6 Dec 2016

[REVIEW] Senzues Cell Activate Body Lotion

Do you want to have the smooth, sparkling and healthy skin? Remember not to take care of your face skin only!
You won't want your beloved one touching you and like, eww. Her face looks like 19 but her body skin feels like she's 50. *lol* xD Many of us ignores the magic that a good body lotion can gives and keep buying skincares for face only.
There are many factors that might make your skin dull, dry, fast aging, unhealthy. Some of them because you don't drink enough water per day, or you do many activities which have the direct contact with pollutions, our unstoppable aging and one of them is forget using body lotion!

Why does using body lotion is so important for us?
Using body lotion will helps to moisturized your skin, beautify your skin as best as it can be, like all women's dream.

BUT, not all body lotions are what you need and will really gives you the dreamy skin you want. Some of them will just moisturize your skin and that's all, contains harmful ingredients, not clinically proven and many other minus hidden. So, let's be smart buyer for skin is a super valuable asset that you can't turnaround that much if you ruin it! :)

So now I will introduce you a product which focus on diminishing wrinkle appearance and rejuvenate skin--and of course contains nothing bad I mentioned before!

I got this Senzues Cell Activate body lotion from Clozette x Senzues. *yeay*
All of Senzues' products are clinically proven. Their products come from Malaysia but formulated in France. Beside the Cell Activate that I got, there are many other variants too. Such as:

source: investment.crowdo.com

  1. Lumi Bright: Brightens skin and diminishes black / dark spots
  2. Night Active: Activates skin cells to get rid of dead skin cells
  3. Hydra Cool: Protects the skin from UVA and UVB
  4. Cell Active: Diminishes wrinkles and rejuvenates skin
  5. Hydra Firm: Diminishes cellulites and makes skin firmer

Not just the variants, they also have different sizes too. 60ml (like mine), 200ml and 350ml.
Interesting huh? I personally so curious about the other versions!
So here are some swatches and the thought from me using the Senzues Cell Activate Body Lotion.

As you can see below, the lotion color is white. The texture is soft and not too watery. A bit dense but not sticky or oily. When I applied it on my skin, it is easy to blend and it absorbed super quick! I think this is the quickest-to-absorbed body lotion I've ever tried. It also not leaving heavy feeling after using it. The smell is nice, for me it resembles to smell of shampoo./? xD It's not overwhelming anyway so if you are not a fan of fragrance you don't have to worry.

This is the hole of the tube. The diameter is quite wide so be sure to squeeze carefully so you won't spill excess amount.

 In the back, there is an explanation about what is BioRegene+ which they got in their body lotions. So if I summarise that, the BioRegene gives what skin needs, hydra-revival, luminosity enhancement and anti-oxidant protection. And this body lotion stimulate collagen fibers--which everyone knows that collagen is what skin needs to be young, supple and beautifully luminous.

Here you can see the ingredients.

So now, for my own thought after using this body lotion for almost 2 weeks:
  • This is clinically proven, so I feel saver using this
  • This product contains no paraben and SLS  (which can cause cancer, corrosive and unhealthy)
  • Made from natural ingredients, so even the sensitive skin should be okay using this
  • Absorbed super easily
  • Doesn't leave any sticky or heavy feeling
  • Easy to spread and even all over body
  • Makes my skin smooth
  • Keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized
  • Already has BPOM number in Indonesia
  • Easy to purchase, available in 3 sizes which is good if you still want to try (you can buy the 60ml one), or you want it to be your weeks travelling friend (you can try the 200ml one), or you want to stock it in your home and save more money (by buying the 350ml one)
  • Soften the skin on my elbows--which has wrinkles more than other parts. ^_^)

I would love to finish this bottle and find out what I can get for longer term of use! I am so excited and I am so interested in trying the other variants too, especially the Night Active one. ^^ 

What about you? What do you think? Or have you tried this product too? Comment down below! <3


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  1. Kalau ini di banding centhapill gimana?
    Soalnya sama-sama alami, dan mouisturising banget yah :))

  2. wah ternyta bahan senzues ini alami yaa .. dan juga moist ya..


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