3

  5. Kalo buat aku nanti jadinya kayak topeng dong di aku ahahahaa
    Btw, wet wood itu gimana ya? LOL

  6. wah ini nih uda ada sfpnya and gak lengket.perlu di coba nih sunscreennya. Bikin kelihatan cerah ya:)


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