9 Dec 2016


Hi guys! I am back with an information you won't want to miss if you are looking for super trusted e-commerce which sells beauty stuffs (make up and skin care) with great offers such as free shipping, discounts, bundles and the most important is, the hassle-free purchasing experience--because they care about consumers so much that I can say they have the fastest customer service than the other platforms I've been purchasing so far.

If you want to be a happy customer too, let's read more down below about BEAUTY REP and my experience in purchasing *the fragile* the Balm palette as I mentioned in the title above. Keep reading to get the EXCLUSIVE VOUCHER CODE at the end of the post. :)

So first, what is Beauty Rep?
Beauty Rep is a multi-brand beauty e-commerce store offering distinctive quality mainstream and trending cult beauty products, beauty tips and inspirations. Their product categories include makeup, skin care, hair and body care, nails, fragrance and beauty tools. They curate our products with a chic, modern woman and man in mind, and aims to offer a comprehensive collection of beauty products to suit every need and want, every look and occasion. Read more: www.beautyrep.com/about-us

Then why Beauty Rep?

  1. Fast response. They mean it! I've been in touch with their team and they really responded fastly, even via e-mail. Web maintenance is super fast too and didn't interfere our shopping time. 
  2. Ready stock & Pre-order. So it's like you can have anything you need! You can have your beauty needs just in almost no time because they have ready stocks (no kidding guys, the delivery is fast! I got my package only in 2 days while mostly I got my package minimum in 3 days.)
  3. Authentic products. Let's be smart buyers! Fake or replicas might looks similar or so cheap sometimes, but hey! Do you know where do they come from? Do you know what did they put in the ingredients? The quality won't lie too. And for those who already knows that authentic products are better, don't hesitate buying your stuffs here because they provide everything real, everything original! 
  4. Easy and Secure Payment. As for me and many testimonials out there, it already proofs that they never failed to deliver what did we order to our doorsteps. They also keep our privacy, so don't worry. :)
  5. Free delivery. Yass! This is the best thing if you live far far away from their base. xD The delivery time is super reasonable, I would even say it is the fastest so far for me.

But those 5 features are not the only plus they have. I'll tell you the other things!

They have up to 50% discounts, and many other ongoing discounts time by time.You should check their Instagram for easier notification of their great (but limited!) promos.

They have holiday gift package which is an incredible idea if you want to give a brand new unique parcel, especially for girls or those who loves to receive makeup or skincares--and if you still got no idea what to get them for Christmas! Who doesn't love a box with various beauty stuffs inside? xD The bundles come in reasonable prices and because they came in a package, you will purchase the gift with some discounts. You can check them in their website.
 The simple design of their website with the organized stuffs inside, such as the "sort-by" or filter features, makes browsing through the products easier.

So here is my package!
I got the product wrapped in a bubble wrap and it is inside this firm box which I love because I really can re-use this beautifully elegant box. <3

Oh, see! I get 15% off voucher for my next order. ^^ Thank you Beauty Rep!

I receive my order in perfect condition. Not even a scratch. *lol
Girls, be careful to choose where you buy because lower price doesn't give you the insurance that it is authentic and or delivered to you without damage. Some sellers are just oblivious about the packaging. You won't want your pressed powder, expensive and beloved eyeshadow and many other stuffs delivered in pieces right? I'm super satisfied with BeautyRep's service! 5/5!

Don't forget to read the review and see the video tutorial about the look I made with the one and only, the Balm Voyage Face Palette vol. 1 HERE (which is great and suuuuper multifunction--you'll see).

Don't miss their promos, GIVEAWAY, tips and many other great offers they have on the table by following their Instagram: @beautyrep_id!

Because Beauty Rep is so nice, they will give you extra discount by entering the voucher code: BRXJESSICAIE for you my beloved readers. So what are you waiting for?! :D


 The Official Beauty Authority in Indonesia 
e-mail: hello@beautyrep.com 
Phone / WA: 08119819088 
Instagram: @beautyrep
LINE: @beautyrep

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  1. wah belanja di beauty rep oke banget ya selain packagingnya rapi dan juga extra discount dngan menggunakan kode jessica :)


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