26 Feb 2017

[REVIEW] Mizzu Gradical Eye Shadow #Ma Cherie & #Velvet Plum + Eyelash The Iconic

Another local brand review!

I am so hyped that local brand cosmetics are developing so much these days. Even though the products I will be reviewing today are not freshly launched ones, but they are still might catch your attention after you know what deal you can have by having them in your make up stash. ;)

Without further ado, I would like to share with you about my honest opinion about these guys from Mizzu Cosmetics. :)

sorry I edited the Velvet Plum palette one because I didn't brought it when I took the actual picture!

Mizzu's Gradical Eyeshadow and Eyelash The Iconic has many other color combinations and types which you can check out HERE.

Bali Beauty Blogger and Mizzu Cosmetics were having a collaboration and it means, I am going to make another tutorial with this brand! So stay tune on my blog! ;) The make up theme this time will be playfull look.

I got the 'Ma Cherie' palette one which has different kind of pink shades. I also have the Velvet Plum one which has purple shades in it--I got them last year from Mizzu's distributor--so I think I will just have them both reviewed here for you guys. :)

The packaging itself is light and made of plastic. I like the box design which has black and white stripes with some touch of hot pink. These palettes come with a dual ended brush which I find having an okay quality and still usefull when you travel and forgot to bring your blending brush.

It has a small mirror attached--but I never used it though. It is just a bit too small for me and I barely use mirrors in a palette anyway. 

Let's talk about the smell first! 'Ma Cherie' doesn't really have a certain smell, while the 'Velvet Plum' has a scent of chalk. 

Texture: I found them having some subtle fall outs. They are not too smooth or creamy, but they are also not that solid. Beware when you bring them while you travel because the packaging (which is so light and small) won't really protect them and they might easily fall and shattered.
Durability: These guys quite surprised me because without primer they can last for at least 5 hours and stay put where they are meant to place.

my old one :( still using this though, because they're still good.

Pigmentation: As one of the most important thing to keep in mind when considering about eye shadows, it must be about the pigmentation. They are more pigmented than some other local brand cosmetics I have tried lately (if you stalked my blog for a while for the past 3 moths you'll know what  I mean). And this one is the most chunkiest but I don't mind about it. With a bit patience while blending, I can get rid of the fall out and small chunks. At least what I don't need to do is to keep re-applying the shadows since these baes are pigmented enough!

Look at the swatches below. :D They are swiped once with my fingertip. 

Sorry, the 2 swipes in the middle was the same shade. That's because the fall outs of the second shade sits on the top of the lightest shade when I tried to swatch the lightest shade.
Pretty pink!

 Price: I think it really worth the price because it is only cost you IDR 45.000 for 4,6 grams shadows which has such a good quality for the price, especially if you are not really into big guys palette and still wanting to try out some fun colors out of your zone; or maybe you are not really using eye shadows every single day but looking for the good quality with reasonable price one! :) This is such a nice palette too for beginners because the colors are really easy to matched from one to another.^^

For 'The Iconic Lashes', I am pretty confused since it is not stated in the box what type is it. When I went through their site, I found that there are 2 types of lashes which are really similar to mine, the Ursula and Farah one. They just have different lengths and I don't know which one is the same as mine! Well, no big deal for me--except for people who might be more conservative when they buy a product. :D

Talking about the packaging again, I'd say this one is unique and brilliant. Love the twisted design which common lashes didn't have. But sadly the pairs didn't come with a mini glue while they cost IDR 35.000 each pairs.

About the quality, I can use this lashes up to 5 times 'still looking nice'. The hairs are soft enough and the line is not harsh nor makes my eyes itchy. Not too thick or sturdy also, so maybe for you who are looking for the medium sturdiness--which make the application feels easier while it still look natural, you might love this one! 
The hairs doesn't twist around the line (lol) and mess like some other lashes do. So they are comfortable to use. They are not too thin or easily unattached from the line. So, I like this lashes. Aaaand I thought this would be so so but it looks really nice on eyes and easy to work with! I might want to purchase this someday when my stacks of lashes run out. XD

Okay, this look was weird but, well. I used the lashes above and colored them! xD

However, I got another pretty designed lashes from Mizzu along with the Velvet Plum eye shadow earlier. This one is in Bettle. I fall in love with the design but when I applied it on my eyes, it looks a bit horrendous and exaggerating for me. Well, for you who love falsies parties, you might as well try this one out! Ps: I got the eye brow pencil too, you can tell me if you want me to review it! :D

So what do you think? Don't forget to stay tune and check out my Playful Look Makeup Tutorial with Mizzu next week. ;)

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  1. Sekarang Mizzu makin merambah yaaa.. Dulu cuma eyeliner sama mascara seingetku :D

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  2. warna eyeshadownya cantik ya, ci. ditunggu tutorialnya~ 😄


  3. eyeshadow mizzu gak bs diragukan lg emang ya. Bagus banget. Bulu matanya juga cantik 😍😍😍


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