27 Jan 2017

[TUTORIAL + VIDEO] Chinese Dragon Opera Makeup

Gong xi gong xi! To all of you who celebrates Chinese New Year.

Unlike my usual make up, today it's gonna be a bit different and complicated *lol. 
I made a video tutorial as well so that you could see how I made the look.

What I learned from making this look is that making white pale look is not that easy and simple as it looks, it's hard to draw precise and neat line using gel liner but felt tip liner can't really works on painted face :(, drawing detailed things on the very side of the face made my eyes twitched and kind of tired and the most important is how to deal with those problems I have never faced. I love this process of learning and at the end, I really enjoyed making this look as well as the posts for you guys. :)

And by the way, this is a form of makeup collaboration with other Blogger Ceria members. So don't forget to check theirs too! :)

My video tutorials are listed down below. :)

This look was inspired by traditional look of women in China used to be when celebrating Chinese New Year. Many have mistaken this look as Geisha from Japan. It might be similar, but it is not.

source: dreamstime.com
I notice that their eyebrows are unique.

 The dragon I drew itself was inspired by the annual traditional Chinese dragon dance, and many other dragon ornaments on the street during the Lunar New Year.

I used several techniques I have never tried before, but well. Worth a shot. :P
I'm still learning so I'm sorry if I lack so much! But as much as I enjoyed filming this, I hope you guys enjoy watching the video too. :)

Short Ver. (without explanation)

Ps: so sorry guys gotta split them into 4 videos because the file was too big and there was a corrupted part at some parts. So this is the only way I can upload the full version. Hope you enjoy! :)

Full ver. Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I hope you guys find this helpful. Your comments always be the main thing that support me to keep making videos. :D Thank you so much!
Hope you all have a joyous and prosperous year ahead! ^^


  1. Still learning but looking like a pro, jess!



  3. Jeess...suka banget! May I say once again kamu jago banget bagian ngegambar naganya dan I love the eyeliner too!

  4. OMG!! koq bisaaak..salut aku
    naganya digambar sendiri pulaak keren bangeet
    Selamat Tahun Baru Imlek yaah

  5. Itu untuk putihnya pakai apa ya Jess? Hasilnya kereeen euy..
    Kemarin aku coba pake yg untuk body painting jadinya malah jerawatan hikz

  6. Suka banget sama gambar dragonnya
    Makeupnya buat ingat film film china jaman dulu ^^

  7. aku suka bagian alisnya jess bikin kamu jadi keliatan beda sama aslinya ;*

    Terus berkarya y ;)

  8. jess, makeupmu selalu keren2 sih, tapi ini keren banget! naganya itu loh, kalo kamu tau aku sampe zoom2 naganya hahaha


  9. Jess, keren bangeeeet! As makeup newbie, aku ngerasa detail makeup standard aja ribet apalagi look spti ini.
    Super cool! Keep inspiring darlinnn ;)

  10. Kaaaa ,keren banget omg aku suka gambar naganya ,keliatan ribet tapi kamu manage to make it so good ������ tetep semangat kaaa

  11. keren banget cee telaten banget XD meski mata sampai perih tapi worth it lah yaaa, hasilnya bagus gituuu <3


  12. Jess, you're so talented!! Kalo kamu newbie aku mah apah.. pake eyeliner aja masih suka ga bener, wkwkwk. Stay creative and inspiring ya dear! <3


  13. wow keren. Cece Jessica yg paling totalitas. Salut banget :X


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