23 Feb 2017

[REVIEW] Prettiest Lipstick on Earth, Kailijumei Flower Lipstick #Flame Red

Hi beauties!
I am so thrilled today since I finally got the chance to share with you about my thoughts on the quite well-know product as the prettiest lipstick on Earth--Kailijumei Flower Lipstick!

I know, this is might be a little too late since this product was a HIT since last year. But yeah, better too late than never! xD

And anyway, I know too that this lipstick is too pretty to use! Me myself spare some seconds first to admire its existence. xD Whoever invented this, it was a successful yet innovative idea! Hahaha. ;) Many people said that the bottom flower inside is hard and seems like not a real flower but I can't tell that until I finish this pretty bae!

Down to the review, peeps! How do I feel about it and what are the pros and cons? Check out down below. :)

Here are some advertorial pictures of the product I found in Google. I don't know if these pictures are the official ads but well, these one are the closest one to the real Kailijumei promotional pictures I found in many online shops. 

There are many other lipsticks which resembles this Kailijumei but since they don't really got a brand, I will trust Kailijumei instead. I think this product is manufactured in China because you'll see later, on the box there are some Chinese alphabets. 

There are 4 shades of these beautiful baes. I got the Flame Red one. I was quite curious and wanted to collect all shades but watching many other reviews, they all looked like super similar and all ended up being soft pinkish color. Well, but maybe it's just what it looks like on camera. Sometimes we just can really compare products when we are facing them in reality right?

So here is the review of mine.

From the secondary packaging, I don't find it too flattering. My mom even thought this was a cigarette box! Lol. It's such a pretty downfall since the jelly lipstick itself is sooo pretty. But really? Blue and bright red? :( Also it comes in a quite big box and a black thin plastic inside? I think the design doesn't help. Since I am not a packaging person, I don't mind these things anyway.

It has a small mirror on the back side of the cap. Quite unique. ;) And how do you get your lipstick out? You gotta press the upper side of the cap which has a circle shape thing which you can push. And there, you'll have your lipstick.

Retract the lipstick and you'll see the pretty transparent jelly lipstick with gold sparkles and a mini flower inside. This is super unique and quite a breakthrough, I think. And what's amazing is... (scroll down!)

I am super in love with the color it gives! It might looks super sheer on the swatch below but it just...gives a super beautiful finish on my lips! If I have to describe this, I would say that the color is not like usual thick textured like common lipstick. It is not matte yet milky glossy. This gives a finish like lip tints, just not in liquid form--uniquely in solid lipstick form! But maybe for some people who has darker lips it might be hard to cover the natural lip colors since this gives sheer finish. It is buildable but you won't want to make it too thick, don't you? 

left: 1x swipe, right: 2x swipe
The shade name is Flame Red but it gaves me a sweet bold pink color which I really love!

The only con that is concerning me is this product is not making my lips chapped-kind-of-dry but I don't know why it keeps making my lips 'gently' dry and when I smile or doing anything which will stretch my lips a bit, my lower lip started to bleed a bit in the middle--even I used lip balm as a starter. Maybe I should use more lip balms? Maybe it is just me who has overly weird dry lips(?) xD

I'm still using this lipstick though, since this gives super pretty finish I can't cast aside! If there is no such issue, I would use this every day without hesitant. xD

And here are some pictures of me wearing this pretty lip stick. You can read the full post about my Sweet Valentine Look.

This post is a form of collaboration between Bali Beauty Blogger featuring Lulur Wajah Bali. Thank you for the chance, since I have been wondering for quite a long time about this product! ^^
Have you tried this product? What do you think? Do you have the same issue as mine? Or are you planning to buy one? Share your thought!

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  1. pas di swatch sheer bgt yah. tp pas di apply di bibir cakep bgt XD. pengen coba sih dr dulu tp takut malah g kepake haha.


  2. warnanya cantik jes, tapi kayanya di aku kurang masuk soalnya bibirku gelap huhu
    iya, kemasannya kaya rokok ya XD


  3. inih lipstik lagi populer populernya sekarangg. Dibibir ce Jes jadinya super naturall yah 😍😍😍


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