31 Jan 2017

[REVIEW + VIDEO] Mukka Changing Color Nail Polish? True or Not?

Who loves unique things? Who loves beauty stuffs? I do love both! 
If you do too, you should really check this one out. Because this below IDR 20.000 nail polish claimed to be a magically color changing nail polish! But is it myth or fact? What are the pros and cons?

You'll find out below. ;)

This product is available in many other shades which you can find HERE. It is only IDR 15.000 per bottle! I'm sorry when I took the picture I was in hurry so I didn't really make it neat. 

As for my opinion, I love the color when it is cold. I don't really need to dip my nails into cold water to see it works, just when it is raining outside or the room temperature is simply cold enough for me, the color changes. The price also makes me want to collect the other shades as well! The color is buildable and easy to apply, just like other nail polishes. Not too thin, also it started to peeled off / flaked off gradually after 5 days and more--about a week without top coat. It's an (very) OK for me as the quality is already very good itself considering the low price. :)

To see the magic by yourself, watch the video I made below. :)

So, what do you think? Are you interested trying this magic nail polish? ;) Don't forget to check out my review about other Mukka products below IDR 50.000 as well. :) 

Oh, and my CANDY SMOKEY MAKEUP TUTORIAL + VIDEO only using Mukka's products! <3

This is a form of collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Mukka Kosmetik. However, every words above are my honest opinion. :)


  1. ah lucu bgt!! I wonder what's the con side?? hihi


  2. Nah ini dia yang aku maksud nail polishnya. Keren yaa...cute :)


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